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معلومات هامة

North Coast is the longest coastline situated in North Africa that covers the North Part of Egypt extending for more than 1050 Km.

The Enchanting nature of the North Coast where the turquoise sea and the golden sand make it the perfect choice to rejoice regardless of your age and interests; inside The North Coast, there’s something to do for everybody. Here’s an overview of the best compounds on the north coast
North Coast Map
To understand the North coast map exactly, it’s necessary to realize the North Coast construction that came to be allocated into four main sections ( The western north coast- the northern part of the north coast- the middle northern the north coast- the eastern north- Delta north coast). 

1- The north-west coast: The first section that shall be mentioned in the west is stretching from the beginning of Al Alamein city in the east to the Libyan borders in Saloum. Marsa Matrouh is the most remarkable area in the western section 

2- The middle of the North coast: The Middle section of the North coast extends from El Alamein city to Alexandria in the east. Al Arab Borj is the most remarkable single in the Middle.

3-The Northern Delta cost: Northern Delta is considered one of the most populated areas on the north coast that are featured its fertilized soil. Delta’s north coast extends over three remarkable cities which are Rashid city, Ra el Bar, Jamsa, and Balteem. 

4-The east of the North Coast: The Eastern of the North coast is covering the west part of Port Said till East of Rafah city.
Main Features in both The Old & New North Coast 
The new division of North Coast to New & Old went viral lately because of the excessive development that occurred in the new North Coast. If knowing the difference is one of your concerns, you are just a step away to know the top characteristics of each section.

The Old North Coast 

The old North Coast is the original place before the development and it extends from the 21st kilo to kilo of 103 on the Marsamatrouh-Alex Road. 

The distance between the old North Coast and Cairo is only one hour and a half, while the distance between Alex and the old North coast is 20 minutes. 

The New North Coast 

The New North Coast has become visitors’ main destination, whether they are Egyptians or not, due to the great development provided in the area from the services class and types of luxurious properties.

The New North Coast is stretching from 103th kilo to Marsa Matrouh, and it’s divided into two main areas ( Sidi Abd Elrahaman and Ras El Hikma).
Why North Coast Has become the first destination for vacationers? 
North Coast has been receiving much consideration from individuals and media recently because of the property developers’ main vision to make it one of the top opulent integrated cities in which a variety of services are provided with excellence.

Property developers who made prestigious projects on the North Coast proved solid expertise in matching customers’ expectations by dividing services into people’s different interests and different ages. 

As North coast is featured with various activities and places that fit the youngest member of the family to the oldest one. 

On the other hand, the North coast is perfectly suitable for friends’ trips, Weddings and engagements, company gatherings, and parties.

For example, teenagers and adults on North Coast enjoy the privilege of wide rattling entertaining lifestyle options that include famous singer parties, aqua play areas, fitness-based hubs, clubs, Cinemas, Fishing, Yoga, etc.
4 main residential services of the North Coast 
1- Medical services 
Medical care is the first concern for vacationers and especially buyers who tend to make the North Coast their main destination for spending quality time.

The existence of multiple sources for medical care grants residents to get a good care level when needed.

List of the medical hospital on the North Coast:

EL Alamein hospital 
Marina central hospital 
Prime clinics Telal 

2-Security services
North Coast is featured with a top security level in all its villages and resorts to grant customers safety on their families and belongings.

How North Coast resorts are secured? 

Simply, Property Developers managed to apply a smart system of 4D Cameras that are operated with advanced technology to detect acquaintances and Smart gates that are operated automatically.

In addition to technological security, highly-trained safeguards are selected to obtain safety for residents. 
2-Entertainment ( Top Places to visit on The North Coast)
North Coast is classified as one of the most pleasing coastal areas that offer high-class entertaining activities that fit all family members including Cinemas and theatres-  fishing and aquamarine-based activities, etc.

Lately, Media has been capturing amusing concerts for a group of the top signers in Egypt holding their parties on the North Coast which adds more potential for the area for whoever is looking for having fun.

Check the List of cinemas on The North Coast 

The movies-based area is an essential component for all villages on The North Coast where family and community members can enjoy quality time knowing each other.

