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Project Name Atika New capital compound
Project location New Capital
Project space 53-Feddan
Types of units apartments, penthouse, and duplex
units space starts from 70 SQM to 280 SQM.
Payment plans multiple payment plans
The developer New Plan Development

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Atika New capital compound is one of the top new city compounds that received an excessive number of inquiries and demands for its perfect instalment plans., 

Atika New capital, 53-Feddan compound, was launched by New plan company for Development applying its solid expertise and full capacity to represent an exceptional opulent lifestyle.

Atika New Capital compound embodies perfection in different aspects including the strategic location, the flawless architectural design, and its integration.

Atika compound Location 

Once the company decided to launch a new milestone in the New Administrative City, Atika compound, choosing a prime location was one of their top priorities. 

The facility’s availability near the location was one of the main filtration factors for the company when choosing the location.

Atika New Capital compound location grants access to its customers to the top livable roads in Cairo.

Atika New Capital compound is located in G1 in district 7, where they can enjoy many benefits of the city, with great proximity to the diplomatic districts.

What makes the compound location a great potential for many property buyers is its nearness to all of the following:-

  • The British university (BUA)
  • The Green River 
  • The compound is located with a group of local banks.
  • Al Fattah EL Aleem Mosque.

On the other hand, having a home in the new administrative city has become one of the top pursuits for many property buyers because of the government’s intense concentration to qualify the city to become completely and fully integrated.

This means that residents won’t face any obstacles regarding proceeding with any of their most needed legal procedures. 

Atika New Capital Compound Space 

New Plan company selected a massive space for building its milestone on 35 Feddan, around 147,000 meters, which is a suitable space for providing a fully-integrated community.

New Plan company collaborated with a professional designing team who performed their full capacity to come out with an exceptional design that can be an inspiration for all the coming projects in the area.

The space of Atika New Capital compound is perfectly outlined to provide the largest part for parks and captivating views, in addition to the company’s determination to provide residents with all the essential services.


Types of units in Atika compound 

Housing option variety is one of the top factors that influence customers’ division, which was perceived by the company.

Therefore, Atika New Capital compound provides different options regarding space that fit different needs.

  • The space of apartments in Atika new capital compound starts from 70 SQM, as a minimum, up to 180 SQM.
  • The space of the duplex starts from 160 SQM to 280 SQM. 

the breathtaking view in atika compound

Atika compound prices and payment plan 

Atika compound prices are the perfect plus added to the compound beside the provided residential and luxurious services.

The compound managed to meet its customers’ expectations through different manageable payment plans in which each customer can pick what suits his/her needs the most. 

As the payment plan is one of the top searches that hit the records by users, here’s the payment system list: 

  1. Ataka customers can own their house with no down payment required provided that the unit cost has to be paid during a specific period of 2 years or 4 years. Surprisingly, this system allows a 2% cashback for customers.
  2.  The second plan requires a 0% down payment provided that the cost has to be paid for 5 years. 1% Cashback is a plus in this benefit.
  3. Customers have to pay a 5% down payment and pay the remaining over 6 years.
  4. 4th system allows paying a 10% down payment and 10% while receiving the unit. The remaining cost shall be paid for 7 years. 
  5. There’s a Maintenance fee of 8%.

Atika compound announced that delivery of units will occur after four years of contracting.

What distinguishes Atika new capital compound among others is the premier quality assembled in finishing houses.[price-cta]

Top Features and services in Atika compound Egypt

A compound is classified as one of the top compounds in the new administrative city regarding several services provided for customers in all fields.

The brochure of Atika compound New capital compound showcase a one-of-a-kind housing experience in which residents can find whatever service or the product they are looking for without stepping back from the compound.

  • Atika compound is featured with its captivating massive green lands that help in relieving the daily stress.
  • Residents Attika New Cairo compound can find multiple pharmacies available for 24h.
  • Better house company gave much consideration to sports by building more than one swimming pool in different sizes.
  • Atika New Capital compound provides one of the best food experiences through different high-class restaurants serving western and eastern dishes. 
  • Atika New Capital launched a Kid’s area that grants a high level of entertainment and safety.
  • Atika New Capital is featured as one of the giant commercial malls in the New administrative city.
  • Residents in Atika new capital compound enjoy different parking existence across the compound.
  • Similar to all Better Home projects, Atika compound is secured with a high-smart security system that grants safety for both persons and belongings.
  • The compound contracts with one of the best security-based companies in Egypt to hire safeguards.
  • Atika compound’s green design assembles a beauty of statement where the green colour is everywhere.
  • Atika New capital compound spotlight the Medical needs necessity through providing different clinics and pharmacies across the compound.
  • The interior space of All the residential units in Atika compounds is perfectly designed to give the residents the ultimate freedom to utilize the space.
  • Hypermarkets are one of the most needed services that enable residents to purchase their needs effortlessly.
  • Better Home provided tracks that are designated for helping residents break the records of their daily activities such as cycling.
  • Different swimming pools in high-end designs.
  • A group of the most known local and global fashion brands have offshoot inside the compound assisting the residents to take their apple experience to the next level.
  • Inside the compound, you can find different ATMs.
  • Atika New Capital compound offers a clubhouse where residents can have quality time.
  • For relaxation and body care, A spa and jacuzzi centre is one of the most important features in Atika.

The developer Atika compound 

New Plan Development, a shareholding company, is one of the top property developers in Egypt that proved expertise in bringing innovative designs and modern solutions.

Serrano is the first launched project by New Plan company for development in Egypt which received much attention from residents for its perfect location and inspiring design.

New Plan Development is characterized by its massive residential and commercial projects in Saudi Arabia such as Al-Rashed contracting company,  Al-Khalil construction (KSA-EG)  and its subsidiaries, Dimond oasis General Trading Dubai, Pioneer Egypt Shipping agencies, and Al-‐Ashrafia  Holiday  Homes.

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Faq Related to atika compound

what is company name that developed atika compound ?

New Plan Development

Where atika compound is located?

atika compound is located in New Capital

How can I contact a representative from New Plan Development ?


What is the project space?

53 feddan

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