When you had made a scan to New Administrative Capital north and south or east and west, you will find a new mall which is called “ Grand Square Mall “. It is so easy to be observed because of the outstanding location between Presidential Palace Garden and The New Egyptian Parliament. It had been designed to create an office, Stores, and clinics that can provide administration, trade, and medical services. So, it is the first mall of its kind.

Grand Square Mall had been launched by Pyramids Real Estate Development Company. A 750 Million Egyptian Pound had been invested there as the second project for the company in New Administrative Capital. The developers had started this project in June 2018 and promised to deliver the units to the owners after two and a half years, which means every unit’s owners, will receive his unit by the end of 2020. It will be a very happy new year for them. Isn’t it?

Now we have to talk a little bit about the owners of this project. Pyramids Real Estate Development Company owns Grand Square Mall along with some other projects, some of them inside Egypt, and the rest are overseas especially in France. But, actually, the company not owned those projects in France but it did a great job of constructions and structure modification in some important buildings like Louvre Museum, French Parliament, design and build Holiday Inn Hotel, IBIS Hotel and a lot of real estate development in Paris, Colmar, Rouem and Versailles. A solid Project is standing on the ground in Egypt as well. The company had a great contribution in real estate development, especially in New Administrative Capital. Most of those projects are truly fantastic and the company still insists to color it with French touches like Champs de Elysee Mall, Mall of Paris, Le Capital Mall, and Le Capital Compound and the latest is Grand Square Mall in Business District.

grand square mall

  • Grand Square Mall Location.

Spreading on 7,800 m2, Grand Square Mall location is in the middle of the Business District in the heart of New Administrative Capital. Grand Square Mall has 4 gates overlooking on 4 streets are around the building 2 mail streets and 2 branch streets. The first main street is 100 M width between the mall and The Presidential Palace Garden, the second main street is 75 m width between the mall and The new Egyptian Parliament, The Council of Ministers and Governmental District. So, this mall is an incredible service center and actually located in the most important and classy spot in New Administrative Capital and so close to a lot of universities and fantastic parks.

grand square mall

  • Grand Square prices and Masterplan.   

The developer designs this mall at the latest French model designs to be compatible with such kind of service centers. It contains a basement, ground floor, and another 7 floors with diverse areas to meet different kinds of services and budgets.

  • Ground, first and second floors had been assigned to shops and brand stores.
  • The third floor had been assigned to clinics and medical activities.
  • Fourth and Fifth floor had been assigned to administrative Offices.
  • Sixth and seventh floor had been assigned to be a hotel at the highest level of international standards.
  • There are four panorama elevators to serve clients and visitors.

  • Grand Square prices and Payment terms.

  • %10 Advanced payments on the date of signing the contract.
  • %10 on the date of receiving the unit.
  • The rest will be paid in installments in 7 years. Installments will be equal with Zero interest.

In general, Pyramids Real Estate Development Company had facilitated payment terms to be suitable for most clients who are interested in investing and doing a good business in Grand Square Mall in New Administrative Capital which will be comfortable to most budgets capacities.

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