Marina Sunshine Theater.
Rozana cinema.
Marsilia cinema.
Renaissance Marina Plaza – Marina
El Marwa.
Fairouz Cinema.
Fakhr El Behar.
Krair lagoon Theater.

List of Restaurants and Cafes 

What makes North Coast one of the amusing coastal places to visit in the summer is its host to a wide group of mouth-watering restaurants and cafes.

Your guide to the best restaurants on the North Coast 

The Lemon Tree & Co Hacienda 
Kiki’s beach – Hacienda White
The Smokery Beach – Stella Sidi Abdel Rahman
Sachi By the Sea – Hacienda White
Mistiqa Island – La Vista Bay
Mistiqa Island
 Longhorn Texas BBq – Diplo

3- Fitness and nutrition services
North Coast’top resorts and villages started to spotlight and advertise the exceptional wellness services provided that depend on a good nutrition lifestyle and different types of fitness activities that help sports enthusiasts to keep their performance up. 

List of fitness clubs 

Befit 360, Hacienda white 
Elevate, Hacienda Red 
Eden Wellness, Marassi 
Aquafit, Hacienda Red
Science Gym
Core Egypt
Power Ride 

7 top resorts are worth a visit on the North Coast 
North Coast is known for its luxurious resorts and villages that were executed by well-experienced teams that managed to outline and determine buyers’ needs and perform them to the smallest details.

If you are willing to make your next move inside one of the luxurious villages on the North Coast, then you need to be fully aware of all its features and Characteristics. 
Marassi compound
Marassi North Coast is a 1455-Feddan Resort that offers an opulent lifestyle exceptionally for its customers through Modern designs and well-provided services.

Distinctively, North Coast design is bright into real by a group of the best  Emar Misr employees who succeeded in introducing new meaning to the coastal housing by portraying architectural details from different cultures, such as Greek, Spain, and Morocco.

Types of residential units in Marassi 

Marassi buyers have great privileges of choosing one of the wide variety of residential units ( Studios-Penthouse- Villas- Townhouse-Twinhouse) considering that 75 SQM is the minimum space for a one-bedroom chalet.

Location: Marassi North Coast is located on 121th kilo, close to Mountain View north coast, on Marsa Matrouh Road.

Payment Plans: Marassi North Coast allows buyers to purchase their units either by paying only 5% of the total unit cost or 10% as a down payment provided that the remaining has to be paid over a period of 8 years.

[price-cta] Jefaira Resort 
Jefaira North Coast is one of Inertia company’s eminent resorts constructed on a massive land of 1300 Feddan which is an ample space to divide the resort into four main phases Quayside Jefaira Coast- The Furl Ras El Hikma-  The Cribs North Coast.

Each phase in Jefaira distinctively represents inspiring designs where the white colour is the dominating theme inspired from the Greece islands. 

Types of units in Jefaira 

Jefaira promises its customers perfect unit diversity through different types of houses in different spaces that include Studios- Villas- Twinhouse- Chalets. Consider that the minimum space of a small studio starts from 40 SQM.

Location: Jefaira North Coast location is wisely selected on one of the strategic areas in Ras El Hikma at 200th Killo Alex-Matrouh road.

Payment plans: Jefaira allows customers to get their unit by only paying 10% of the total unit cost as a down payment and pay the remaining over a long period that both parties decide upon the payment plan policy.

[price-cta] Hyde Park Resort
Hyde Park North Coast grants you a one-of-a-kind coastal vacation where residents can enjoy the breathtaking views of the golden sand and turquoise sea in addition to the five-star services provided in the resort. 

What distinguishes Hyde Park, 240-Feddan Resort, among other resorts on the North Coast is its terracing technique-based design that grants a panoramic sea view for a large number of the units.

Location: The strategic location of Hyde Park North Coast is situated at 210th Killo on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh, only 4 Km is needed to arrive at the Fouka exit.

Payment plans: Hyde Park on the North Coast allows its buyers to get their unit by only paying a 5% down payment provided that another percentage has to be paid after a said period. The remaining cost has to be paid periodically over 8 years.

