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Project Details
Project Name Midtown sky New Capital
Project location New Capital
Project space 120 Feddan
Types of units Twin houses, townhouses, apartments, duplexes, standalone villas, administrative units, and commercial units
units space starts from 90 SQM to 350 SQM.
Payment plans 10% is required as a down payment. The remaining cost can be paid over 6 years in periodical instalments.
The developer Better Home Group

MidTown Sky New Capital is one of the best compounds in the administrative city offering a high-class opulent lifestyle in regard to the quality of services.

Midtown Sky New Capital is launched as one of the prestigious projects of Better Home Group company on a strategic spot, the R7 area.

On 120 Feddan, Midtown Sky’s new capital compound was constructed, introducing an exceptional level of integration where residents can obtain all of their needs effortlessly.

The available services in Midtown Sky New Capital include highly advanced gyms, medical centres, a sports club, natural landscapes, a restaurant-based area, etc.

Midtown Sky new capital prices are set in alignment with both customers’ needs and the premier class of services provided.

Top 3 Reasons to move to the New Administrative Capital city!

The new administrative capital city represents a solid potential for a modern lifestyle in three main regards: Opulent lifestyle, integration, and education level.

Living in one of the top compounds in the New administrative city grants you a seamless housing experience where luxury is the main theme because of the modern architectural designs.

Secondly, the premier level of integration represented in the new administrative capital city came in alignment with the government’s regulation to diminish the tension occurring in Cairo’s amenities as it has the same potential as Cairo.

Thirdly, as a means of turning the area into one of the most competitive cities in Egypt, investors gave much consideration to supporting the education level through schools, universities, and education-based centres.

Midtown Sky New Capital  Location

Better Home Development surpassed the expectations of its customers with the perfectly chosen compound location through which residents can go to their destination effortlessly.

Moreover, the MidTown sky compound is surrounded by a group of high-class other compounds and malls that give more sense of elegance and significance to its location.

MidTown Sky New Capital compound is constructed in front of the Expo land in R7 area.

Check all the nearby landmarks near Midtown Sky 

  • Embassy Districts
  • Fattah Abd El Aleem Mosque
  • The cathedral church
  • AL Masa Hotel
  • The residency palace

Most importantly, Midtown Sky is set in great proximity to all the main roads in Cairo.

Taking the strategic location of the compound to more deep levels, it’s necessary to highlight the competitive advantage of living in the new Administrative city.

Indeed, the government and investors’ efforts to build up a new simulation of the capital, eliminating the tension of the high population in Cairo helped in creating a true potential for all the residents in the city regarding the excellence of services they would receive.

MidTown Sky New Capital design

The massive space of Midtown Land added more importance to the compound in addition to its livable location, as the compound is built on 122 Feddan which is 521,400 meters.

What makes Midtown Sky New Captial a prominent residential project that customers show gratitude for its perfection is the flawless selection of the designing team who excelled in outlining prestigious compounds.

The responsible team outlined the compound space into different areas to match the integration standards.

For example, the largest area of the compound was dedicated to building lush greenery areas of parks and paved tracks, which contribute to enhancing the mental health of residents because of their fresh air and eye-pleasing view.

Indeed, the remaining area of Midtown Sky New Capital was allocated between residential and commercial units and service-based amenities.

the breathtaking design of MidTown Sky New Capital

Types of residential units in Midtown Sky New Capital Egypt

Midtown Sky New Captial Egypt space is competent to populate a large number of buyers who tend to uplevel their housing experience inside the compound.

Midtown sky residents enjoy a wide selection of small and big homes that are designed in alignment with the latest techniques, giving the customers the total freedom to reshape whenever they like.

Twin houses, townhouses, apartments, duplexes, standalone villas, administrative units, and commercial units are the top 7 types of units available in MidTown Sky.

Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Check the space range of each type of unit:

  • The space of apartments starts from 90 SQM to 145 SQM.
  • 350 SQM is the announced space of Town Middle villas.
  • The average space of Town Villa corner and twin house is 350 SQM.
  • The average space of the First-floor commercial units in Midtown Mall is 105 SQM, similar to the space of the administrative units.
  • The space of the Penthouse ranges from 230 SQM.
Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Midtown Sky New Capital Prices and payment plans

Midtown Sky New Capital is featured with its competitive prices and high value for each pound paid for the premier quality provided.

Better Home company for Development is known for its super easy payment plans that give the ultimate freedom for its customers to extend the payment period.

  • To purchase a unit in Midtown Sky New Capital compound 10% of the total unit cost is required as a down payment. The remaining cost can be paid over 6 years in periodical instalments.

MidTown Sky New Capital Features & Services

MidTown Sky New Capital was launched in alignment with the full integration standards that qualify the compound for everyday living.

Better Home company assigned the facilities part to one of its skilful teams who is capable of analysing the main essential and luxurious needs for customers and delivering it in high quality.

  • Midtown Sky New Capital compound is characterised by massive green spaces across the compound.
  • Better Home was keen to provide a huge number of commercial units to encourage the investment curve.
  • For sports enthusiasts, highly-paved tracks designated for cycling are the perfect plus.
  • MidTown Sky offers swimming pools for kids and adults.
  • For an unforgettable beverage experience, the company deals with well-known restaurants and cafes.
  • Private parking spots are set across the compounds for more security.
  • Midtown Sky Compound is one of the best-secured compounds in The New Administrative city because of the intense system that grants safety to residents.
  • Clinics in different fields as a must-have feature to be added to the compound, thus, the company encouraged
  • Well-trained guards whose responsibility is to maintain residents’ safety.
  • Swimming pools in different sizes for both adults and kids.
  • The Kid’s area in Midtown sky new capital compound is featured with its high security and entertaining activities.
  • Midtown sky New Capital Egypt is designed with captivating views where both the blue and green shades are combined, forming the best landscape ever.

Note that the above-mentioned services are still under maintenance for any suggestions and enhancements.

The Midtown Sky New Capital developer: Better Home Group

Better Home Group is a part of Better Business that was introduced to the world for the first time in 1992, specialising in IT components. Thereafter, Better Home Group for development excelled in its power in joining the Egyptian real estate market in 2003, becoming one of the prominent competitors.

Over the past 13 years, the Better Home development company expanded all over Egypt with both prestigious commercial and residential projects, resulting in a total number of 56 projects.

12 million SQM is the total space developed and qualified for daily living by Better Home Company.

In All projects of Better Home company, the smallest details reflected solid experience in simulating the modern designs immersed with Egyptian traditionality.

Better Home company, throughout the last year, kept contributing to developing the fourth-generation cities in Egypt such as the 6th of October, New Cairo, and New administrative capital.

Other Projects by Better Home company 

  •  High Land Park 6th of October
  • City Mall escapes 6th October
  • City Escape Mall in El Menya
  • Midtown New Cairo
  •  Mega Mall 6 of October
  • Cairo Medical Centre on 6 October
  • Cairo Business Plaza
  • Cairo business gate

other projects in new capital city

  1. Midtown Villa New Capital
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Faq Related to MidTown Sky New Capital

what is company name that developed MidTown Sky New Capital ?

Better Home Group

Where MidTown Sky is located?

MidTown Sky is located in New Capital

How can I contact a representative from Better Home Group ?


What is the project space?

122 feddan

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