The Fifth Settlement in Cairo is one of the locales of Modern Cairo, Egypt. It is one of the foremost well-off areas of the city. It comprises of a few private neighborhoods, it serves as the central pivot of the city of Unused Cairo. It contains budgetary, regulatory and commercial centers that serve the city and more noteworthy Cairo as an entirety. It is one of the speediest developing zones in Egypt in terms of development. When we talk about the 5th settlement we must at first mention Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo.

What is Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo location?

Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo location is a residential congregation in New Cairo with distinctive destinations and integrated services from The Saudi-Egyptian Construction Company, Which is ideal for a quiet family life, in one of the best locations in the 5th gathering.

Riyadh Secon location is one of the most vibrant sites in the 5th gathering, where the owner company has chosen to be located in El Qronfel District in front of El Rehab 2 direct on 3 main streets, In addition to the university of The Future University and The American University.

The project is also close to the Suez road and many of the irreplaceable commercial areas.

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Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo project space:-

Riyadh Secon is built on a total of 68 acres and is functionally used with the care of the existence of green areas and important facilities for the inhabitants.

The areas of the apartments in Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo:-

In order to ensure that the Saudi-Egyptian Construction Company offers multiple options to suit all customers, it has designed 5 types of apartments with spaces ranging from 145 square meters to 280 square meters

The first type of apartment is 145 square meters and has been designed to consist of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, large kitchen and a terrace.

The second type of apartment is 160 square meters and is also distributed in 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as a kitchen, living room and a terrace.

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In the style of the first and second types of apartments in the lead, the third type is designed with a space of up to 170 square meters, while the fourth type of apartments in the project is 210 square meters For up to 280 square meters of space, it is distributed among 3 bedrooms, living room, salon, nurseries, 2 bathrooms and kitchen, one of the bedrooms in this apartment type is equipped with a private bathroom.

The advantages of New Cairo- Riyadh Secon services:

  • The Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo will have many advantages, from providing a unique view of the units on the green areas and industrial lakes to providing security and guarding services 24 hours a day.
  • The company has a distinctive design that combines the process of exploiting all the space in the company with modern design. The Secon is designed with easy access to any building within it and the layout of the sun-and-air units inside.
  • The project has a full social club and a full area dedicated to sports, and the Saudi company has not overlooked the design of a health club equipped with the latest technology. As part of the completion of the entertainment aspect of the population, the project’s executing company has designed a large swimming project. Many of the project’s luxury shops, cafes and restaurants were then created to meet the project’s needs and become self-sufficient.
  • As for educational facilities and places of worship, a large community mosque has been built in the Secon and a kindergarten for pre-school children has been established. Finally, 24-hour security and guard services were provided throughout the project with 4 key main gates and a large fence surrounding the project to ensure greater reassurance.

Repayment system in Riyadh Secon prices project :- 

Riyadh Secon prices have three payment systems that are appropriate for each customer, with the first system including 30% down on two equal payments, separated by up to 6 months.

The customer receives a full 4 year payment period without any interest on the payment. · The second installment is a 20% payment by the customer in two equal payments, separated by up to 3 months. with a full 5 year repayment period.

Finally, in the Third installment System, the customer will pay 20% to the unit for a full 6-year repayment period within Riyadh Secon prices.

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