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Here’s a guide to the Best compounds in New Capital city including its payment systems and different housing options.

The New Capital city is a Smart high-class city that represents the future of the real estate industry in Egypt.

 The new capital city witnessed a prominent collaboration between the Egyptian government and Egypt’s best construction companies in replicating Cairo’s living potential in the new city through building the best compounds in the New Capital city. 

As Egypt’s population is expected to be increased by 40 million persons in the Next Years, creating a new city with the same competencies as Cairo is the perfect investment solution.

Accordingly, the government has been exerting incredible efforts to provide both housing and employment options in the city through encouraging investments.

New Capital City Location 

Far away from the crowdedness of Egypt, the location still keeps its customers’ accessibility to the main areas in Cairo, the New Capital is situated on the Badr city borders between both Cairo-Suez road and Al Ain Sokhna road/

The perfectly chosen location of the city provides customers with a high potential of arriving wherever their destination is within minutes.

Nearby Places:-

  • Al Safarat district 
  • Mohamed Ben Zayed’s axis 
  • Mega Mall
  • Opera House 

Being classified as one of the Best 

  • Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque
  • Capital Prime New Capital
  • Conference hall
  • Expo City New Capital
  • Medical city
  • Sports city
  • Al Masa Hotel New Capital
  • Educational institutions
  • Knowledge City
  • Hospitals
  • Churches and mosques

Places to Go in the new Capital City 

The New Capital City is featured multiple entertaining places that are perfect choices for people of different ages.

Starting from the lush green parks and clubhouses where the community members can enjoy quality time at Disneyland and Centeral park.

List of excitement places to visit:

  • Central Park 
  • Green River, 35 km long
  • Mega Mall
  • New Garden City New Capital
  • The Walk Mall New Capital
  • Zaha Park New Capital
  • Artificial lakes
  • Hospitals
  • Disneyland
  • Energy farms.

Top services in the best compounds in New Capital City 

New Capital City is classified with its flawless infrastructure and essential services which is a result of excessive efforts by both the governments and developers.

Living in one of the best compounds in New Capital City grants you an endless advantage of a fully-integrated community in which you, and your family, enjoy the highest level of immediate luxurious services.


The whole city initiated its operation with a smart utility system that is meant to cope with the green health of the environment tracks in order to keep the natural resources clean and sufficient.

For Example, the infrastructure represented in a huge number of the best compounds in New Capital supports solar energy for a more sustainable community.

Moreover, to cope with the latest technologies, the city is filled with smart poles that support a wide range of services such as WiFi networks and amplifiers.

Buildings and residential units in the best compounds in New Capital are designed in alignment with the latest techniques that offer a molid temperature.


The government invested billions in enriching the education services in the city through a group of Top-notch schools and universities.

level Top universities and schools in the new capital city provide an exceptional level of modern curriculum that is perfectly supervised by a professional group of masters.

However, parents and new couples have a great potential to pick the perfect education system for their children from a wide selection of universities and schools.

Living in one of the best compounds in New Capital city is considered a plus for parents regarding the wide range of international schools and universities that they can enrol their children in. 

List of top international schools in New Capital:

  • Al Bayan Modern School
  • Global knowledge school 
  • International School of Choueifat
  • Sahara International School
  • New Cairo British international school

The Government and amenities owners strive to provide the latest curriculum in universities that offer both hands-on experience and well-demonstrated content that grants a job opportunity after graduation.

List of top Universities:

  • The Canadian universities campus 
  • The European universities campus 
  • Swedish university 

Best Compounds in The New Capital city 

The New Capital City guarantees you an exceptional level of luxurious housing experience in which all your needs and demands are flawlessly delivered.

If New Capital City is your destination, it’s necessary to be fully aware of Best Compounds in New Capital City Egypt.

  • Scene 7 

Scene 7 compound shall be the first one to mention when it comes to the best compounds in New Capital City. 

Scene 7 Compound represents a lavish architectural design where the eye-pleasant artistic view is an essential element portrayed in the smallest details of the compound.

The compound is constructed in the G2 area with great proximity to the Green River and the diplomatic district.

Units space: 

Units space variety in Scene 7 is a good opportunity to pick the preferred space, which ranges from a 124 SQM To +240 SQM.

Payment Plan

One of the top advantages offered in scene 7 compound is its manageable payment plan that can be extended over 7 years.

An interested buyer can get his unit by paying 10% of the total unit cost. 

Living in Scene 7 compound grants you a strategic location near the diplomatic district and the green river, the compound is located in the G2 area.

  • Castle Landmark 

Castle Landmark comes in second place among the best compounds in the New Capital City that provides a high luxurious lifestyle.

