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Project Details
Project Name Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo
Project Location 5th settlement in New Cairo
Project Space 185 Acres
Units Types Villas, Appartments, Twinhouse, and Townhouse
Units Space Units space in Fifth sqaure compound starts from 80 to 350 SQM
Payment Plans Buyers can chose whther to purhcase a unit with 0% prepayment or prepay 10% from the total value, and the remaining amount has to be paid within range of 4 to 8 years
Developer Name Al Marasem company for development

Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo is your first choice for a perfectly served spot in Cairo that is situated near most of the vital places in Cairo and, yet, far away from the capital crowd.

Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo is launched by Al Marasem company for real estate development on a vast scale of 185 acres with consideration to offer residents the highest level of deluxe life and full-time residential services so customers can get one-of-kind housing in the heart of New Cairo.

fifth square Al Marasem New Cairo provides countless amenities and facilities that doubled the location’s vitality and allured more buyers to purchase a unit in the Al Marasem compound.

The offered facilities and services in Fifth Square Al Marasem compound can be classified as one of the top 10 compounds in New Cairo because of its high level of medical services, sporting hub, commercial malls, venues for events, intense security system, and, finally, different units spaces to be utilized for both commercial and residential use.

Fifth Square AlMarasem Compound location

What distinguishes Fifth square AlMarasem is its proximity to all of Cairo’s Main roads and highways, in addition to multiple vital locations that include Nasr city, Masr Gdida, and Downtown. So, wherever your destination is, you can arrive within minutes and enjoy the remoteness of the crowd.

Most importantly, Fifth square compound is situated closely to different living areas such as sports clubs, and some other vital destinations that must be highlighted such as Future University.

Spot the needed time to your destination from Fifth Square Al Marsem compound

  • If you are heading to Masr ElGdida, then you will take around 10 minutes to arrive
  • If you are heading to DownTown, then you will almost take 20 minutes.
  • If you are heading to Auc university in New Cairo, then you will take around 5 minutes to arrive at your destination. 

Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo compound units

Fifth square compound hotel units

A 185- acres of a sumptuous compound that is built ideally on a large scale of swathes, so residents can enjoy the privilege of fresh air and reside in a noise-free atmosphere.

Units in Al Marasem Fifth square compound are better known for their perfect division into different spaces so residents can utilize the space exactly as they like, in addition to the excellent diversity of inner-space designs to fulfil all residents’ tastes. 

The available units can be categorized into apartments, villas, twin houses and hotel units, and each unit is specialized with a distinguished space range.

Fifth Square Al Marasem compound and its units space

  • Apartments space starts from 80 to 270 meter
  • Town Houses range from 250 meter 
  •  .Twin house space ranges from 300 meter 
  • Villas’ space range from 350 meter 
Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Privileges and services in Fifth Square compound

Al Marasem Development company introduced a new experience of sophisticated living experience by providing many services for individuals that include, and are not restricted to, the following:

  • The availability of a Private Garage for residents of Fifth Square compound is a concern for many.
  • The compound is exceptionally known for its Vast breathtaking green spaces that provide residents with an exceptional experience of relaxation and fresh air.
  • Twenty-four-hour of the highest levels of security for individuals.
  • Different space brackets for units so buyers have the potential to style and reshape their units.
  • Al Marasem developer company considered sports lovers while building the compound by including different sports halls.
  • Large swimming pools are designed differently according to the need.
  • Commercial Malls where residents can find the top luxurious top-level brands.
  • Residents in the Fifth square compound enjoy different types of cuisines through a variety of well-known restaurants and cafes.
  • Al Marasem developer company aimed to make Fifth Square a high competent place for living by building different social clubs to create eminent bonds between community residents to help them chill and enjoy their free time. 
  • Most importantly, the Fifth Square compound contains large spaces that are ideally suitable for holding events and parties.
  • Entertaining Kids’ area that contains different types of games. 
  • Building many fountains and lakes was the perfect plus to the compound that helped residents to enjoy the deluxe life of simplicity and nature. 
  • Yet, there’re more services to be discovered in the compound, in addition to the company’s seamless efforts to bring new facilities into sight.

Payment and instalment plans- Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo

The variety of instalment plans and the affordability of unit prices, set by Al Marasem company, drove buyers to start investing their money by purchasing a five-star unit in Al Marasem Fifth square.

Indeed, Al Marasem company provided different facilities according to payment systems and instalments to make it more controllable for buyers. For example, Instalment plans to purchase a unit in Fifth square compound start from 4 years, with no interests, and up to 8 years, check three instalment plans.

  • The first plan includes a 0% Prepayment and a four-years instalment.
  • The second plan enables the buyer to get his\her unit through 5% prepayment, in addition to 5% that is paid after three months, and the remaining amount is paid equivocally over six years.
  • The third plan enables buyers to pay 10% during the contract and 10% after three months, the remaining amount is paid periodically over 8 years. 
Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Partnership system in Fifth square Al Marasem New Cairo

A new purchasing system is added to the list that is meant to redefine the purchase concept in real estate all over Egypt helping buyers to get their perfect unit more easily with the least cost. As it highlights a new purchase system in which the buyer is called a partner instead of a customer referring to more facilities. 

The partnership system enables buyers to pay only 50% of the total value of the unit provided that the other half of the unit is still owned by the company. 

However, the Partnership system is only applied to hotel units that are situated among the residential blocks so both buyers can enjoy the same residential services and deluxe life coequally. 

What makes the partnership system effective and suitable for most buyers?

The partnership system provides exceptional benefits for buyers in which they can rent the unit to others or sell the unit with the full freedom to determine the unit price for sale though they pay only 50% of the unit! 

Top 5 advantages included in the partnership system.

  1. Mutual benefits for both parties 
  2. liberty of action 
  3. Choice multiplicity 
  4. Instalment
  5. Credibility  

The Hotel residential units included in the partnership system

“Lake residence” is a multi-advantageous hotel unit that is launched by Al Marasem company with all the top-notch needed services, to be included in the Partnership system, through which the partner can enjoy affluent life of landscapes and residential services.

The Hotel residential units overlook breathtaking and awe-inspiring artificial lakes, which represent a large space from the compound, that can be considered a plus for both natural and sophistication lovers. 

Fifth square compound hotel units

What are the main services provided in the lake residence in fifth square Al Marasem compound?

  • The units are highly secured through smart security systems and perfectly trained guards.
  • A fully-served place for sports that includes highly-equipped Gyms, vast tracks, and sports clubs. 
  • All Units are fully or semi-finished.
  • Most importantly, all lake residence partners enjoy Housekeeping, Laundry services, and maintenance services.

Portfolio of Al Marasem company for international development

Al Marasem company for real estate development is widely known for its brilliant and worth mentioning projects in real estate in the middle east since 1931. 

The company’s notable expansion can be highlighted through the following projects:- 

  • Heliopolis club shorouk 
  • Rihab club 
  • DreamLand
  • Rihab city, the first three stages. 
  • International Hurghada airport 
  • Sharm El Sheikh airport 
  • Cairo airport 

Other projects in New Cairo

FAQ related to 5th settlement Al Marasem compound

what is the developer name that launched fifth square Al Marasem?

Al Marasem Company for development

Where fifth square compound is located?

Fifth square compound is located in Golden Square settlement

How can I contact a representative in fifth square compound?

Call the following number 01144320111'

What is the land space of Fifth square compound?

185 Acres

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