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Mountain View Icity New Cairo is the first project that shall be mentioned when looking for appealing units in 5th settlement due to the centric spot and the offered entertaining and residential services in the compound. 

Mountain View Icity compound reshapes the notion of real estate by providing residents with all the desired luxury and essential services including sporting halls, medical services, green spaces and natural views, a security system operated for 24 hours, private garages, and events venues.

Mountain View Icity New Cairo is built in the centre of 5th settlement with high intention to be classified with its high accessibility to all the vital places in New Cairo, take a glimpse of the top 10 compounds in New Cairo.


Mountain view Icity New Cairo location

Mountain View Icity New cairo

Mountain View Icity in New Cairo’s strategic spot heightened the accessibility of the compound from most of the Significant utilities in Cairo.

Mountain View compound’s centric position on all the main roads in Cairo accentuates its value to customers, check now the needed time to reach your destination

All the nearby places to Mountain View ICity

  • Mountain View Icity New Cairo is situated nearly to some of the best-known educational areas that include the future university, the British university, The American University AUC, and Cairo University.
  • The compound is 10 minutes away from the administrative new capital city.
  • Mountain View Icity location is accessible from some of the new cities. For example, the compound is 7 from Rehab city minutes away, and 7 minutes away from Madinaty and Hyde Park.
  • it’s 15 minutes away from Family Park, Madinet Nasr, and Masr El Jadida.
  • It’s close to a regional road
  • Most interestingly, it’s located near both Ain Sokhna Road and Suez road

Mountain View Icity New Cairo Structural design

Mountain View Icity New Cairo is constructed on four successive stages connected together with a footbridge to make it more accessible for the community residents to go wherever they want.

The compound is built and designated by the top skilful architectural designers who managed to enhance and redefine the traditionality of housing in Egypt.

The architectonic design of Mountain View ICity New Cairo is meant to enchant the eyes by stimulating the European lifestyle. As the compound is divided into 6 isles that are constructed with special amenities and artistic features to be extremely unique. The smart division of the company into 6 isles, or stages, led to more ample green spaces.

Most importantly, the esthetical design of the units that were identified with colourful woods to represent a new ideal concept of life simplicity and erasing the traditional view of boring systematic houses built with bricks assisted to captivate thousands of property finders to move to the city.

The distinctiveness of the European design of the compound was heightened through excessive natural views that were brought into sight through the vast lake spaces, fountains, and green spaces.


Overview of the available units in Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound

Mountain View Icity New cairo

A vast space of 500-acres compound is divided strategically to be one-third for housing, while the rest of the compound is designated for commercial use and the artistic side.

One-third of the housing section in Mountain View Icity New Cairo is utilized perfectly for different types of units that include apartments, villas, townhouses, and townhouses. Discover the available space range for each type:

Units space in Mountain View I-City compound| New Cairo

  • Apartments range from 95 meters to 235 meters.
  • Sky loft that starts from 135 meters and up to 185 meters.
  • I Villa spaces in Mountain View start from 180 to 280 meters.
  • Park villa space in Mountain View i-city starts from 210 meters.
  • The space of I Villa Sky ranges from 265 meters.
  • Townhouse space starts from 205 meters and up to 290 meters.
  • Twinhouse villas’ space range is 290 meters.
  • Finally, the palace space starts from 565 meters

Features and services provided in Mountain view park island I-City

Mountain view park island i-city is considered on the top list of the astonishing development stages in mountain View as it is ideally known for its architectonic design and breathtaking views.

The expertise of the best architectural designers was superbly highlighted through the brilliance of block designs such as Lakehouse and a one-storey villa.

Types of units and its space in Mountain View Park island i-City

  • Apartments are designated with a space range of 120 meters to 160 meters.
  • Villas are designated with different spaces starting from 180 and up to 235.
  • The one-storey villa is characterized by extensive vast space that starts from 245 to 340 meters.
  • Villas’ space starts from 245 meters to 340 meters.
  • Lake House villas’ space is worth mentioning as it starts from 300 to 410 meters.

TOP 9 Services provided in Mountain View Icity Compound

Mountain View Icity New cairo

In addition to the exceptional architectonic structure of the compound, a group of the most needed residential and entertaining services are provided with excellence in the compound.

  • The perfect variety of different cuisines is served in the compound.
  • The compound is safeguarded with advanced security systems and well-trained guards.
  • Mountain View Icity provides top levels of health and care services through advanced medical equipment and a group of the best Doctors and nurses.
  • Swathes can be widely found in the compound.
  • Superb venues are built and equipped to hold different types of events and celebrations.
  • the available Sporting clubs in Mountain View compound are qualified with a powerful team of coaches and garden.
  • Swimming pools fit different needs.
  • The availability of administrative blocks doubles the opportunity of turning the artistic residential block in Mountain View I-city into to be more attractive for investors and more vital accordingly.
  • Huge commercial malls in which residents can find the best variety of high-class brands and stores to get their needs.
  • Marvellous artificial fountains are built in Mountain View compounds with brilliance to add more natural-like beauty to the compound
  • Most interestingly about the Mountain View ICity compound is the recycling service provided seamlessly in the compound as a powerful initiative to save the earth and keep the compound clean and healthy.
  • Private garages to lessen the possibility of a crowd.
  • Last, but not least, Clubhouses are built in the compound to strengthen the bonds between the community.

Payment plans and price list in Mountain View Icity New Cairo

The diversity of available payment plants systemized in the compound simplified the payment purchase process for all buyers and encouraged more to move into the compound. check two of the available payment methods in Mountain View Icity:

  • A resident can purchase a unit with only 10% prepayment and the remaining amount is paid over 8 years.
  • The second plan allows the buyer to purchase a unit with a 10% prepayment in addition to a 5% that is paid after three months, and the remaining value can be paid equally over 9 years.

Overview of the Developer

Mountain View Icity company was responsible for the astonishing creation of the European-like residential units in New Cairo. The company managed to prove authenticity regarding design innovation, in addition to offering all the needed services that residents may need in the compound.

Worth-mentioning that the company is still enhancing the company by providing more services and facilities and offering more enchanting views for the sight.

The company dedicated more than 8 billion to invest only in 5th settlement, and more than 20 billion Egyptian pounds in other areas.

List of other projects launched by Mountain View company

The brilliant expertise of the company was highlighted in other projects as well as in Mountain View icity such as:

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Other projects in New Cairo

FAQ related to Mountain View icity

What is the company name that launched Mountain View I-city?

Madeinet Nasr company for housing and development

Where Taj City is located?

It's located on 5th settlement in New Cairo.

How can i contact a representative from Taj City compound?

Call the following number 01100105585

What is the project space?

900 Acres

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