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Top 7 compounds in 6 October| Everything you need to know

Before digging deep into the best compounds in 6 October city and its top features and services, you need to know all the detailed information about the main features in 6 October city.

6 October city hit the records on search engines by Egyptians, and non-Egyptians, who are looking for a fancy, yet integrated, community. The city went through ceaseless development for more than 40 years to be one of the most notable areas in Giza governorate.

In Fact, the governorate and investors’ efforts for providing world-level amenities and services led to classifying 6 October city as one of the prestigious living areas because of the vast green lands and the capacious space left between units and blocks to support residents’ privacy.

It’s expected that investors will keep investing their fortune in developing and populating 6 October till it is on the top list of the best residential areas.

Developers launched a group of high-class best compounds in 6 Octobers compounds to be categorized under fourth-generation cities. Fourth Generation cities were strategized by Egypt 2050 Plan to minimize congestion and build new living possibilities in livable premium areas.

6 October city Map

6 October City, one of the giants’ neighbourhoods in Giza governorate, is located 32 Km away from the North of Cairo.

Worth-mentioning that constructing October city on a giant land space of 400 KM was an essential reason for being a great potential for welcoming population.

Worth mentioning that the current continuous urban sprawl around 6 October city is the main reason behind the magnification of the city’s location accessibility.

For more detailed information, The city is closely located on the most significant roads ( Oasis road- Regional Ring Road- Alex dessert road- 26 July Axis- The new tourism road.

6 October witnessed a transformational development through the construction of the top vital areas such as ( Sheikh Zayed City- Zewil City- Juhayina square- Hosary square)

Top features and services in October city

October City offers a fully integrated housing experience to its residents, so they can handle all their daily proceedings without getting out of the city.

Also, The governorate and investors’ determinations to make October city a must-reside area led to the innovation of a long exceptional list of the best compounds in 6 October

Educational service in the best compounds in 6 October

Property developers who launched projects in October city succeeded in providing an exceptional level of education that integrates all the modern curriculum with a well-experienced teaching team to create a true potential in the city.

However, all schools are built in alignment with people of different social ranks, so residents can enrol their children in one of the best schools in Egypt and still be able to control the instalment plans.

If you are about to move to one of the best compounds in 6 October, then you need to know all the available school names so you can decide which one is the best.

Through the years, 6 October become one of the best potentials for education purposes where top private colleges and international schools provide the best services.

List of Top Schools- Best compounds in 6 October 

  • Skylight school
  • International School of Choueifat
  • Smart vision school
  • Winchester international schools
  • Wise national school of Egypt
  • Royal international language school
  • Heritage international school
  • Pioneers language school
  • Future centre
  • Thebes International school
  • The American International school
  • Modern infinity school
  • Geel 2000 language school
  • Beverly Hills schools Egypt

On the other hand, one can find that the educational level for adults provided in the top compounds in 6 October is perfectly supported by a group of world-level colleges.

Here’s a list of the best colleges in 6 October city:

  • Ahram Candian university
  • MSA university
  • Misr University for Science & Technology (MUST)
  • New Giza university

Health care service

Best compounds in 6 October are highlighted with the premium wellness service provided, as the developers had a great perception of the necessity to take the health care service in Egypt to the next level through advanced medical tools and well-trained staff.

Top Hospitals in October 

  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital_6th of October
  • El Nada Hospital
  • Cure Hospital

Shopping malls and commercial areas

No doubt that residents in the Best compounds in 6 October are witnessing outstanding experiences through giant shopping malls that have become a remarkable spot in October city that non-residents can ride a long way for.

Developers dedicated vast spaces for establishing Shopping malls in order to help entrepreneurs initiate more investments launching more profitable in-demand projects.

List of Shopping Malls in October

  • Mall of Egypt
  • Mall of Arabia
  • Hyper One
  • Galleria

Fitness and gyms in top compounds on 6 October

To introduce a one-of-a-kind experience in 6 October, investors had to build high-class gyms and wellness clubs that are operated with advanced

Representing a balance between the pressure of the work-based life was perfectly embodied in the establishment of multiple commercial malls such as galleria 40,

List of Best compounds in 6 October

Since October city has become the first choice for property buyers, it’s better to be fully aware of the best compounds in 6 October and their features.

O West compound– The best compound in 6 October

O West compound is one of the best compounds in 6 October that represents a high-standard living for its customers through a balanced life between the outstanding greenish langs and the opulent residential units.

Orascom company built O West compound in alignment with its standards of offering high-class services, modern architectural designs, accessible location, and ease of payment.

