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معلومات هامة

6 October city is one of the best-populated cities in Giza governorates that was constructed on a massive land area of 78.500 Feddan receiving considerable consideration from both governorate and developers.

6 October city plays a significant role in eliminating the Urban congestion in Cairo that exceeded through providing all the facilities and amenities for residents progressively through the years.

Because of the governorate’s great concentration on 6 October city’s development, it became the first residential choice for all buyers regardless of their social rank.

The process where October city turned from an unpopulated desert to one of the most prestigious populated cities took the governorate and developers years to make it competent for luxurious living through different services and facilities. Check the best compounds in 6 October.
Why 6th of October is classified as one of the best Fourth-generation cities in Egypt?
Property Developers in Egypt established prestigious compounds in alignment with the standards of the fourth-generation project that aims to provide the best practical solution and exceptional housing experience.

According to the prime minister’s declarations, the New phase of 6th October city that stretches over 78,000 Feddan would make a transformation in the housing experiences in Egypt. 

The governorate exerted efforts to classify New 6th October as one of the best fourth-generation cities is clyster clear in the residential projects, malls, integrated urban projects, and finally a dry port.
6 October city Map 
The Map of 6 October city is one of the top inquiries from people on Google search because of the city’s inclusion of some of the most prestigious compounds in Egypt that offers controllable payment plans and some other facilities.

How you can reach October back and forth: 

Knowing the best routes that you can get through to arrive in October city is necessary if you are about to move to the city.

Regional Ring Road
26 July axis
Alex-dessert road
Fayoum route
Monorail, it’s expected to be available within one year.

Nearby Places from 6 October city 
One of the reasons that push people to choose October city above other options is its proximity to a group of remarkable areas and places.

Nile University 
Zayed city
October city is located near the Great pyramids with only 17 7kilos.
The distance between the centre of Cairo is 32 kilos.

Top features on 6 October city
6 October city’s infrastructure is considered one of the sturdy systems that any third-generation city can have. And the reason behind this resilience is the developers’ care to make the city competent for residents.

Essential services on 6 October city 
The essential amenities provided on 6 October are featured with its ceaseless operation.
Electricity Girds and power generators 
Communication network 
Sanitation Network 

Educational services in 6th of October city
The endless number of schools and universities in 6 October city shows the governorate and the property developers’ concentration to populate the city until it becomes a luxurious city that can be characterized by its exceptional education service.

If you are willing to move to the city, then you probably need to know all the available education potential that you can enrol your kids in.

Check the top prominent schools in 6th of October 

Skylight school
Winchester international schools
Thebes International school
The American International school
International School of Choueifat
Smart vision school
Wise national school of Egypt
Royal international language school
Future centre
Modern infinity school
Geel 2000 language school
Beverly Hills schools Egypt

Moreover, youth have been moving to 6 October city from other governorates because of the exceptional level provided in almost of October city universities in all fields.

Check 6th of October universities’ list  

Misr University for Science & Technology (MUST)
Ahram Candian university
MSA university
New Giza university

Medical services in 6th of October city 

Through the years, 6th of October city witnessed the great expansion of a group of private and governorate-based hospitals that are featured with its supervision under well-experienced staff.

Whether you are an October city resident or you are about to move, it’s necessary to be well aware of all the available hospitals.

October’s best hospital list 

Al Safwa hospital 
Dar Al Fouad Hospital_6th of October
El Nada Hospital
Cure Hospital
Neuro spine hospital 
Dream hospital 
Kids hospital 
El Zohour hospital 

Sporting services in 6th of October city 
October city offers a high-class fitness level through countless gyms and wellness hubs in which residents can enhance their health.

In the list you will find the most sporting clubs that serve customers’ needs with excellence:

Wadi Degla October 
Tennis hub October 
Sheikh Zayed 6 October 
Agyad club 
Dreamland pyramids club
Mohandsen club
Al Ahly club 
Trees clubs ( Al Ashgar club)
Palm hills 6th of October club

Safety and Security services on 6 October 
6 October is featured with a high level of security due to the expansion of different police stations around the area including (the October 1 police station, October 2 police station, and Youth police station). 

On the other hand, 6th of October prestigious compound considers customers’ safety as one of its top priorities, almost of the compounds are safeguarded with cameras and well-trained guards.
Industrial zone in 6th of October 
The industrial zone in 6 October is considered one of the areas’ potentials for residents because of the increasing hiring opportunities for industrial-based employees.

Egyptian German automotive 
Juhayina for food and beverage 
Suzuki Egypt 
Pepsico Egypt
Union Air Manufactuere 
Mercedes Manufacture
Nissan Manufacture

Top 6 October districts 
6th of October city, a fourth-generation city, was constructed in alignment with a clear vision to divide the city into 12 remarkable districts with a peculiar opulent design for each one. 

If you are a new resident in 6 October, you need to know the top list districts in 6th of October.

7th District in 6th of October 
8th District in 6th of October 
Motamyez District 
Hadayek October Neighbourhood 
Al Ashgar district, first of 6th October 
Al Bashayer district 
EL Ahyaa 6th October 

Best Places to visit in 6th of October city 
Recently, 6th October city has become the main gathering spot for families and friends according to the endless entertaining activities that perfectly suit different ages and match different interests.

For example, 6th of October city contains a wide group of parks, cinemas, X-box and VR games, trampoline-based areas, cafes and restaurants, and giant shopping malls.

