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Moving to New Cairo has become the concern of many people through the last decade where they can find the best living features in New Cairo compounds every day.

New Cairo represents a transformation in the housing experience through a group of the top compounds that are commonly characterized by luxurious buildings, units diversity, and splendid services in remoteness from the crowd.

The increasing amount of investments that occur every day in New Cairo helped more people to redefine the traditional perception of the necessity to reside in the capital city.

Indeed, the top 10 compounds in New Cairo changed the previous perception by providing all the essential utilities and luxurious services in the sprawling. Hence, it’s become the new stop for properties buyers in Egypt when it comes to looking for the top compounds in New Cairo.

By that time, People’s preference for living in one of the top 10 compounds in new Cairo over other options is incredibly increasing.

Last but not least, New Cairo’s perfect location and its accessibility to almost all of the vital places have become irredeemable features for property buyers. In other words, wherever your destination is, you will arrive within minutes with no more hassle of the crowd.

New Cairo location & nearby places 

New Cairo is located in the East of Cairo in parallel with the regional ring road through which residents can arrive at their destination easily.

If you are willing to move to one of the best compounds in New Cairo, then you need to check all the nearby places to New Ciro:

  • The distance between New Cairo and Maadi is 15 KM
  • The distance between Madinet Nasr city is 5 KM.

New Cairo location

Why New Cairo is the best spot for living Nowadays? 

Seems like a catchy headline! But it’s real, Egyptian, and non-Egyptians, are spotting New Cairo as one of their first choices to live a fancy life while enjoying the same services provided in the capital. Let’s check why New Cairo may be your perfect option!

Investors and developers’ notable consideration to transform New Cairo into one of the European-like cities was amazingly portrayed in the authentic world-class designs of residential units in the best compounds in New Cairo, yet, quality and safety were highly regarded.

Due to facilities, New Cairo hosts a large group of the most-known commercial stores and brands so residents find all their needs inside the area. And by that time, it’s expected that New Cairo would share similarities with the capital city in its full integration.

Cairo festival city mall is a real example of a reputable commercial facility that can be considered a common sport among the top10 compounds in new Cairo. 

Most importantly, the construction of the city and the allocation of the services, among the top 10 compounds in new Cairo, represent a clear-cut study of customers’ needs in the form of a group of services. 

To elaborate, almost of people who move to New Cairo are new couples or parents who look for a considerable level of care and entertainment for their children. The educational utilities available in the area is the first concern for buyers. Definitely, safe and entertaining kids’ areas are provided too!

resturants in new cairo

Top Reputable districts in New Cairo

If you are new to the New Cairo areas, it’s better to know the most-known districts that people gave a high rate.

  • AL Narges 

AL Narges district is one of the most reputable districts that was established in the early years of the construction of New Cairo, in (Year). The establishment of Al Narges district is highlighted by its premium four-floor buildings and high-class residential units. 

Al Narges district was established with a clear vision to provide a fully integrated area through hypermarkets, brands, and malls.

Finally, the accessibility of Al Narges location can be highlighted with its proximity to different vial areas such as: (Mushair Tantawi axis-3 minutes to El Gawi Hospital –Regional ring road –Suez Cairo road)

  • Lotus

Lotus district shall be highlighted as one of the most prestigious districts in New Cairo. In other words, If you are looking for areas that are partially populated, lotus must be your destination. 

As the years passed, the prestigious designs and the high-class services were conspicuous motives for attracting a considerable number of buyers.

Due to EL Lotus’s location vitality, it was wisely chosen to be close to some of the top social clubs including Royal Club, Platinum Club, New Cairo Club and Aviation Club, in addition to its proximity to the Madienty compound. 

  • El Koronfel 

 El Koronfel has become lately one of the top considerations for many buyers due to its premium sophisticated lifestyle and the different housing options that include standalone villas, penthouses, and townhouses,

Best common features in the best compounds in New Cairo

If you are still wondering whether New Cairo shall be your next destination or not, then you need to be fully aware of all the available services and utilities.

