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Luxrious coastal experience in D Bay North Coast with a 5% down payment

Project Details
Project Name D Bay North Coast
Project Location 165 Alex-Matrouh Road ( North Coast)
Project space 215 Feddan
Types of units Chaelte- Standalone Villas- Hotel Cabin-Loft
Units space units space starts from 75 SQM and up to 520 SQM
Payment plans 5% down payment & 8-year-instalment
The Developer Tatweer Misr

If you are looking for a fully-served all-year-around sea vacation experience where you can enjoy the blueish cloudless sky and golden sand, D Bay North Coast must be your first choice that includes all the preferred features of perfect location, perfect view, and best service.

D Bay North Coast was designed in alignment with the techniques of the modern European standards that fit the fancy serene lifestyle on the North Coast.

D Bay North Coast represents an exceptional experience regarding the quality and number of the provided services including ( Medical- commercial- fitness activities, and breathtaking views)

Tatweer Misr launched D Bay with a clear scheme to represent 1800 Luxurious residential units including different types in a strategic spot on the North Coast. Here’s an overview of the Best 8 resorts and villages North Coast.

D Bay North Coast Location

D Bay North Coast has become buyer’s first option because of its strategic location at 165 Alex-Matrouh Road which enables residents to enjoy the blue sea views from all the units.

D Bay North Location was strategically chosen to be surrounded by a group of the most notable villages and resorts that are populated with a large group of residents.

All the nearby places to D Bay North Coast Location 

  • La Vista Village is 5 minutes away from D Bay Ras EL Hikma
  • Tilal Village is 15 minutes away from 15 minutes away.
  • The distance between Voka Bay and D Bay Ras EL Hekma is 50 K.
  • Sidi Abdelrahman Bay is 15 minutes away from D Bay.
  • It’s only 20 minutes to arrive at Alamein resort and marina.
  • It’s only 15 minutes away from Marassi North Coast.
  • The distance between D Bay and Marsa Matrouch is 115 K which is 90 minutes.
  • D Bay is near Both Mountain View North Coast and Ras EL Hikma Bay.

D Bay North Coast location

D Bay North Coast Design

D Bay North Coast is constructed on a total land area of 201 Feddan, in 6 successive phases, that was clearly allocated between the greenish tracks, facilities and the residential units.

D Bay North Coast is built with a tiered terrace technique to be almost fully surrounded by the sea so around 90% of the units overlook the beach.

Tatweer Misr, while launching its second project on the North coast, was keen to collaborate with skilful brilliant engineers with solid experience to bring out a one-of-a-kind inspiring design that can receive notable recognition from buyers and investors.

Types of units in D Bay North Coast

D Bay is one of the top coastal projects on the North Coast that is expected to offer 1800 residential units for its customers that are perfectly divided upon

D Bay is one of the top projects that proved the importance of unit variety in increasing the number of sales and purchases.

As the total number of units included in the six phases in D Bay North Coast is around 1800 units that are varied upon customers’ needs (Chalet- standalone- lofts- Hotel cabins- Villa- Townhouse- Twinhouse- studios)

Units space in D Bay North Coast

In addition to unit broad variety, Tatweer Misr considered providing different spaces for each unit so customers can pick their favourite one according to their needs and the set average price.

  • Chalet space starts from 100 SQM up to 144 SQM.
  • Pint house starts from 100 SQM to 125 SQM.
  • The minimum space of Twinhouse is 420 SQM, and the maximum space is 554 SQM.
  • Lofts space starts from 65 SQM and up to 95 SQM.
  • The minimum space of a standalone villa is 280 SQM and the maximum space is 520 SQM

Note that all units are designed by experienced architects who managed to well-design the inner space to enable customers to customize their units effortlessly.

D Bay North Coast units

Top 17 services in D Bay North coast

D Bay North Coast was launched in accordance with the developers’ main vision of providing worthy sustainable value for residents through a fully-integrated community.

Knowing the top features and services provided in D Bay in detail will help you as a property buyer in determining

  • The quality of the shopping experience is one of the first concerns for many property buyers, thus, the village includes a commercial mall that hosts different well-known brands and stores.
  • D Bay North Coast was featured with magnificent turquoise crystal lagon
  • The Foodie area includes different restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of cuisines.
  • A private garage for each unit provides more safety and variety for car owners.
  • Sports clubs where residents can practice different fitness activity is on the top list of services.
  • Full HD Cinemas and kids’ areas were added to the list to support the ability to do different entertaining activities.
  • Spa and jacuzzi help customers to relax from the capital everyday pressure.
  • Sizable swimming pools for both adults and children.
  • The vacation experience in D Bay North Coast grants residents a perfect level of security through a smart security system operated in the village.
  • well-trained guards.
  • Paved tracks to enable residents to practise different activities including promenading and cycling.

D Bay North Coast

D Bay North Coast prices and Payment plans

Ease of payment system announced by Tatweer Misr in D Bay North Coast is one of the most competitive benefits that attract property buyers and investors to purchase a unit.

As Tatweer Misr consider buyer’s different persona as a base for strategizing all the important details in its projects.

For example, the different unit space offered ( Chalet- Twinhouse- lofty- penthouse- Townhouse- villas) by the developer is a perfect opportunity for buyers to control the average price they pay.

D Bay North Coast prices

D Bay North Coast prices helped many buyers to live a one-of-a-kind coastal experience where the luxury and the natural beauty are the main themes of the compound.

Instalment plans 

  • The first plan requires a 5% down payment and 10% while contracting after a period said by the company. The remaining cost has to be paid over 8 years.
  • The second instalment plan requires a 5% down payment and 10% while contracting after three months, while the remaining cost has to be paid over 8 years.

D Bay Developer | Tatweer Misr

Tatweer Misr company is a forerunner expert in the housing and development industry that participated in wide expansion and urban sprawl representing brilliant authentic designs.

The company’s inception in 2014 was featured with its magnificent project of il Monte Galaa which received solid recognition from buyers, in addition to being rewarded with the City escape residential projects award.

Tatweer Misr’s development set a clear challenge for itself, as a success metric, to exceed customers’ expectations through serving the needs and demands of different personas.

Through the years, the company kept proving its expertise in offering inspiring and innovative designs in a strategic place that was honoured with different awards.

Tatweer Misr awards

1- Mediterranean Resort and hotel real estate award in 2018 

 The impressive designs in Fouka Bay were worthy of recognition through receiving one of the most notable awards “The Mediterranean Resort award” 

2-The African award for property for the best residential project in Egypt 2018

The African award was a gifted honour for the authentication embodied in IL Monte Galala in Egypt, one of the reputable Ain El Sokhna Projects.

3-United Nations humane entrepreneurship award (2018

For the second time In 2018, Tatweer Misr gladly received the United Nations Humane entrepreneurship award at the annual council for small businesses forum based in New York.

4-City escape residential projects award in 2016

City Escape residential project was the first received reward for Il Monte Galaa in Ain El-Sokhna.

Tatweer Misr Portfolio 

  • Fifth square Mall 
  • The view compound of new Cairo 
  • D bai resort on North Coast 
  • Bay Village on the North coast 
  • Fouka Bay
  • Il Monte Galala

Oher projects on North Coast

FAQ related to D Bay Developer

Who is the property developer of D Bay North Coast?

Tatweer Misr for Development

Where D Bay North Coast is located?

D Bay is located in 165 Alex-Matrouh Road, new Cairo

How can I contact a representative from D Bay North Coast?


What is the project space?

215 Feddan

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