DOJA Aurora Mall New Capital is the main business clinical managerial undertaking in the new regulatory capital, just as the most recent advancement for DOJA DEVELOPMENT working in the Egyptian land advertise since 2011, and the proprietor of the long and fluctuated land business record between the Mansoura and Delta towers, manors, land, and terrains in Andalusia mixes Jasmine, lotus, house.

Doja Aurora location

Doja Aurora Mall location is found clearly on the center point of desire, unequivocally in the MU23 district before the R1 and R2, which are seen as the underlying two regions in the capital. The new association will be passed on private units, all of which fuses in any occasion 25 thousand units, what makes Doja Aurora location so exceptional is that the occupants of these two locales unquestionably need clinical, regulatory, and business investments with extraordinary Doja Aurora prices.

Doja Aurora Mall

In like manner, the piece C5 on which the endeavor is discovered, arranged on the rotate of desire, is on the essential corridor that runs from the new subsidizing to the city of things to come until the Suez Road, and it is moreover the center that loosens up to the fiscal and business region, the canister Zayed North and South center, the clinical city, and the regional and focus round boulevards, .thusly The Doja Aurora Mall is only 300 meters from the Green River and the business and cash related region, a little ways from the Expo City, a short ways from the political quarter, and a short ways from Fifth Avenue.

Features of DOJA Aurora Mall New Capital:

Doja Aurora Mall New Capital includes a region of 6300 square meters, which is commensurate to one and a half sections of land, and its engineering configuration came as 2 business clinical managerial structures with 2 storm cellars, ground, and 11 upper floors.

In light of this structure and a definitive motivation behind the task, the jobs were gathered, where the lower floors were allocated in different locales for shops, banks, hypermarkets, bistros, and this piece of the venture was set up with all the essential, specialized and specialized offices that permit crafted by the most well-known universal brands in the speck, Which makes it sensible for all pieces of business works out.

For more capability and progression, outside spaces for some ground-floor stores have been dispensed to make them increasingly appropriate for cafés and bistros.

It is an important feature of Doja Aurora features that the eateries and bistros exercises, specifically, have been relegated to a solitary square to be a worldwide café zone that incorporates alone the biggest and most well-known global brands.

Doja Aurora Mall

Different floors of the undertaking are distributed for authoritative exercises, as there are numerous workplaces with various spaces.

This is to suit all desires of customers and proprietors of organizations and the classifications of different authoritative exercises.

All the managerial floors are outfitted with every single fundamental office and various methods for correspondence to encourage the exhibition of the work.

With respect to the clinical floors, they have been isolated into various clinical centers of various sizes, shapes, and structures.

Along these lines, it is increasingly fitting to pick specialists as indicated by the nature and requirements of every clinical forte.

All centers are outfitted with all the essential offices required for this sort of administrative action.

DOJA Aurora Mall likewise incorporates a business place with meeting rooms and a little gathering room all with special Doja Aurora prices.

It additionally has a helpful community with Business Lounge and underground carports.

The venture configuration has additionally assigned a world-class rec center and spa for the accommodation of clients and guests.

The whole venture is secured by a rapid web, a focal cooling framework, and units that determine their vitality through a coordinated nearby planetary group of Doja Aurora features.

DOJA Aurora Mall project spaces: 

The shops in DOJA Aurora Mall start from 100 square meters.

With respect to authoritative workplaces and centers, they start from 45 square meters.

DOJA Aurora Mall Payment Methods:

The unit price is paid by paying 5% as a contracting provider and installment of the rest for up to 5 years without interest within Doja Aurora prices.

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