[price-cta] D Bay Resort 
D Bay North Coast is one of the best Tatweer Misr resorts that promise customers an exceptional lifestyle where the opulent designs and the luxurious services and facilities are the top masterplan’s privileges.

Types of units 

Tatweer Misr constructed D Bay on a massive space of 554 Feddan to provide different housing options in different spaces that include (Chalet- standalone- lofts- Hotel cabins- Villa- Townhouse- Twinhouse- studios). Note that 65 SQM is the minimum space 

Location: D Bay North Coast location is strategically situated on the 165th kilo at Alex-Matrouh Road, only 15 minutes from Sidi Abdelrahman.

Payment plans: 

D Bay North Coast allows customers to obtain their unit by only paying a 5% down payment and the remaining is paid over 8 years.

[price-cta] Mountain View Resort 
Mountain View, the pearl of the Greek, company broke the records in representing high standards of modern living solutions in one of the most fully integrated coastal communities, Mountain View.

Mountain View on the north coast matches customers’ expectations by providing different services and facilities Swimming pools- Restaurants-based area- Medical clinic- Pharmacy- commercial area)

Types of units 

Mountain View company deliver what customers need in many types of units that are perfectly designed in different spaces Challetes- Twinhouses-Townhouses-Villas.

Location: Mountain View is located close to both Sidi Abdelrahman and The Airport of El Alamein. 

Payment plans: Mountain View allows buyers to obtain their favourite type of unit by paying only 10% of the total cost,  the remaining is paid over 8 years.

[price-cta] Mazarine Resort 
Mazarine is a prestigious coastal resort launched by City Edge development, one of the market leaders, on giant space of  72-Feddan.

City Edge represents a perfect luxurious lifestyle where the residential part occupies only 20% of the total resort space, while the larger part is allocated for providing facilities and green parks.

Types of units 

The available residential units in Mazarine (Villas- Chalets- Apartments) are perfectly designed to suit buyers’ different needs through perfect interior division.

Location: Mazarine is located on one of the strategic spots on Alex-Marsa Matroux road,  the 107th Killo, which is only 54 kilos from Alamein Airport.

Payment Plans: City Edge development allows property buyers to purchase their unit by only paying a 10% down payment, and the remaining is paid over 6 years.

[price-cta] Gate Towers Resort 
Gate Towers is a 200-Feddan resort launched by City Edge company in alignment with its core values of enhancing the quality of living for its customers.

Some of the available services in the heart of Alamein city include a commercial mall, food corner areas, a swimming pool, a high-security level, etc.

City Edge development designed Gate Towers to be a statement of beauty where residents and vacationers enjoy a simulation housing experience similar to the authentication offered in Dubai city regarding architectural designs

Types of units

Besides the commercial units’ availability for sale, the resort offers multiple housing options including chalets, studios, and apartments. All are Provided in different spaces that start from 49 SQM.

location: The gate resort location is situated close to other significant resorts and areas, such as (Terrace city- Hadayek Alamein- Al Masa Hotel). 

Payment Plan: City edge allows its customers to obtain their unit for only 10% of the total unit’s cost and pay the remaining over 7 years.

[price-cta] Palm Hills Resort 
Palm Hills Alamein is one of the outstanding coastal projects on the North Coast that grants customers a one-of-a-kind experience regarding the top-flight services and the ease of payment.

Palm resort delivers the best life quality through different services that include Medical health, physical and nutrition-based club, amusing activities, and commercial and restaurant-based areas.

The minimum provided space in Palm Hills North Coast is 60 SQM for small studios, while the maximum space of 300 SQM for private-garden villas.

Types of units

 Chalets, standalone villas, Twinhouses, and studios are considered the main four units provided in Palm Resort. Note that 60 SQM is the minimum provided space.

Location: Within the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh, Palm resort is located at a proximate distance of 84 km from the international Alex road.

Payment Plans: Only 10% as a down payment is required to acquire a unit in Palm resort, while the remaining shall be paid over a period of 5 or 6 years.