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Full guide for Residential units in serrano new capital

Project Details
Project Name Serrano New Capital compound
Project location New Capital
Project space 15 Feddan
Types of units Studio, apartments, Duplex, Penthouse
units space starts from 67 SQM to 327 SQM.
Payment plans 10% is required as a down payment. The remaining cost can be paid over 8 years in.
The developer New Plan development

Serrano New Capital compound is introduced to the Egyptian market through the efforts of New Plan company, one of the pioneering in the real estate. 

Serrano New Capital compound provides a one-of-kind housing experience where lavishness and comfort are the main vision of the compound.

Serrano New Captial compound is surrounded by a group of prestigious compounds and facilities that grants you a seamless high-class experience and accessibility to the main roads.

If you are looking for a new home featured with a prime location and prestigious lifestyle full of facilitation, then the Serrano New Capital compound is the exact match.

Serrano New Capital Location 

New Plan company for development never fail to surprise its customers with its prime location they choose precisely according to high standards.

Serrano New capital located in the administrative city is definitely an advantage for whoever looking to take his living experience to the next level where all the life competencies are flawlessly delivered.

Serrano New capital is located in the 7th district specifically in N1 near the embassies district.

Knowing all the nearby places from Serrano compound will help you to determine the needed time to arrive at your destination:

  • River Green Park
  • Presidency Palace 
  • The New Capital airport 
  • Wazart District 
  • Expo land 

Moving to the New administrative capital city provides you with endless advantages from the luxurious lifestyle to the high education services.

As a result of the government’s excessive effort in enhancing people’s lives in the new capital city, the city has been classified as one of the best luxurious cities in Egypt because of its high-class services and amenities provided.

Also, Serrano is surrounded by a group of international schools and universities that are operated by an experienced team and advanced curriculum.

Serrano New Capital compound Space 

While selecting the responsible designing team, New Plan was keen to filter the candidate to only the potential ones who can come out with innovative designs immersed in luxury.

In Addition to the company’s success in choosing a perfect location for its project, they manage to pick copious land of 15 Feddan for building a fully integrated community.

The compound space is enough to provide all of the following: 

In simulating the modern designs, the company set the largest space of Serrano for breathtaking landscapes, while the smallest part, 21%, was left to building units.

Types of units in serrano new capital egypt

  • The space of the Studio starts from 67 SQM.
  • The space of apartments starts from 135 SQM up to 254 SQM. 
  • The space of Duplex starts from 302 SQM.
  • The space of Penthouse starts from 212 SQM and 327 SQM.

Kindly note that all residential units will be delivered fully finished in the highest quality.

Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Serrano New Capital compound Desing 

The design of Serrano New Capital compound is set in alignment with privacy standards by leaving a space between the units.

What makes Serrano New Capital compound a prominent project is its magnificent mixture the Egyptian classicism and contemporary techniques.

Serrano New Capital compound Desing 

Serrano New Capital prices and Payment plan 

Serrano New Capital compound prices are perfectly set according to the level of services and quality provided granting the best Roi out of the deal.

New Plan company for development was keen to facilitate the payment process for its customers by extending the installment period up to 8 years. 

Check the available payment plans in Serrano: 

  • The 1st plan allows customers to pay only 10% of the total unit cost and pay the rest over 7 years.
  • The 2nd plan allows customers to pay 15% of the cost and pay the rest over 8 years.

The unit’s space variety allows you to pick your favourite unit due to your price average.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Top Features and services in Serrano New Capital compound Egypt

Serrano New Capital compound has been classified as the best fully-served compound located in the new administrative city not only for the variety of the services but for its high quality.

Serrano New Capital Egypt offers its residents all the top housing experiences in which residents can find whatever service or the product they are looking for without stepping back from the compound.

  • Serrano New Capital Compound provides green parks and lush greenery areas between units to provide a sense of serenity and privacy.
  • Serrano New Capital compound is featured with the physical health and nutrition services by providing Gyms filled with the latest machines and supervised by well-experienced coaches.
  • More than one pharmacy will be set across the compounds and operate for 24 h.
  • Private garage for each block
  • Serrano New Capital offers a commercial mall in which residents can get all of their needs without the need to step out of the compound.
  • Serrano compound pushes investments by providing commercial units.
  • Serrano New Capital compound offers a clubhouse where residents can spend quality time doing different activities.
  • The compound provides a Kid’s area with the latest games on the market.
  • The compound provides multiple spots for parking to enable customers to keep their vehicles safe.
  • Serrano Compound includes the best shopping stores through which residents can purchase their needs easily.
  • Serrano compound is designated with seamless tracks to give space for customers to practise their different physical activities. 
  • Serrano compounds contract with a maintenance team whose responsibility is to fix any internal issues.
  • Serrano Residents experience safety to the extreme because of the smart security system applied all over the compound.
  • Smart wifi is operated across the compound perfectly.
  • Serrano New Capital Egypt contracts with a smart experienced team to check the identity of anyone entering the compound.
  • Inside Serrano, medical services are provided to enable residents to cure their pain by the most experienced staff.
  • Serrano’s master plan includes venues that can be utilized for holding many activities, including its different types.
  • Serrano includes swimming pools of different sizes for sports lovers.
  • Serrano residents can find both mosques and churches to practice their rituals.

Serrano New Capital compound | The developer

Serrano New capital compound is one of the prestigious compounds launched by New Plan development, a shareholding company founded in 2018.

New Plan Development managed in a short period to excel in its powers by developing flagship projects where customers gain strategic location, fully-integrated community, and luxurious lifestyle.

New Plan development expanded in Both Egypt and Saudi Arabia with a group of eminent projects such as Dimond oasis General Trading Dubai, Pioneer Egypt Shipping agencies, Al-‐Ashrafia  Holiday  Homes, Al-Rashed contracting company,  Al-Khalil construction (KSA-egy)  and its subsidiaries, 

Faq Related to Serrano New Capital

what is company name that developed Serrano New Capital ?

New Plan development

Where Serrano is located?

Serrano is located in New Capital

How can I contact a representative from New Plan development?


What is the project space?

15 feddan

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