Castle Landmark strategic location offers you accessibility to Cairo’s Main Roads and the most significant places in the city, which is 20 minutes away from the airport.

Types of units:

The space of Residential units Castle compound starts from 120 SQM up to 300 SQM.

Payment Plans:

The company offered a new payment option which requires 0 down payment provided that the unit cost shall be paid over 5 years.

Midtown Condo 

Purchasing a unit in Midtown Condo is considered a real investment opportunity for whoever is looking to invest or to take his housing experience to the highest level.

Midtown Condo Compound delivers integration in its perfect forms through different services including a Sports club, giant commercial mall, swimming pools, medical clinics, spa and jacuzzi, private venus, etc.

Types of units 

The space of the commercial units starts from 110 SQM up to 250 SQM.

Payment Plan

Purchasing a unit in Midtown condo requires paying 10% as a down payment and paying the remaining over 7 years.

  • Midtown Sky 

MidTown Sky has become one of the customers’ first choices when it comes to choosing a strategic location, fully-integrated compound, and luxurious lifestyle. 

Midtown Sky is the opposite sight of the expo land which guarantees customers a more livable spot.

Types of Units 

Midtown Sky offers a wide selection of residential units, including Penthouse and standalone villas, in variable spaces that start from 90 SQM to +350.

Payment Plan 

The announced payment system is based on extending the instalment period up to 6 years. The required down payment is 10% of the total unit cost.

  • Midtown Villa 

Midtown Villa is classified as one of the best compounds in the New Capital city that perfectly deliver customers’ demands from the expected prestigious lifestyle to the quality of provided services.

Better Home selected a strategic spot for its compound which is situated near the new cathedral on Ben Zayed Axis.

Residential units

Midtown Villa offers different housing options that include Twinhouse, Townhouse, a Standalone villa, apartments, etc.

The available unit space ranges from 120 up to +400 SQM for standalone villas.

Payment Plan 

Better Home company allows customers to own their unit by paying only 10% of the total unit cost.

  • Pukka New Capital 

Master Builder company initiative to collaborate in introducing one of the best luxurious compounds in New Capital, the pukka compound, successfully received much attention from customers.

The company cooperated with top-notch expertise in the designing field to provide residents with a distinctive blueprint of lavishness through symmetrical buildings and breathtaking views.

is constructed on a wide space of 40 Feddan that includes around 1696 units with different types and spaces.

Residential units

The Master plan of the compound announced the launch of around 1696 residential units, including different types such as penthouses, roof-based units, apartments, and duplexes.

Payment plans 

The company endeavours to meet its customers’ expectations by providing four payment systems with different down payments and instalment periods.

The first plan requires paying 6% as a down payment and paying the remaining cost over 6 years.

  • Atika 

While tackling the best compounds in New Capital City, the Atika compound shall be mentioned.

Atika, 53-Feddan compound, is launched the G1 area to be surrounded by the city’s top livable places, such as The British university, the Green River, and Al Fattah EL Aleem Mosque.

Residential units in Atika compound 

Atika apartments are provided in different sizes starting from A70 SQM to 180 SQM.

Atika’s Duplexes are provided in different spaces starting from 160 SQM to 280 SQM. 

Payment Plan

For the first time, New Plan Company for development offers new cashback-payment systems.

To know the available prices in detail, contact their consultants.

  •  De Joya 3

De Joya 3 is one of the Taj Misr Flagship projects that was launched in alignment with the company’s main goal of delivering premium-quality housing options and lavish design.

Taj Misr company selected one of the most livable places to build its compounds, 10 minutes away from the Opera House, in the B2 area near the Expo land.

The compound offers different housing options that fit customers’ needs. 

Types of units 

    • The space of apartments in Dejoya 3 starts from 110 to 230 SQM.
    • The space of Duplex starts from 290 SQM
  • The space of Sky Villa types starts from 300 SQM.

Payment system 

To purchase a unit in Dejoya 3 allows paying around 5% of the total unit cost and paying the remaining over 8 years.

  • Il Bosco city new capital

A mixture of the European designs with Egypt’s classic styles is blended together by Expert Designers who strive to represent a totally modern appealing housing experience.

Living in a remarkable spot such as R7 near the Opera House and the diplomatic district provides you with a livable experience.

Il Bosco city new capital represents the integration to the full through different services that include Medical centres, Gym, sports clubs, stores and brands, restaurants and cafes, maintenance services, etc.

Residential units in Il Bosco:

Il Bosco offers personalized housing options through different types of units, such as Townhouses, Twinhosues, Standalone villas, and apartments.

Payment Plans 

Purchasing a unit in Il Bosco compound requires paying a 10% down payment and the remaining can be paid over 9 years.

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