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Project Details
Project Name Hyde Park compound
Project Location 5th settlement in New Cairo
Project Space 1200 Acres
Units Space Units space in Hyde Park compound starts from 99 to 667 SQM
Units type Apartments- Townhouse- Twinhouse- Duplex-Villa- Comemrcial stores
Payment Plans Purchasing a unit requires a 10% prepayment, and the remaining amount has to be paid within a range of 7 to 8 years
Developer Name Hyde Park Development

Hyde Park New Cairo is one of the massive property projects that was built in consideration of the company’s main objective of providing residents with a deluxe five-star lifestyle through which they can enjoy both a simple natural landscape, addition to twenty-four hours of residential services.

Hyde park new Cairo was launched by Hyde park company for development that proved inventive expertise in bringing modern architectural style into the heart of New Cairo stimulating the modern European lifestyle.

Inside Hyde Park compound, a resident can find all services that he/she may need throughout the year that including business venues, sports, shopping, education, and entertainment, yet, the company showcased brilliance in presenting stunning views through building lakes and fountains.

Hyde park’s location vitality in New Cairo is considered a focal point for most buyers, check the top 10 compounds in New Cairo.

Hyde Park New Cairo Location

Hyde Park’s vital spot on 90th road in New Cairo is a clear-cut advantage that weighted the project over others, as it’s only minutes away from the most significant and vital areas in Cairo:

  • Regional Ring Road
  • Ain Sokhna Road
  • Auc University in New Cairo
  • Cairo Suez road
  • Cairo International Airport

Spot time needed to all the nearby places from the Hyde Park compound

  • Hyde Park compound is 15 minutes away from the new Cairo capital city
  • Hyde Park new Cairo is 20 minutes far away from Madinet Nasr
  • Hyde Park is 10 minutes away from Auc university in new Cairo, and 20 minutes away from the Canadian university
  • Hyde Park is 20 minutes away from Masr ElGedida
  • Going to rehab city or Mostabel city from Hyde park is no longer a struggle.
  • Hyde Park compound is minutes away from Cairo Suez road.

Hyde Park New Cairo units space

The broad spaces of green parks that occupies a huge part of the compound have represented a new notion that combines the simple breathtaking natural views in the fully-served residential facilities of the capital city.

Moreover, the great efforts of Hyde park company to create and showcase a one-of-kind compound in the real estate industry were highly noted in its space diverse division through which the company considered the different needs of property finders:

Units types and space in Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park New Cairo is expected to house a large number of residents due to its huge built units that amounted to be 1112 residential units, in addition to 576 that are still in the process to be fully finished and ready for receipt. Due to commercial use, the compound launched around 1700 units that can be used as commercial stores.

  • Apartments space starts from 99 meters square to 233 meters square.
  • Duplex space starts from 234 meters square to 274 meters
  • Twinhouse space starts from 255 meters up to 279 meters.
  • Townhouse space starts from 145 meters square and up to 255 meters.
  • Villa space starts from 248 meters squares and up to 677 meters.
  • Administrative space starts from 54 meters squares to 11000 meters.

Garden residence 5th settlement- First stage

Garden residence in Hyde Park is considered the latest stage launched by the company; it is divided into two main stages on a broad land space. The first stage is built on 18 acres, while the second one is launched on a smaller land scale that amounted to 12 acres.

Garden residence Stage is built strategically in a vital area in the Hyde park new Cairo with a small distance to the regional main road which adds more weight to its vital spot  so residents

Moreover, the speciality of Garden residence lies in its natural views of artificial lakes and its green spaces that are meant to grant residents the highest degrees of environmental tranquillity and fresh air.

Last, but not least, the Garden residence stage in Hyde Park is flawlessly secured through well-prepared safeguards, security systems, and sturdy walls.

Hyde park new cairo

Units space in Garden residence | Hyde Park New Cairo

The Garden Residence was built in consideration of the company’s main goal to represent new architectural designs due to the inner space and the outer style. The units space division, which starts from 82 meters to 268 meters squares, can be classified into the following:

  • The Garden apartment is internally divided to start from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms.
  • The Garden Terrace is composed of three bedrooms and a large thirty-nine terrace.
  • The Garden villa is designed to include two or three bedrooms with a great wide garden and private entrance.
  • The Garden penthouse is designed perfectly to include up to three bedrooms.

Most importantly, to fit all residents’ and property finders’ needs, the company launched a new payment system with appealing plans that can be extended to 10 years.

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Top 17 services and benefits in Hyde Park compound

  • Education services were the first concern for many who wanted to get a unit in Hyde Park compound, as the available schools support the British and American systems.
  • Equipped sports clubs that fit different sports
  • High levels of security systems provide protection and safety for both belongings and individuals.
  • What makes Hyde Park in New Cairo a vital place for living and operating business is the large space that is designed to hold events and celebrations.
  • Administrative blocks are built to host huge management entities such as banks and globally-known institutions.
  • A considerable medical level is offered in Hyde Park through offering the latest medical equipment; 5th settlement hospital offers high care levels to residents through highly competitive equipment.
  • Perfectly- equipped gyms that provide the best sporting services for registrants.
  • Worth mentioning that the compound’s infrastructure is well-built to make it more sturdy for any harm.
  • Transportation availability makes it easier for residents to move to other places effortlessly, in addition to private garages for private cars.
  • Most interestingly, hyde park includes 4 clubhouses to double the entertainment level in the community and strengthen social bonds between residents.
  • The compound provided a solution for electricity running out by offering generators to operate when needed.
  • Huge and perfectly served commercial malls that were built to include all types of broadly-known brands.
  • The company has put great effort into making the compound an appealing spot for visitors by building luxury lavish high-class hotels.
  • magnificent fountains that add breathtaking views to the compound and double residents’ feeling of tranquillity.

Units price and Payment plans in Hyde Park compound

The Payments plans launched in hyde park facilitate the payment process and encourage more residents to purchase a unit with the ability to

For example, the company allows customers who want to own a unit to prepay 10% of the total value and the remaining value is paid over 7 years with no interest added.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Read more information about the Hyde Park company for development

Hyde Park’s great expansion in the real estate industry started to get noticed in 2011, by that time, the company initiated to grab industry attention through its premier lavish projects in both Cairo and the North Coast.

What needs to be highlighted in Hyde Park company projects is the efforts to offer its customers all levels of essential and deluxe services that are meant to fit different needs and tastes.

Prestigious Projects launched by hyde park company 

  • Coast village on North Coast
  • 600,000- meter garden in New Cairo
  • Hyde Park business

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FAQ related to Hyde park compound New Cairo

What is the comapny name that launched Hyde Park?

Hyde Park Development

Where Hyde Park is located?

Hyde Park compound is located in 5th settlement

How can I contact a representative from Hyde Park?


What is the project space?

1200 Acres

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