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Sarai compound New Cairo – 0% Down payment

Project Details
Project Name Sarai compound
Project Location New Cairo
Project Space The provided units space starts from 120 to 300 SQM
Types of units Appartments- Townhouses- Townhouses- Villas 
units space The provided units space starts from 120 to 300 SQM
Payment plans 12% of the total value of the unit, and 1st instalment has to be paid after one year.
The Developer Madinet Nasr company for housing and developing (MANHD)

Sarai compound in New Cairo is the buyers’ first choice to experience a prestigious Croisette housing experience that overlooks one of the unbelievably large artificial lakes in the heart of New Cairo, with the privilege of receiving all the benefits and amenities included in the capital cities.

Sarai compound New Cairo is built with the expertise of top engineers and planners in Egypt to provide an exquisite balance between the semi-coastal views and a fully-served compound.

The provided services and benefits in Sarai compound include Commercial malls, International schools, administrative venues, fitness clubs, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes.

The prestigious architectural design of Sarai compound led to its classification as one of the top 10 compounds in New Cairo.

Sarai New Cairo Location

Sarai compound location is strategically selected, after long discussions, to be one of the most vital compounds in New Cairo. As the compound is situated on  Suez Road within a fifteen-minute distance and is among some of the top prestigious residential compounds in New Cairo.

Check all the nearby places to Sarai Compound New Cairo

  • Sarai new Cairo compound is 10 minutes away from the American University.
  • Sarai compound is nearly situated on the Suez road with a proximity of five minutes to the New Administrative Capital
  • Sarai is close to Madinety city.
  • It’s 15 minutes away from the regional road.
  • Most importantly, the compound is centrally located among some of the top luxurious compounds.

Sarai New Cairo design

Sarai compound New Cairo

Sarai New Cairo is built in alignment with the modern architectural designs of the European lifestyle where modern architectural building styles are everywhere.

Sarai new Cairo units are characterized by distinguished sophisticated inner designs that provide residents with a sense of indulgence that was brought into reality through Benoy company; one of the leading architectural and master planning companies in Egypt.

The compound’s design was outlined in consideration of Benoy company’s mission to leverage and enhance people’s living experience through the intelligence of a design.

It’s worth mentioning that the Sarai compound is built on one of the remarkable crystal lagoons in a large space that accounted to be 5,000 SQM.

Types of units spaces in Sarai compound New Cairo

Sarai compound New Cairo

Sarai compound New Cairo was constructed on a giant land space of 1359 feddan. Around 18% of the compound was dedicated to building residential and commercial units, while the remaining were left for showcasing how a brilliant design of breathtaking views can transform people’s lives.

The compound division into different types of units in different spaces reflects the company’s long and solid experience in the market in studying buyers’ demands and the significance of providing personalized experience in growth as a firm, the available units are divided as follows:

  • Townhouse space starts from 170 SQM
  • Twinhouse space starts from 190 SQM
  • The average land space that villas in the Sarai compound are built on is 440 SQM
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Cavana Spring, Sarai compound New Cairo

Canava Sarai stage, the second stage of Sarai compound in New Cairo, is built on a medium land space of 50 feddan in a perfectly-chosen location that is situated in the proximity of five-minutes distance from the new Capital city, 10 minutes away from the American university, and just 15 minutes from the regional road.

Cavana lake provides a sophisticated lifestyle through which each unit is meant to surround and overlook one of the largest outstanding lakes in Cairo.

The developer company was keen to distinguish each stage in the Sarai compound with peculiar architectural designs and perfect division, so the Cavana Spring space was divided as follows:

  • 14-feddan land was specialized to produce one of the most outstanding artificial lakes that adds a sense of tranquillity.
  • 36-feddan land was constructed and qualified to provide sophisticated residential and commercial units.

Similar to the other stages, Cavana lake offers a variety of facilities and amenities, on a professional level, including sporting clubs, commercial malls, hypermarkets, local and global restaurants and cafes, swimming pools, private garages, etc.

Cavana lake Sarai

Cavana lake Sarai is the 3rd stage launched in Sarai compound in New Cairo, in other words, another proof of the company’s solid expertise in authenticating and innovating designs.

Cavana Lake is built on a sprawling crystal lagoons beach to provide a new Coastallike living experience but inside the heart of new Cairo where all utilities are provided.

The compound is set in the eastern south of the Sarai compound which is considered a privilege due to its proximity to some of the vital places in Cairo.

Cavana lake stage units’ division:

  • 90% of Sarai was dedicated to building Villas.
  • 5% of the Sarai land was dedicated to building townhouses
  • The remaining 5% of the land was dedicated to constructing twin houses

Top services and benefits provided in Sarai compound New Cairo

Sarai compound New Cairo

Besides the astonishing eye-pleasant modern designs of Sarai compound new Cairo, the compound’s authentication due to its design beside the provided variety of luxurious services and facilities integrated to form a one-of-a-kind housing experience:

  • The company promotes residents’ experience by installing Smart home technology that assists residents in remotely managing all appliances and electricity-based systems through wifi.
  • Fitness service is considered one of the most notable privileges supported by advanced equipment and expert staff.
  • A huge Equestrianism-based area is built for talents.
  • Around 80% of the compound is specialized for building green parks to be the perfect space for performing different physical activities like cycling, skating, promenading, etc.
  • The company considered building venues for holding parties and celebrations, so residents can rejoice to the full without the need to go out of the compound.
  • The compound is served with a top-flight level of housekeeping and laundry services.
  • A Social club is a 21st-century solution to strengthen community bonds and reinforce their relationship for a  more healthy community.
  • Swimming pools were built on different scales to suit different needs.
  • Twenty-four hours of smart security systems to offer the highest levels of safety for persons and belongings
  • Most importantly, the company-built international schools are built in alignment with the international standard to provide a superior educational experience for teenagers and kids.
  • Different Kids’ areas in the Sarai compound were built in alignment with safety standards.
  • Wide Commercial malls full of high-class brands and restaurants
  • The compound location’s proximity to the New Administrative capital city adds more value for residents as they can handle all their legal procedures from the administrative capital city five minutes away.

The payment system in Sarai New Cairo

The ease of payment systems in the Sarai compound shall be highlighted as one of the main benefits for buyers, as through the long expertise of the company managed to realize exactly what a buyer needs and offer it with excellence.

For instance, one of the payment systems allowed in the compound requires no down payment, instead, the customers distribute the assets over a scheduled period of time (8 years)

The company announced that, after four years, the residents can receive their fully-finished units without the need to pay all the dues.

Due to the provided services and top luxurious level in Sarai compound New Cairo, the payment system controllability helped many to get their dream house.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Sarai compound Developer

Madinet Nasr company for housing and developing (MNHD), a pioneering company in the firm, constructed this masterpiece, Sarai compound in new Cairo.

The company’s main mission can be summarized in its capacity to offer an affordable and exceptional design that stimulates the urban lifestyle.

Since its inception in 1995, the company kept expanding all over Egypt with outstanding projects to be one of the top-known construction companies.

MNHD Company portfolio

  • Strip Mall New Cairo
  • Taj Sultan
  • Taj City
  • Shalya taj city
  • Etlalal El Abasaya

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Faq related to Sarai compound

who is the Sarai developer?

Madinet Nasr company for housing and developing (MANHD)

Where Sarai compound is located?

Sarai compound is located in 5th settlement

How can I contact a representative from Sarai compound New Cairo?


What is the project space?

1359 Acres

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