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Project Name il bosco city new capital
Project location New Capital
Project space 200 Feddan
Types of units Townhouses, Twin houses, Standalone villas, Penthouses, and apartments. 
Payment plans Get your unit with a 10% down payment, and pay the remaining over 10 years.
The developer Misr Italia

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Il Bosco City New capital represents new a perspective that would completely change the traditional notion perceived of the housing style in Egypt. 

Il Bosco City New Capital is designated to simulate the simplicity of nature through lush greenery spaces.

Modern houses Immersed in vast green parks that add more value to your everyday 

Il Bosco City Misr Italia provides you with a one-of-a-kind fully-integrated housing experience through which all your demands and needs are delivered exceptionally through a large group of essential and luxurious services.

iL Bosco city New Capital location 

Il Bosco City new capital location is carefully selected to be among the most prestigious residential compounds and facilities-based buildings in New capital.

Owning a house in Il Bosco City new capital provides you full access to all the facilities launched in the capital and the main roads of the compound.

Il Bosco City Misr Italia is launched on the south of Muhammed Abo Zeid axis in R7 area.

  • Il Bosco city New Capital compound is strategically located near the green river in the new capital, a prominent landmark.
  • IL Bosco city New Capital compound is closely located Diplomatic area and the exhibition land (Ard Ma’red).
  • What distinguishes il Bosco New Capital city compound is its proximity to multiple livable spots such as Opera House, presidential palace, New Capital Airport, and 9th street.
  • Midtown sky, the medical city, and the academic city are the top three cities located near Il Bosco Misr Italia.

iL Bosco city New Capital location 

Il Bosco New Capital city compound space 

Misr Italia set a massive land space for Il Bosco New Capital city compound that amounts to 200 Feddan, which is 840,000 SQM, to construct its flagship greenery-based housing project.

Similar to the other flawless compound spaces launched by Misr Italia, 18% of Il Bosco New Capital’s total space is dedicated to providing multiple housing options.

82% of Il Bosco remaining space was dedicated to constructing high-quality facilities and vast green spaces. 


Types of residential units in il Bosco City Misr Italia capital Egypt

Il Bosco city Misr Italia Egypt is one of the best residential compounds that managed to diversify its housing options and its space to deliver one of its main goals, customer satisfaction.

If you are a big fan of Il Bosco luxurious residential styles, it’s better to be aware of all the available units and their space to make your decision properly. 

Il Bosco city Misr Italia provides Townhouses, Twin houses, Standalone villas, Penthouses, and apartments. 

  • The space of the Townhouse in Il Bosco city Misr Italia starts from 251 SQM.
  • The space of Twin house ranges from 245 SQM up to 290 SQM.
  • The space of standalone Villas in Il Bosco new capital starts from 282 SQM to 530 SQM.
  • Penthouse space in Il BOSCO New capital starts from 273 SQM to 373 SQM.
  • The space of standard apartments starts from 126 SQM to 194 SQM.

The design of il Bosco City New capital 

Misr Italia collaborated with exceptional competent designers in the market to innovate a breathtaking design immersed in the greenery lands.

 The hired team set the latest advanced arhctictural techniques that grant residents both practicality and ease of life.

Il Bosco City New Captial Egypt design is immersed with the blue and green colours as the main theme of the compound view.

Top features and services in Il Bosco City New Capital 

Misr Italia strives to deliver a treasured housing experience for its customers through performing a change that makes their everyday life easier.

Misr Italia set its milestone, Il Bosco city New Capital, in the highest standards of a modern lifestyle where customers can enjoy services and facilities of high quality.

Il Bosco City New Captial Egypt the gap between the luxurious life and the everyday needs through services in different aspects Medical, security, commercial, entertainment, and education.

  • Misr Italia customized paved tracks across the compound so customers can practice light physical activities including promenading, cycling, yoga, etc.
  • Across the compound, there’re multiple restaurant-based areas that provide distinguished eastern and western cuisines.
  • The livable location of Il Bosco City New Captial Egypt near different schools and universities in New Capital is a great opportunity for new couples to enrol their children.
  • Il Bosco City New Captial offers different Commercial spots where customers can find their daily needs easily.
  • Il Bosco City New Captial Egypt is featured with private garages for residents.
  • IL Bosco New Capital reshape the lifestyle in Egypt through eye-pleasant lakes.
  • IL Bosco compound gave much consideration to residents’ health by building a five-star spa hub.
  • IL Bosco City New Capital Egypt is featured with high-security level through super-smart cameras across the compound.
  • Well-traind guards whose responsibility is to maintain residents’ safety.
  • Il Bosco city New compound Egypt includes Swimming pools in different sizes for both adults and kids. 
  • The kid’s area is equipped with exciting and entertaining games.
  • IL Bosco new capital compound provides multiple free venues for events and celebrations.

IL Bosco New capital city compound prices and Payment plans 

The Prices of the residential units Il Bosco New Captial city compound is one of the main advantages

One of the top advantages offered in il Bosco City New Capital Egypt is the ease of payment, as the compound allows buyers to pay the cost of their unit over a long period they choose.

  • Buyers who desire to take their housing experience to the next level in IL Bosco New capital city compound are able to pay only 10% of the total unit cost as a down payment.
  • Misr Italia set a fixed instalment time that buyers can pay their cost within which is 9 Years. 


The Meadows is the latest residential phase launched by Misr Italia in il Bosco New City.

ALL the compound sophistication is immersed in the Meadows phases to be one of the most prestigious phases in the area.

The Meadows phase featured two prominent types of residential units: Twin houses and standalone Villas. 

Due to the payment plan, buyers can purchase the house of their dream in MEADOWS il Bosco New city by paying 5% of the total unit cost provided that the remaining over 9 years. 

IL Bosco Developer: Misr Italia 

Misr Italia Properties is a forerunner company in Egypt that expanded shooting projects in different 5 main sectors including Real Estate, Tourism, Furniture, facility management, and decoration. 

Since Misr Italia foundation in 2003, it kept expanding across Egypt with smart solutions and innovative designs making a real impact in the real estate industry in Egypt. The total number of residential projects launched by Misr Italia is 11 while 9 is the total number of commercial projects. 

Besides the brilliant projects in East of Cairo, Misr Italia proved expertise in developing inspiring coastal projects based on integrity.

Misr Italia established one-of-a-kind projects with an incompatible blueprint that highly provides a luxurious lifestyle for its customers and full integrated communities.

Misr Italia concierge the sophistication of its residential projects is a result of outlining the smallest details by the customers, listening to their voices.

Misr Italia portfolio

Misr Italia residential projects didn’t fail to surprise its customers with their exceptional high-quality providers.

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  • Kay resort North Coast 
  • Kay resort Al Sokhna
  • La Nouva Vista, fifth settlement
  • IL Bosco compound, Future city.

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what is company name that developed il bosco city new capital?

Misr Italia

Where il bosco city Compound is located?

il bosco city compound is located in New Capital

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What is the project space?

200 feddan

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