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Live luxury to the fulll in Mountain View I city 6 October with 5% down payment

Project Details
Project name Moutnain View ICity October
Project space 500 Feddan
Project lcoation 6 October city
Types of units Twinhouses-Townhouses-Apartments-Villas
average space The minimum space for units is 100 SQM, While the maximum is 556 SQM
Payment plans Down payment starts from 5% and instalment lasts up to 8 years,
Developer Mountain View

Mountain View icity October is one of the magnificent flagship projects held by Mountain View Company in a strategic location in 6 October city near Nile university.

What distinguishes Mountain View icity October over the other projects in October is the modern inspiring architectural designs that were performed with a group of the best designers.

Mountain View ICity October is built on a vast space to include all the essential needed services and facilities such as schools, nurseries, commercial malls, sporting clubs, gyms and spas, Cinemas, clinics, etc.

One of the main reasons behind becoming one of the best compounds in 6 October is the lush greenery landscapes, similar to its projects, that occupied the largest part of the compound.

Mountain view icity October location 

The compound location was chosen wisely with a deep study of the 6 October map to add an advantageous feature to the compound which is location vitality.

One can find that Mountain view company succeeded to select a strategic spot to build its giant project near Juhainya square.

If you are willing to move to the compound and you are currently looking for the surrounded places, then you need to check this 

  • Due to shopping lovers, the compound is close to one of the giant malls in October, the Mall of Arabia.
  • The compound is 10 minutes away from Nile University.
  • icity October is 10 minutes away from Dar Fouad hospital.
  • If O West compound is your destination, you can arrive within a maximum of 15 minutes. 
  • The compound is nearly situated in the media production city and Mall of Egypt. 
  • If Movembik hotel is your destination, you can arrive within 20 minutes through Oasis road.
  • Finally,icity October is surrounded by some reputable compounds such as Garden Hills October, Garden City October, and Plaza October.

So if you are looking for a strategic location that is full of deluxe life features and utilities and enjoys eye-pleasant green views, then Mountain view I city October is your destination.


The design of Mountain view icity October

Mountain View company has never failed to surprise its customers with the speediness and deluxe of its designs and features. As the company succeed to make a blueprint for each project that residents can truly recognize and experience

Mountain View Icity October compound is constructed on a giant space of 500 Feddan, which means  2.100.00 meters. Each Meter in the compound was designed and utilised perfectly by experienced engineers who managed to build us to this milestone. 

The company dedicated around 80% of the land, the larger part, to include green parks, entertaining facilities and breathtaking views, so the compound can be classified as one of the best tranquil greenish spaces in October. The remaining space was perfectly utilized for building all types of units and utilities.

Similar to the other projects of Mountain View, Mountain view icity October is partitioned into 6 isles, each one is established with peculiar and distinguished specifications and private services. 

The modernness and authentication represented in the compound design are expected to be inspiring real estate projects in the coming years.

Due to services allocation, the provided services and facilities are perfectly allocated along with the compound space so all residents can get their needs easily.


Types of residential units in Mountain view icity October 

Mountain view company usually build its strategy upon customers’ needs and their different personas which is clear in the different housing options provided in the compound. 

Yet, each unit available in the compound can be found in different spaces for different uses:

  • Apartment: The apartment’s inner design is divided into three bedrooms, a reception, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The average space of apartments starts from 100 and up to 240 SQM.
  • Twinhouse: The number of provided bedrooms in twin houses is varied based on the chosen space, 556 SQM is the maximum available space for a Twinhouse.
  • Townhouse: A Two-floor unit starts from 240 SQM and up to 280 SQM.
  • Villas: Minimum space for Villas is 316 
Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Top features and facilities in Mountain View icity October compound

Mountain view company managed to represent a fully-integrated community through its solid experience in offering all housing-based services with excellence. 

So if you still wondering whether Mountain compound is your first choice or not, then you need to be aware of all features provided in the compound:

  • Private garages are built under or beside the units for property owners.
  • Highly-equipped hospitals with advanced tools and experienced staff, in addition to many pharmacies and clinics, are allocated in the space of the compound.
  • Kids areas where children can find exciting and entertaining games that grant their safety.
  • The commercial mall where all the top-world brands offer their services.
  • Eye-pleasant views through wide green areas and artificial lakes. 
  • The compound supports educational services through an international school and nurseries.
  • Massive tracks are built to help residents to practice different fitness activities and strengthen their bonds. 
  • Gym and spa.
  • A commercial area that includes restaurants and cafes that serve mouth-watering and tasteful food.
  • Mountain View I City October compound is secured with a satellite-based security system.
  • Swimming pools 
  • The compound offers cinematic entertaining services through cinemas and plays. 
  • Private areas that are specified for parties and gatherings.

Payment and prices list in Mountain view icity October 

The company respect the personalized experience notion by offering different pierce lists and payment plans for each type of unit.

Ease of payment is the first feature that buyers look for nowadays when it comes to choosing their desired house.

 All units are delivered half-finished so the family can choose the designs and utilize the space upon their needs. However,  the buyer can receive his unit fully finished, if he likes to, upon agreement with the company.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

If you are about to purchase a unit in Mountain view icity October compound but you don’t know the available instalment plans, check this! 

The company announced three customized payment plans that grant customers getting their essential units and pay the cost over a long period:

1st Plan (seven-years instalment): Buyers pay only 5% of the total cost and pay the remaining monthly over 7 years.

2nd plan (nine-year instalment): The property buyer can pay only 10% of the total cost, while the remaining has to be paid monthly over 9 years.

3rd plan: Buyers pay 8% of the total value as a maintenance deposit. However, Mountain view Company offers its special customers around a 25% reduction on the maintenance deposit. 

The expected time of delivering units is four years since the date of signing the contract. 


The developer 

Mountain view has invested millions of Meters to be one the top pioneers in the real estate industry with giant projects in East and West Cairo and the North Coast.

Mountain view company projects are derived from the significance of enhancing user experience which can be found in their designs and facilities.

All Mountain view projects are classified with their belief in the significance of being happy which is truly portrayed in their team selection who can inspire and innovate new landmarks in Egypt.

Hence, Mountain View Icity October is solid proof of the company’s long expertise in the market for selecting the perfect location, delivering customization, offering high quality, and commitment.

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