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Project Name Midtown Condo new capital
Project location New Capital
Project space 60 Feddan
Types of units residential and commercial units 
Payment plans 10% is required as a down payment. The remaining cost can be paid over 7 years in.
The developer Better Home group

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Midtown Condo new capital is one of the best residential compounds in the new administrative city that excelled customers’ expectations regarding its fully-integrated lifestyle.

Better Home Group is the responsible company for this brilliant project, Midtown Condo New Capital, that was perceived by customers as the gain of the year.

Better Home selected a strategic land with a giant space of 60 Feddan in the centre of the administrative city to provide its customers with the perfect location and wide space.

Midtown Condo New Capital provides you with a luxurious lifestyle where all your needs are perfectly served through a group of services and facilities that include: a Medical centre, sporting club, 3 commercial malls, restaurants and cafes, stores, private garages, etc. 

If you are willing to make your housing experience to the next level where comfort and luxury are the main themes, check all the available services in the compound.

Midtown Condo Location 

Besides the compound’s massive space, the developer wisely selected a strategic spot in the new capital city to be surrounded by the most eminent facilities and buildings.

Midtown condo location provides you with extra accessibility through its proximity to Egypt’s main roads.

Knowing all the nearby places to Midtown condo new capital will help you to make your decision more properly detecting the time needed to arrive at your destination in the near future.

  • Midtown Condo New Capital Egypt is constructed on the R7, the most prestigious area full of prominent projects.
  • Expo land is the opposite view of the compound.
  • The compound is located close to the green river park and the embassy district.
  • Al Masa hotel is minutes away from Midtown condo.
  • Midtown condo is 20 minutes away from fifth settlement.
  • Midtown condo is 15 minutes away from the new presidency palace.
  • Midtown condo is less than 30 minutes away from the new airport in the city.
  • The distance between the Midtown condo and the cathedral church is around 5 minutes. 

It’s worth mentioning that choosing a compound in the new administrative city adds a real value for any family because of the exceptional educational potential represented in private universities, such as the BUA, and schools.

In addition to the ability to handle any legal procedures at any time because of the government’s intention to make the city a centre of legal amenities.

Midtown Condo New Capital design 

Midtown Condo New Capital compound is constructed on a massive space of 60 Feddan, which means around 252 km, in proximity to Abd Al-Fattah Aleem Mosque within 5 minutes.

The design of Midtown Condo New Capital is outlined to fit the new lifestyle in the administrative city in its grandeur that is meant to be the centre of people’s attention.

The symmetrical style of buildings, the first feature that shall be highlighted, in MIdtown Condo is meant to represent an inspiring eye-pleasant view simulating the European building technique immersed with the traditional classicism of Egypt.

Among buildings and units, a resident can enjoy the flawless blend between the blue and green colours that sharply reflect the magnificence of the buildings.

Better Home company, the developer, determined to dedicate around 22% of the total land space for building residential units.

Unsurprisingly, the largest part of the compound was occupied with the simplicity of nature.

Types of residential units in Midtown Condo New Capital Egypt 

As usual, Better Home company for development never fail to surprise its customers when it comes to customizing its projects’ services and features. Accordingly, Midtown Condo New Capital Egypt provides its units in different spaces.

  • The space of its residential units starts from 120 SQM up to 370 SQM.
  • While the commercial unit space starts from 110 SQM to 250 SQM.

Better Home company promises a premier quality in finishing its homes.

The units’ interior designs are set by experienced architects who managed to perfectly utilize the units for more space.


Payment methods and Midtown condo prices 

Midtown Condo prices are considered the top competitive advantage buyer received because of the seamless level of services and opulent lifestyle.

The payment list announced by Midtown condo went viral because of its ease.

The company allows property buyers to pay only 10% of the total unit cost provided that he/she has to pay the remaining over 7 years from the date of signing.


Top 10 Services available in Midtown condo New Capital 

What distinguishes Midtown condo New capital compound among other projects is the exceptional premier level of its services that meet customers’ needs in different fields.

In the twenty-one century, a fully-integrated community that enables customers to get all their needs from one a palace is essential not a privilege.

  • The swimming pools in Midtown Condo are perfectly designed to suit different ages.
  • Midtown condo includes a Clubhouse where residents can spend quality time with their favourite ones. 
  • Midtown Condo new capital offers a high level of serenity through artificial fountains and green pars 
  • The solid expertise of the company was portrayed in the multiplicity of kids’ areas over the compound as a plus for parents and new couples.
  • The Sporting Club in Midtown Condo New Capital is one of the top priorities for many buyers to keep practising their favourite activity with ease. 
  • Midtown Condo offers the highest security level throug smart cameras and E-gates.
  • A restaurant-based area in Midtown condo’s new capital is the place where residents can enjoy mouth-watering dishes made with excellence by top chefs.
  • A party-based venue is a privilege for residents to hold any kind of activities they wish.
  • Midtown Condo is featured with Private garages to facilitate parking.
  • Midtown condo includes three commercial malls all over the compound through which a resident can get whatever product they need.

Midtown Condo New Capital Developer 

Midtown Condo New Captial is one of the prestigious projects by Better Home group that launched recently exceeding customers’ expectations.

Better Home Group was under light for the first time in the market in 2003 after being the main company for its components since 1998.

Better Home Company set a clear vision, that was clearly embodied in its projects, of enriching their customers’ home experience through perfect location, modern designs, and providing facilities.

It’s worth mentioning that Better Home development proved its expertise with around 65 projects amounting to 12 million meters, residential and commercial, all over Egypt.

Better Home company dedicated its efforts to developing and constructing cities of the fourth-generation kind in Egypt such as the 6th of October, New Cairo, and the New administrative capital. 

Other Projects by Better Home company 

  •  High Land Park 6th of October
  • City Mall escapes 6th October
  • Cairo business gate
  • Midtown New Cairo
  • Cairo medical centre on 6 October
  •  cairo business plaza
  • City Escape Mall in El Menya

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Faq Related to Midtown Condo new capital

what is company name that developed MidTown Condo New Capital ?

Better Home Group

Where MidTown Condo is located?

MidTown Condo is located in New Capital

How can I contact a representative from Better Home Group ?


What is the project space?

60 feddan


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