Full guide for Residential units in Bloomfields Mostakbal City compound

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Project Name Bloomfields New Cairo
Project Location 5th settlement
Project space 325 Feddan
Available units Apartments- Villas- Twinhouses-Townhouses
Space of each unit The smallest unit starts from 90 SQM and up to 300 SQM
Payment plans 5% Downpayment, while the remaining is installed over 8 years
Developer Tatweer Misr

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Bloomfields Mostakbal City Compound is a fully integrated community that represents an innovative housing experience with a clear-cut vision of portraying sophistication and high-class amenities in every SQM in the compound.

The design authentication showcased in Bloomfields Mostakbel city compound is brought into reality by Tatweer Misr company which managed not only to meet their customers’ expectations but also to exceed them with excellence through providing diversity in the residential units types and spaces.

The luxurious modern architectural design in Bloomfields new Cairo is worth mentioning that was under the supervision of expert architects; Gianluca Peluffo, an Italy-based architect, and Raef Fahmy. Check the top 10 compounds in New Cairo.

Bloomfields el Mostakbal City location

Bloomfields Mostakbal city location

Bloomfields Mostakbal city compound is widely known for its centric location in Mostakbel city situated along with the fifth settlement, and near to some of the top vital places in Egypt.

  • Bloomfields New Cairo is 10 minutes away from Hassan Alam Sabour compound 
  • Bloomfield is 10 minutes away from the American university
  • Bloomfield Tatweer Misr represents a linkage between the administrative capital city and New Cairo.
  • It is located nearly the international Cairo port.

However, Bloomfields’ proximity to significant vital places wasn’t the only advantage that residents can get, but the peculiar design of the compound and the units can be mentioned at the top of the list.


Bloomfields Compound space

Dissimilar to all the usual designs in Mostakbel city, Bloomfields Mostakbal City compound introduces genuine creative designs, that were brought to the life with solid expertise of Tatweer Misr enginers, where simplicity and lavishness are blended together.

Bloomfields New Cairo provides a personalized experience for its customers through different units spaces that amount to be 10,600 units built on 325 Feddans.

Check now the available average space for each type of unit:

  • A One-bedroom apartment with an average space of 75 SQM 
  • A Two-bedroom apartment in different spaces starting from 112 to 153 SQM.
  • A Three-bedroom apartment in different spaces starting from 205 to 285 SQM
  • The space of a Duplex apartment starts from 207 to 333 SQM
  • The space of the Townhouse starts from 225 and up to 270 SQM
  • The average space of Twinhouses is 260 SQM
  • The space of the available Villas starts from 306 SQM

The Lakes New Cairo| Bloomfields New Cairo

The lakes New Cairo is one of the outstanding stages in Bloomfields New Cairo that received much gratitude from buyers due to its different units spaces and the superior services level: 

  • Villa A: A four-bedroom unit with a 255 space, 45 SQM from the space is dedicated to a terrace roof. 
  • Villa B: A five-bedroom unit with a 238 SQM, 51 SQM of the total space is dedicated to a terrace roof. 
  • Twinhouse: A four-bedroom unit in a 250 SQM, 43 SQM is dedicated to a terrace roof. 
  • Twinhouse: A three-bedroom unit in a 201 SQM, 36 SQM is dedicated to a terrace roof. 


The available Payment Plans in Bloomfields New Cairo

Bloomfields Mostakbal city

Bloomfields new Cairo, one of the innovative projects of Tatweer Misr, offers an affordable and competitive price list compared to the high level of the provided services and facilities in the compound.

Moreover, the ease of payment announced by Tatweer Misr enabled buyers to purchase a unit of their dream in the instalment plan that they prefer. 

  • First payment plan 

The First Payment plan allows buyers to purchase their unit with only a 5% down payment from the total value, and the remaining is paid over 7 years.

  • Second Payment plan

It enables customers to get their units with a 10% down payment, while the remaining amount can be paid over 10 years. 


Top services and benefits provided in Bloomfields Mostakbal City Compound

Tatweer Misr succeeded in performing an innovative transformation in the housing industry by building a fully-served semi Croisette project in Bloomfields Mostakbal City Compound; the company utilises around 18% of the total space of the compound for building utilities and commercial spaces.