  • All the top 10 compounds in new Cairo are secured with 24-hours of security systems and safeguards, as the compounds are competing to attract customers with their advanced satellite-based security systems.
  • The green parks were set on a sprawling New Cairo assisted in building a free- carbon dioxide community where residents can inhale fresh air.
  • New Cairo’s top 10 compounds host an endless number of restaurants and cafes that serve mouth-watering tastes and different cuisines.
  • New Cairo is well-known for its high-sky Commercial malls where residents of new Cairo can find all their needs.
  • Wellness hub services are provided with excellence within the districts and compounds in New Cairo.
  • Palm Hills 6 October offers private garages everywhere.
  • international schools and private universities.
  • Swimming pools in different sizes
  • The vast green areas, a common feature in the top 10 compounds in new Cairo, collaborate in creating breathtaking views.
  • Best compounds in New Cairo consider building venues for tenants to hold business events to encourage more investors.
  • The great expansion of commercial units grabbed the attention of investors to offshoot in the compound.
  • Highly-equipped hospitals are expected to be the future of medical services in Egypt.
  • Different Building clubhouses in New Cairo led to strengthening bonds and enforcement of communication between the communities members.
  • All the local and global brands have offshoots in the heart of New Cairo.
  • Health clubs where residents can relax their day pressure at the end of the day in a Jacuzzi that only hires expert team members.
  • Smart E-gates that support operation with face recognition.
  • Private garages and surveillance cameras.
  • Proficiently -paced roads (lights)
  • Twenty-four hours of maintenance services are provided in New Cairo to help residents solve all their devices within hours.
  • Regular maintenance for units for twenty-four hours.
  • Wifi

List of the top 10 compounds in New Cairo

Note that this list is chosen upon the top 4 criteria developer commitment, facility, location vitality, and ease of payment. So, If you are looking for the top 10 compounds in New Cario, then you need to check this list!

1- Sarai compound 

Sarai compound is one of the top 10 compounds in New Cairo that represents a one-of-a-kind housing experience where the Croisette is built in the centre of the compound.

Madinet Nasr developments (MNHD) gave much consideration to the smallest details regarding essential services and luxurious ones.

Sarai compound is built on one of the most vital spots in New Cairo that is nearly located on  Suez Road within a fifteen-minute distance.

MNHD Dedicated the smallest part,18%, to building residential and commercial units in order to specialize the largest section for building breathtaking views, as shown in the Croisette.

Available units and their spaces in Sarai compound New Cairo 

  • Townhouse space starts from 170 SQM
  • Twinhouse space starts from 190 SQM
  • The average land space that villas in the Sarai compound are built on is 440 SQM

2- The Brooks New Cairo| One of the best compounds in new Cairo

Talking about the best compounds in New Cairo, The Brooks shall be mentioned at the top of the list. It is a flagship housing project launched by Pree pioneer company in a vital location in New which is only 5 minutes away from Cairo Mall.

The Brooks compound was assigned to experienced designers who divided the compound into main 5 districts with a distinctive architectonic design for each one.

The Brooks is a fully-integrated community where all the needed facilities and opulent life services do exist for 24 hours.

The available units and their space 

  • Two-bedroom apartment in brooks New Cairo starts from 115 SQM.
  • Twinhouse starts from 191 SQM for lands, while the building space starts from 220 SQM
  • Villas (Tybe B) starts from 380 SQM lands, while the building space starts from 236 SQM

3- Hyde Park New Cairo| One of the top 10 compounds in New Cairo

Hyde Park New Cairo is the buyers’ first choice nowadays due to the compound luxurious lifestyle and the provided facilities regarding Purchase and instalment, instalment can be prolonged to 7 years.

Hyde Park, the developing company, dedicated great effort to providing top-level daily services and amenities that include business venues, medical services, shopping malls, education centres, and spots for entertainment in order to classify Hyde Park as one of the top 10 compounds in New Cairo.

Hyde Park’s location on 90th road added more value to buyers’ motives to invest their money in such a milestone project.

The available units and space 

  • Apartments space starts from 99 meters square to 233 meters square.
  • Duplex space starts from 234 meters square to 274 meters
  • Twinhouse space starts from 255 meters up to 279 meters.

4- Mountain view Icity New Cairo| One of the best compounds in new Cairo

Mountain View Icity New Cairo is one of the main projects that shall be considered solid proof of Mountain View company’s expertise in bringing dreams and designs into reality.

Mountains Views is your next destination if you are looking for the best compound that offers you the luxury and essential services in the heart of new Cairo that including sporting halls, medical services, green spaces and natural views, a security system operated for 24 hours, private garages, and events venues.

The importance of the compound’s location lies in its proximity to the administrative new capital city so residents can handle all their legal procedures. 

