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Project Name Stone Residence New Cairo
Project Location 5th settlement in New Cairo 
Project space 245 Acres
Types of units Apartments- Duplex- Penthouse 
Untis space The available unit size ranges from 128 to 275 SQM.
Payment Plans contract with a 10% prepayment and 5% after three months, and the remaining has to be paid over 5 years. Or contract with a 10% and 15% after three months, while the remaining value has to be paid over 8 years. 
The Developer Roaya group for housing and development 

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Stone Residence New Cairo is a massive premier housing project that embodies the deluxe modern living experience in the heart of New Cairo by offering top-flight utilities and luxurious services.

Stone Residence New Cairo is constructed on a large land space of 185 acres that was superbly utilized into two sections; green swathes and residential and commercial units.

The superior level in providing high-class services was portrayed in the commercial malls, healthcare services, sporting clubs, clubhouses, vast green spaces, etc.

Selecting New Cairo to be the main location for Stone Residence added more value to the project because of its prestigious spot, check the top 10 compounds in New Cairo.

Stone Residence compound location

Stone Residence compound’s location is perfectly chosen at the entrance of New Cairo which led to its proximity to the most vital places.

Due to the Compound’s exact location, Stone residence can be considered the first choice for crowd fleets; it’s located at the entrance of New Cairo and it’s minutes away from the most vital places in Cairo.

Check all the nearby places to Stone residence compound:

  • Stone Residence New Cairo compound is five minutes away from 90 street in 5th settlement.
  • The compound is 10 minutes away from Masr Gedida.
  • It’s 15 minutes away from the American university.
  • 20 minutes away from the international Cairo airport.
  • For Nasr city office-based employers, they can reach within 10 minutes.
  • The distance between the great pyramids and the compound is estimated to be thirty minutes.

Overview of Stone Residence New Cairo units and types

Stone Residence New Cairo is built on a giant land space of 450 acres which is considered a potential to receive more investments and encourage more buyers to move into the compound.

Stone Residence New Cairo space was divided systematically to include different types of residential units to match buyers’ needs.

For instance, the great space diversity provided in stone Residence is represented within the range of 128-meter units to 224 SQM units.

  • The space of Roof-based Studios is 71 SQM, while the usual design studios space starts from 42 SQM.
  • The space of the Roof-based Penthouse starts from 111, while the space of the usual penthouse, which doesn’t include a roof, starts from 62 SQM

Stone residence compound design

Stone Residence

Stone residence compound design ensembles a transformation in the real estate industry in Egypt; the compound embodies perfection and expertise in each designed unit that were varied to fit different tastes.

The European modern architectural designs represented in Stone Residence New Cairo led to spotting light on the compound as of the top prestigious projects in New Cairo.

The living experience in Stone Residence meets the expectation of people who look for an exceptional experience in which they can enjoy the privilege of a lavish superior life of large green spaces and top privacy, in addition to getting the essential part of everyday life.

Top services provided in Stone Residence New Cairo

Employers in Stone residence New Cairo were keen to offer a premium experience through top-notch essential services in addition to a group of perfect luxurious services.

  • The smart security system offered in the compound shall be highlighted as one of the significant amenities that buyers always look for when it comes to contracting.
  • The green parks were set on a sprawling large part of the compound providing a free- carbon dioxide community.
  • Stone Residence is contracted with prominent restaurants and cafes that were specialized in providing the best taste and perfect cuisine variety.
  • Commercial malls in which all the top local and global brands opened offshoots.
  • Extensively equipped gym halls that are operated by certified coaches and trainers.
  • Stone Residence compound offers private garages everywhere, so parking issues no longer exist.
  • Stone Residence New Cairo hosts the top significant utilities that any citizen may need in the capital city including international institutions and local banks.
  • The compound supports feminine’s privacy needs through covered swimming pools for women only.
  • Stone Residence compound’s paved green space is a great opportunity for promenading.
  • Stone Residence does include a group of Sporting clubs that were excellently served with modern equipment and certified trainers.
  • large green spaces are built on different lands in the compound to finally create breathtaking and eye-pleasant views.
  • The availability of multiple rental venues in order to be utilized for commercial use, by organizations and companies, led to a considerable amount of investment in the compound, hence, more residents.
  • The profession of the Healthcare System in the Stone Residence is supported by top-level equipment and skilful medical teams.
  • The compound offers high levels of entertainment and socializing levels between the community members through premier clubhouses.
  • The establishment of large parks and green empty spaces make it highly suitable for performing different physical activities like cycling and skating.
  • Finally, the Architectural designs who worked on this project managed to provide different top-flight internal designs to match all desires and tastes.

Payment plans in Stone residence compound

Different Price lists and payment plans launched by Roaya group company empowered many buyers with different demands and needs to purchase a luxurious and fully-served unit in Stone Residence compound in the system they prefer.

The first payment plan requires a 10% booking and paying 5% of the total value of the units, and the remaining has to be paid over 5 years.

  • The second payment plan requires booking with a 10% thereafter paying 15% after three months, while the remaining value has to be paid over 6 years.

Stone Residence developer

The holding Roaya group for housing and development manifested expertise in transforming a paper-based design into a milestone project, in the heart of New Cairo, through a professional team of engineers and planners.

Roaya group was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of TIBA Development company; a pioneering holding company specialized in different fields that include real estate development, investment and contracting.

Since the company’s inception, Roaya development group’s commenced to make notable progress in designing, innovating, and constructing, in different areas such as North coast and 6th of October city with a capital investment of more than $ 3 billion.

Other projects launched by Roaya group for housing and development 

  • Telal in Ain Sokhna, North coast
  • Hadba city, 6th of October city
  • Soul Telal resort, North coast.
  • La vista project, stages 1& 2, on the North Coast.

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FAQ related to Stone Residence New Cairo

What is the comapny name that launched Stone Residence New Cairo?

Roya company for Development

Where Stone Residence is located?

Stone Residence compound is located in 5th settlement

How can I contact a representative from Stone Residence new cairo?


What is the project space?

245 Acres

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