  • The eye-pleasant Crystal lagoon is on the top list of the benefits that serve the indulgence and comfort level of residents in representing a high-class living experience. 
  • Entrepreneurial University is a one-of-a-kind university in Egypt that cultivates and enhances the students’ entrepreneurial skills with a practical curriculum.
  • Tatweer Misr exerted great efforts in qualifying the education system in Bloomfields Mostakbal city compound through international schools expansion so parents don’t have to live the pressure of searching for a suitable school for their children. 90 Feddan is the total space dedicated space for education services. 
  • Shopping Malls host a group of the best known international and local brands in all fields, so residents’ needs are twenty-four-hour granted inside the compound. 
  • Sporting clubs are composed of different departments to serve and strengthen the power of talents. 
  • Bloomfields enhances the comfort and relaxation of residents through a highly served Gym and spa.
  • A Social club in the heart of Bloomfields is constructed on a large land space to be suitable for all the compound residents. 
  • Tatweer Misr paved a large space for residents to practice different types of fitness activities including cycling, promenading, running, and even Yoga stuff. 
  • Bloomfields New Cairo provides an intensive Twenty-four smart security system that is supported by highly-trained safeguards.
  • Bloomfields Tatweer Misr hosts a superior group of restaurants and cafes serving eastern and western cuisine deliciously. 
  • Similar to all the surrounded prestigious compounds, Bloomfields serves as one of the best venues in Mostakbal city that is specialized in holding parties and ceremonies providing high levels of entertainment and socializing for 
  • Different Kid’s areas grant parents top level of safety and entertainment for their children.
  • Private transportation is one of the premium services in Bloomfields new Cairo that gives the chance for Bloomfields’ residents to have a rest from the daily stress of driving. 
  • Different paved tracks were built to support ecosystems; students and residents can go to their destination inside the compound by cycling and or foot traffic using these tracks. 
  • Bloomfields Tatweer Misr dedicated large spaces for green parks to create a semi-green city that presents both sides of the natural living experience and the everyday life of served amenities. 

The above-mentioned services are considered a small part of the real provided services in the compound; Tatweer Misr still enhances and upgrades its services day after day to produce a highly-sought compound in Mostakbal City that fits the luxurious living of the 21 century.

Bloomfields Mostakbal city developer 

Tatweer Misr is a pioneering company in the housing and development field in Egypt that sets its first milestone through the flagship project of Il Monte Galaa.

Tatweer Misr managed to apply its mission of exceeding customers’ expectations by committing to serving a personalized housing experience, innovative design, and sustainability. 

Since its inception in 2014, the company’s recognition for performing iconic transformation in the housing and development field was verified with different rewards such as the:

1- Mediterranean Resort and hotel real estate award (2018) 

 A special award was delivered for Tatweer Misr for its iconic project Fouka Bay

2-The African award for property for the best residential project in Egypt (2018)

This top-flight reward was guaranteed for IL Monte Galala in Egypt; one of the prestigious projects in Ain Sokhna that is rolling out in space of2.24 million.

3-United Nations humane entrepreneurship award (2018)

In 2018, Tatweer Misr gladly was honoured at the annual international council for small businesses forum in New York.

4-City escape residential projects award (2016)

 Il Monte Galala Sokhna project was the milestone behind Egypt’s recognition in the annual city escape residential award in Dubai.

Other projects by Tatweer Misr

The company’s notable expansion is rolling out on all Cairo borders with great distinguished projects that can be highlighted in:

  • Fifth square Mall 
  • The view compound of new Cairo 
  • Di bai resort on North Coast 
  • Bay Village on the North coast 
  • Fouka Bay
  • Il Monte Galala

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FAQ related to Bloomfields Mostakbal City Compound

What is the comapny name that launched Bloomfields Mostakbal City Compound?

Tatweer Misr company for Development

Where Bloomfields Mostakbal City compound is located?

Bloomfields is located in Mostakbal City, new Cairo

How can I contact a representative from Bloomfields?


What is the project space?

415 Feddan

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