Hacienda Bay North Coast is hard to forget, and individual vacation destinations have plenty for everyone in an expensive location. When you want to get off the season just as you did, this is a much easier option due to the additional fees regularly associated with individual travel packages, making it impossible to determine reasonable luxury travel options for individual travelers. These price drops come quickly after the summer crowds return home, so I took the opportunity to visit August

Hacienda Bay

How to spend a night on the beach

After leaving the Burj Al Arab airport and heading to the northern coast of Hacienda Bay, it is clear that the northern coast is one of the world’s best ecotourism destinations and provides cheap flights for individual travelers. Your visit There is one of the most amazing landscapes that you can see from the simplicity of form and mastery. Water sports attract many tourists, and oriental music can be enjoyed on the beach at night while having dinner. How beautiful this scene is, the blue sky, the sounds of the sea, mixed with the sounds of music with the sound of the sea, to form the best music for happiness

Learn about Hacienda Bay North Coast

  • A huge area of ​​2.4 million meters can find privacy better-
  • The percentage of buildings on it is only 550 thousand meters
  • -It is located on the Kilo 200 Alexandria Matrouh Road on the northern coast. It is very close to all services
  • It is two hours away from Cairo-
  • The project was implemented by Palm Hills Real Estate-

Hacienda Bay

Services provided by Hacienda Bay North Coast

  • -International golf course on an area of ​​672 thousand square meters on the latest standards and specifications
  • Large green areas covering most of the region-
  • Theme parks and special places for children-
  • Cinema and entertainment theaters
  • Hospital at the highest level of technology
  • Huge restaurants and malls

If you are looking for an enjoyable life, keep choosing Elephant Rentals. From Hacienda Bay, North Coast. Guests will enjoy many tourist sites, some of the best luxury restaurants, a range of markets, cultural places, and many well-known nature reserves while you are on this campus. When you want to enjoy your comfortable home, you can also arrange

North Coast faced a distinctive tourist

In an intimate family meeting, you will always feel grateful that what you get for the amount you decide to spend will be unprecedented. These exclusive residences allow salty families to access the stunning five-star residence clubs in Vail. On the north coast of Hacienda Bay, today’s vacation rentals are one of the newest affordable rental units that can be measured with other luxury vacation units anywhere on the northern coast of Egypt and the rest of the world.

The northern coast meets all your needs

Hacienda Bay North Coast vacation rental is somewhat close to a residential home, with many spaces available, including dining areas, living areas, offices, kitchens, and bathrooms. It is a home away from home, and many men have embraced this idea. This provides more space for roaming and specific features. It has outdoor areas, including patios and gardens, where you can spend more time with the most important individuals in your life. They are not stylish devices at high prices.

Hacienda Bay

For solo travelers who want to take quick steps, a third option is available. The North Coast offers many opportunities for an adventurous vacation, including quiet bird watching and landscape taking. You can also embark on safari tours to enjoy the beauty of nature and sit at sunset to watch the sunset. It is worth the adventure. North Coast sands are one of the best in sand treatment. Some sessions can be taken on the sand. Everything in pleasures cannot be confined everywhere.

In the conclusion of this article, we wanted to think and find new places where you can spend your vacation time and at the same time be inexpensive and enjoy the northern coast in Egypt, the warm and beautiful area How many of us want to buy an apartment or villa and looking for the best option, Hacienda Bay North Coast can be your goal from Through the information in the article, you can inquire about information and price plans, we can provide you with it through our official website.


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