Available units

Units diversity is one of the top features launched by O West compound, as the company designed different housing options that include( Twinhouses- Townhouses- villas- duplex apartments).

Payment plan

 O West compound allows its customers to get the unit they desire by paying only 10% of the units’ total cost, the remaining can be paid over 7 years.

Badya Palm Hills 6 October| One of the best compounds

Badya 6 October redefines the housing experience in Egypt through a deluxe lifestyle that is embodied in the smallest details including architectural designs, type of service,

Badya 6 October was assigned to a group of experienced engineers who managed to perfectly utilize the land dividing it into 7 stages. The number of residential units in the first stage of Badya October amounts to be 1040 residential units.

What makes Badya October one of the best compounds in 6 October is being a self-sufficient community where all the services and amenities exist.

Payment plan

If you are about to move to such fascinated compound, then you need to know that you can purchase a unit in a  unit in Badya October with only 10%, while the remaining can be installed over 8 years.

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed shall be your first choice if you are looking for an a-one-of-a kind housing experience through which you can enjoy a unique blueprint in the smallest details.

Palm Hills company managed to seek personalization in its project by studying the demands and requirements of customers, and the next phase was the application.

Available residential units

What makes Palm Hills one of the top compounds in 6 October is the variety of the residential units that include (Standalone Villas-Apartments-Twinhouse-Townhouse-duplex). The inner space of each unit can be perfectly reshaped and utilized to customer needs.

Note that 150 SQM is the minimum space in Palm sheikh Zayed for Apartments

Sun Capital compound

Sun Capital compound introduces an innovative transformation in the housing industry in Egypt through opulent modern architectural designs that can be an inspiration for other projects.

Sun Capital compound location was strategically chosen close to most of the vital areas, the compound is 7 minutes away from The Egyptian media production city

The Fact that the Arabia group is the main developer of the project assisted in representing one of the best compounds regarding integrations.

Payment plan

Ease of payment in Sun Capital compound attracted many buyers to experience sophistication, as a buyer can get his unit with only a 10% down payment.

Other payment plans in Sun Capital compound:

    • 15% down payment, while the remaining has to be paid over 8 years
    • 20% down payment and the remaining has to be paid over 9 years
    • 25% down payment and the remaining has to be paid over 10 years

Etapa Compound Sheikh zayed| One of the top compounds in October

Etapa Sheikh Zayed, a 77-Feddan compound, is one of the top compounds in October launched by city Edge development.

City Edge company collaborated with one of the most experienced design teams in order to represent an inspiring one-of-a-kind housing experience. The compound covers all the daily and luxurious needs including educational, medical, and entertainment.

The engineering Team allocated the largest space of the compound, 86%, for green parks and building facilities, while the remaining, 14% of the total land, was left for housing.

Payment Plan

What makes Etapa join the list of the best compounds in 6 October is that 5% of the total cost is enough to purchase a unit in the Giza governorate. 

Zed tower sheikh Zayed

Zed Tower Sheikh Zayed is one of the remarkable compounds in October that receive notable demands and inquiries from customers due to its brilliant design and service sophistication.

Ora Company considers customer experience as its first priority for leading the industry in Egypt, which is clyster clear in the availability of multiple housing options and its different spaces.

Zed Tower was established on enormous land of 693,000 SQM in order to be capacious to include more than 4500 units in its different types.

What classifies Zed Tower as one of the best compounds in October is the applied smart technology that enables residents to control their home appliances remotely for a better life and happy people.

Payment Plan

If you are looking for a premium compound in a strategic location that supports ease of payment, then Zed Tower compound can be your choice. As the company allows property buyers to own their unit with a 10% down payment, in addition to 5% while contracting, the remaining has to be paid over 7 years.

Mountain View Icity compound

While Mentioning the best compounds in 6 October, Mountain View Icity shall be notably listed due to its inspiring innovative housing designs simulating the modern European lifestyle.

Mountain View City’s centric location, 10 minutes away from Nile University, grabbed the attention of many Property buyers.

However, the sophisticated designs and location vitality isn’t the only feature in Mountain View ICity October, as the compound integration came as a rocking feature that can stand out in the competition. The compound includes different services and facilities including schools, nurseries, commercial malls, sporting clubs, gyms and spas, Cinemas, clinics, etc.

Mountain View Icity applied a customized experience while designing the space of the residential units to enable buyers to reshape their houses effortlessly.

Payment Plan

Customer can purchase their unit in Mountain View by paying 5% of the unit total cost and paying the remaining amount over 7 years.

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