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The Brooks New Cairo

Project Details
Project Name The Brooks New Cairo
Project Location 5th settlement
Project space 185 Acres
Types of units Apartments- villas- Twinhouse- Townhouses,
Units space The available unit size ranges from 115 to 440 SQM.
Payment plans 10% prepayment for contracting, and the remaining has to be paid within 9 years.
Developer PRE Pioneer

The Brooks New Cairo ensembles a clear-cut innovation in the housing industry in Egypt that was brought to the heart of New Cairo with the brilliant expertise of PRE Pioneers company.

The Brooks New Cairo compound is widely characterized by its distinctive architectural designs that were conducted by a group of top masters in the engineering and designing field who collaborated with PRE Pioneers company with a clear vision of providing an inspirational housing experience to the world.

A 500-acres of fully served compound providing all types of essential utilities, amenities, and services in one place is considered a real milestone in real estate.

Moreover, the superior level in providing services and facilities can be noticed in the huge commercial malls, healthcare services, sporting clubs, clubhouses, vast green spaces, etc.

The Brooks new cairo

The Brooks compound Detailed Location 

The Brooks compound perfect location added more value to the project due to its vital proximity to different places.

The compound is located in New Cairo in Land No 1, at the entrance of fifth settlement. More specifically, the main gate of the compound is situated on the regional ring road.

The wisely-chosen location of the Brooks compound is considered one of the top competitive values for many buyers, as the compound is nearly situated to a group of different vital places in Cairo that include: 

  • The Brooks New Cairo is 5 minutes away from Cairo Mall
  • The Brooks new Cairo is 15 minutes away from the American University. 
  • The distance between 90th south street and Brooks is 60 m.
  • The compound is 15 minutes away from the international AIrport.
  • It’s just 15 minutes away to arrive at either Masr Gedida or Madinet Nasr From the Brooks compound. 
  • Most Importantly, the compound is centrally situated between a group of the top luxurious compounds in Cairo such as the Stone Residence compound.

The Brooks New Cairo design 

The Brooks new Cairo is divided into five main districts with peculiar architectonic features for each one. Each district is designed to be city-like, in other words,  each district in the Brooks has its own services and facilities in addition to distinguished eye-pleasant views.

According to the district’s designs, it was superbly and professionally built in alignment with the modern standards to meet buyers’ expectations in the 21 century.

To do so, Pre pioneers company collaborated with the top skillful engineers and designers in order to innovate new housing experiences through which residents can feel the uniqueness and distinction among other compounds in new Cairo.

The long expertise of Yaser el Biltaji, one of the top engineers who worked on the Brooks, was highlighted in the innovative designs in the Brooks which later had become a clear inspiration for others. 


The Brooks compound units’ space  

The Brooks compound is built on a giant land space of 185 Acres, and despite the project’s hugeness, only 15% of the space was utilized to construct residential and commercial units. 

PRE Pioneers company for housing and development managed to showcase diversity in designing units space to meet customers’ different demands and expectations. For example, the available types of units in the Brooks include Apartments, Twinhouse, townhouses, villas, etc.

Units space in the Brooks New Cairo

  • The space of a Two-bedrooms apartment in the brooks New Cairo starts from 115 SQM.
  • The space of a three-bedroom apartment starts from 135 SQM.
  • Penthouse average space starts from 214 
  • Twinhouse starts from 191 SQM for lands, while the building space starts from 220 SQM
  • The townhouse starts from 191 SQM for lands, while the building space starts from 200 SQM
  • Villas (Tybe B) are usually built on different lands spaces starting from 380 SQM lands, while the building space starts from 236 SQM
  • The average space of Villas (Type A)is 440 SQM, while the building space starts from 292 SQM.
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Top services and benefits provided in the Brooks New Cairo

Besides the brilliant architectural design of the Brook New Cairo, the compound proved solid experience in providing a group of top-notch benefits and services that facilitate the everyday life of residents:

    • The Commercial mall in The Brooks compound includes top-flight global and local brands so residents can enjoy their shopping experience without the need to go anywhere else outside the compound. 
    • Security system installed in the compound offers high levels of intense safety for both belongings and individuals 24/7. 
    • The vast green lands are a priceless opportunity for residents to practise different physical activities including cycling and promenading.
    • A Corner for broadly-known restaurants and cafes in which residents can enjoy the high-class of perfectly-cooked taste and the nice attitude of the staff. 
    • The clubhouse is one of the top entertaining services provided in the compound that is meant to reinforce residents’ bonds with each other.
    • Brooks’ medical level is supported by a proficient staff of doctors, moreover,  supplying the latest medical equipment.
    • Residents in the brooks can strengthen their body muscles through a sporting club under the supervision of certified and highly trained coaches
    • Private garages are everywhere in the compound to keep the beauty of the artistic views.
    • The level of entertainment and safety provided in the kids’ area is one of the top reasons that parents and couples get encouraged to start their lives in such a safe and deluxe compound. 
    • The Gyms are highly equipped with the latest machines and supervised by a group of proficient trainers. 
    • The Brooks compound’s proximity to the new capital shall be highlighted as one of the top privileges that will assist residents to get all their legal procedures or whatever service they need within minutes.
    • Also, different-sized swimming pools, spas, and jacuzzis shall be mentioned while mentioning the body care services level offered. 
    • Utilizing large parts of the compound to build eye-pleasants, green swathes and fountains create natural vibes that cannot be found anywhere else.
    • The housekeeping and cleansing levels are served with excellence

Payment plans in The Brooks New Cairo

The price list and the payment plans announced by Pre Pioneers company enable buyers to purchase whatever the unit they like in an easy and controllable instalment plan.

Purchasing a unit in Brooks requires a 10% prepayment for contracting, and the remaining has to be paid within the range of 9 years.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Overview of the Brooks’ developer 

PRE Pioneer is a leading company in the firm since 1992, the company managed to make a radical transformation in the housing firm in Egypt through the collaboration of a master team of engineers and designers.

Since the company’s inception, the company kept expanding with multiple projects in which luxury and premium can be a remark for their projects. 

The incomparability and uniqueness of the  modern designs represented by the company in all its projects were not the only advantages, as Pre Pioneer company is broadly known for its time commitment to units delivery, 

Pre Pioneers portfolio 

  • Stone Park
  • Stone Residence 
  • Tela El Hadba, North Coast.

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FAQ related to the Brooks New Cairo

What is the comapny name that launched The Brooks New Cairo?

Pre Pioneer company for Development

Where The Brooks compound is located?

The Brooks compound is located in 5th settlement

How can I contact a representative from The Brooks?


What is the project space?

185 Acres

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