Top list of Parks in 6th of October city 

Dream Park
Africano Park 
Dolphin Park
Dream Land Pyramids 
Adrenaline Park 
Crazy Water Park
Billy Beeze October 
Tiger land
Tennis hub
Kids Town
Hossary Parks

List of Restaurants in 6th of October city 
For people who love to try different western and eastern cuisines, whether they October residents or not, October 6th October city is the best place to go.

Pottery Cafe
Benos Cafe 
Arabian Cafe
Fresh Food Market 
Sahar Layali Cafe 
Costa Cafe 
Arabian Cafe 
Egypt Cafe 
Bokahrist Cafe
Spectra cafe
Melt Bites Daily 
Al Guzaira Plaza, Sheikh Zayed
Tivoli Doom
Atrium Plaza 

List of Shopping Malls in October

6th October residents have a true shopping privilege because of the endless shopping options through which where they can pick their needs in the perfect Material and perfect price. 

Shopping Malls in 6th of October are a great opportunity for those who are looking forward to investing their money in profitable projects through renting or purchasing a small store in one of the shopping malls.

Mall of Egypt
Americana Plaza Sheikh Zayed 
Capital business park 6th of October 
Down Town Mall Sheikh Zayed 
West Town Hub
Arkan Mall, Shiekh Zayed 
Mazzar Mall, Sheikh Zayed 
Daimon Mall, Sheikh Zayed 
Mall of Arabia
Hyper One

List of cinemas in 6th Of Octoebr City 

Cinematic View is considered the most common activity for all people regardless of their different interests, thus, developers show effort to provide top entertaining activities. 

4D Cinema in Americana Plaza
Dandy Mall cinema 
Dreamland cinema 
I-Max Cinema 
Fox Cinema, Mall Egypt
Galaxy Cinema, Arab Mall
Plaza Cinema 

Compounds and properties for sale in 6th of October city
What makes 6 October city a distinguished among other that fact that the city includes different communities compounds that embrace low-income buyers, mid-level income people, and class A.

Since October city has become the first choice for property buyers, it’s better to be fully aware of the best compounds in 6th of October and their features.
O West compound
O West compound shall be mentioned on the top list of 6th October compounds where residents enjoy a high-standard lifestyle.

O West October compound is one of the top compounds in 6th of October that considers the customized experience one of its top priorities. The minimum space provided for a small apartment is 97 SQM.

Payment plan

The Orascom company enables property buyers to pay only 10% of the total cost and the remaining is paid over 7 years.
Badya Palm Hills in October 
Properties offered for sale in Badya 6th of October received endless demands from property buyers because of the compound ease of payment, eye-pleasant views, and service integration.

Badya Palm Hills in october launched around 1040 residential units including different types (Apartments- duplex- villas)

Payment plan

Purchasing a unit in Badya hills October requires paying only 10% as a down payment and the remaining is allowed to be paid over 8 years.
Palm Hills Zayed
Palm Hills Zayed is one of the prominent residential compounds in October city in which residents can enjoy a fully integrated community. 

All the properties for sale in Palm Hills zayed (Standalone villa- Twinhouse- Apartments- Townhouse-duplex) are featured with their perfect inner design that enables owners to utilize the space flawlessly according to their needs. 

Payment plan 

10% of the total unit cost is the amount of down payment required to get your unit inside palm hills Zayed. Note that the remaining cost can be paid over 7 years.
Sun Capital compound
If you are looking for a compound in 6th of October city where you can enjoy the luxurious lifestyle, in addition to high standards of essential and entertaining services, then sun compound, 7 minutes away from The Egyptian Media Production city, shall be one of your first options.

Properties for sale in the Sun Capital compound are featured with different spaces that start from 90 SQM and up to 380 SQM.

Payment Plan

Sun Capital compound offers multiple payment plans that match buyers’ different needs:

The first plan includes a 15% down payment, and the remaining has to be paid over 8 years
The second plan requires paying a 20% down payment and the remaining has to be paid over 9 years.

Etapa Zayed 
Etapa Zayed represents a one-of-a-kind housing experience for its customers through high-class services, opulence designs, performed by experienced engineers, and a perfect compound location.

The available residential units in Etapa Zayed (Duplex-Townhouse-Twinhouse- villa- apartment)

Payment Plan

Properties for sale in Etapapa are featured with a controllable easy payment plan that starts from 5% as the minimum down payment.
Zed Tower Zayed
What makes Zed Tower Zayed, a 165-Feddan compound, one of the prominent projects in October is the smart technology inserted in homes that enables property owners to control all home appliances remotely.

Zed Tower is a perfect choice for whoever looking for a variety of unit spaces; as Zed includes around 4500 residential units that include different housing options.

Payment Plan

Properties offered for sale in Zet require a 10% as a down payment and 5% while contracting, the remaining has to be paid over 7 years.
Mountain View Icity 
Icity compound is located on a strategic spot in 6th of October,  10 minutes away from Nile University, that facilitate movement inside the city for residents.

Mountain I-city is characterized by its luxurious lifestyle through the modern European architectural buildings that are meant to take your housing experience to the next level.

Also, the compound offers multiple residential facilities that include sporting clubs, schools, commercial malls, nurseries, commercial malls, Cinemas, clinics, etc.

Payment Plan

Properties for sale in icity October compound require paying only 5% of the unit total cost and paying the remaining amount over 7 years.