Most importantly, the company provide a personalized experience for different buyers through different instalment plans that can be prolonged to 8 years, and units type diversity that can be represented in:

  • Apartments space ranges from 120 meters to 160 meters.
  • Villas are designated with different spaces starting from 180 and up to 235.
  • The one-storey villa is characterized by extensive vast space that starts from 245 to 340 meters.
  • Villas’ space starts from 245 meters to 340 meters.

5- Bloomfields Mostakbal City Compound

Bloomfield Mostakbel city Compound reforms the perception of the real estate projects in Cairo through sophisticated designs, world-class amenities, and authentic innovations.

Tatweer Misr company, the pioneer in real estate, launched Bloomfield Mostakbel city, on 415 acres, with its main vision of exceeding its customers’ expectations due to the level of services and designs.

Like other projects launched by Tatweer Misr, the compound was built in one of the most strategic spots that are situated near AUC in just 10 minutes. 

The available units and spaces 

  • A Two-bedroom apartment with different spaces starting from 112 to 153 SQM.
  • A Three-bedroom apartment in different spaces starting from 205 to 285 SQM
  • The space of a Duplex apartment starts from 207 to 333 SQM
  • The space of Townhouse starts from 225 and up to 270 SQM

6- Fifth Square AlMarasem New Cairo|Best compound in new Cairo

Al Marasem Fifth square is one of the best compounds in New Cairo built by  Al Marasem Development at 185 Feddan. Al Marasem company offers full-time residential services so customers can get a one-of-kind housing experience.

The partnership system offered by AL Marasem company is meant to reshape the ownership system in the real estate field, as it enables buyers to pay only 50% of the total cost of the unit provided that the company owns the other half. What’s more interesting about the partnership system is that the owner has the right to sell or rent the unit to whomever he wants.

The available units:

  • Apartments space starts from 80 to 270 meter
  • Town Houses range from 250 meter 
  •  .Twin house space ranges from 300 meter 
  • Villas’ space range from 350 meter 

7- Azzar compound|One of the most reputable compound

Azzar compound new Cairo is one of the first projects launched by the Reedy group that succeeded in innovating opulent designs that stimulate the lifestyle in California.

Azzar compound’s location was strategically chosen in one of the most vital spots, Golden square specifically on Nawady street,

The Azzar compound in New Cairo represents ample variety to fit customers’ expectations that including Standalone Villas, Townhomes, and twin homes.

Yet, the company managed to offer different instalment plans for its customers, so they can get their units in the said specification and time paying with ease. Down payments range from 5% up to 20%.

8- Palm Hills New Cairo

Similar to all other projects held by Palm Hills company, Palm Hills New Cairo compound is on the top residential compounds list that recorded a high number of demands and inquiries due to the company’s solid expertise in delivering luxury in the said specifications. 

Palm Hills New Cairo compound is perfectly located in an accessible spot through which residents can arrive at their desired locations.

Palm hills compound offers a variety of services in the compound to be mentioned on the top list of the best compounds in New Cairo, the included services are (Five-star hotel-High-class commercial malls-Fountains and lakes-Vast green swathes-International schools-Utilized Tracks for both adults and kids)

The company allowed people who want to purchase a unit in Palm Hills compound to pay only 10% of the total cost.

9- Stone Residence New Cairo

It’s a 185-acres compound that is strategically located near 90th street in the 5th settlement with only 5 minutes, in addition to its proximity to other significant areas.

Raya holding group, the developing company, assigned the project to some of the top employers who perfectly designed the project in stimulation to the European lifestyle where luxurious buildings and vast green lands.

Stone residence is characterized by its perfect units variety that includes (Apartments- studios-Villa Twinhouses)

A glance at the available units spaces:

  • The space of Roof-based Studios is 71 SQM
  • The Roof-based Penthouse starts from

10- Taj City New Cairo

Taj city New Cairo is one of the best prestigious compounds built on a giant space, 900 Feddan,  to represent a fully integrated community where splendid entertaining services and the essential utilities exist. 

The opulent design represented in Taj City New Cairo is expected to redefine the housing experiences in Cairo for the next decade.

Last, but not least, the compound’s proximity to Madinet Nasr and Heliopolis within 10 minutes distance encouraged many buyers to move to Taj city. 

The available units and their space in Taj City came as follows: 

  • The apartments spaces start from 86 SQM and up to 200 SQM’
  • The space of Taj city Villas starts from 280 SQM

Finally, note that the herein information is subject to change by the developers, however, we are keen to keep you updated with all the related information to the top 10 compounds in new Cairo.

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