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Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound – Your first choice for luxurious lifestyle

palm hills sheikh zayed compound

Project Details
Project Name palm hills sheikh zayed compound
Project Location 6 October
Project space 449 Feddan
Types of units Townhouse-Twinhouse-Villas-Apartments
Average space for units Residential units start from 150 and up to 250 SQM
Payment plans 10% Prepayment, and seven-years instalment
The developer Palm Hills developments

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound is the perfect choice for whoever is looking for a luxurious livable experience in a strategic site in Shiekh Zayed.

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound provides its customers with a high-standard living experience through a combination between the Breathtaking greenish views and the residential units.

For doing so, the company assigned the project to one of its proficient teams, on its premises, to study customers’ demands and requirements related to selecting the best housing option.

Accordingly, Palm Hills company excelled in its capabilities in providing a group of splendid services and amenities becoming one of the best compounds in 6 October.

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound location 

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound’s centric location was prudently chosen to be one of the compounds’ top advantages that enable residents to go to their destination, wherever it is, in just minutes. 

In order to move to the compound, it’s better to know all the nearby places to Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound.

  • Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound is twenty minutes away from Lebanon Square.
  • The distance between Palm Hills and Remaya square amounts to 12 KM 
  • The distance between Palm Hills and Downtown square is nearly 28 KM.
  • Finally, it doesn’t take much time for those who are heading to sporting Gezira Club.

Palm Hills 6 October compound design

Palm Hills company invested around 494 Feddan to build one of its giant projects, Palm Hills 6 October compound, which has become later one of the main choices for buyers. 

The innovation of Palm Hills 6 October compound’s design was planned to stimulate the modern housing lifestyle in 21 century where luxurious buildings and premium units are everywhere.

The company established 6 progressive stages in Palm Hills that are expected to totally include more than 10000 residential units. 

Each stage is built with high standards to meet customers’ demands, in other words, each stage represents a standalone fully-integrated spot that offers high-class housing choices, in addition to a group of different amenities.

Types of units in Palm Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

The space of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound is perfectly utilized to provide a wide variety of residential units to meet customers’ expectations (Standalone Villas-Apartments-Twinhouse-Townhouse-duplex )

Each type of the provided unit is characterized by unique a blueprint through which a resident can enjoy the indulgence of a luxurious housing experience.

The available spaces in palm hills sheikh Zayed compound:

  • 150 SQM is the minimum space provided for Apartments
  • 300 SQM is the minimum space for Villas.

The inner space of units is designed by a group of master designers who succeeded in enabling customers to utilize and reform their units according to their needs.

Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Payment system and prices in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

Palm Hills projects are widely-known for Ease of payment, as the compound offers different price lists with instalments that last for long periods so customers can receive their unit in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound without the need to pay all the costs once.

For example, buyers who desire to purchase a unit shall pay 10% of the total cost, and the remaining can be paid over 7 years. Due to the commitment to delivery time, The company promises to deliver units within three years.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Top services and benefits provided in Palm Hills 6 October

Palm Hills 6 October compound provides a one-of-a-kind housing experience by providing different residential services and amenities.

If you are still wondering whether Palm Hills 6 October compound is the destination that you are looking for, discover some of the provided services and facilities in the compound to help you make your decisions.

  • The smart security system is operated for 24 hours to grant residents and belonging safety.
  • The green parks were set on a sprawling large part of the compound providing a free- carbon dioxide community.
  • Palm Hills 6 October is contracted with eminent broadly-known restaurants and cafes that serve mouth-watering tastes.
  • A huge Commercial mall is constructed with a clear vision to enable residents to find all their needs from inside the compound considering different tastes.
  • Top certified coaches and trainers are employed in gyms and sporting clubs to support residents’ fitness needs.
  • Palm Hills 6 October offers private garages everywhere.
  • Palm Hills company built international schools October hosts the top significant utilities that any citizen may need in the capital city including international institutions and local banks.
  • The compound supports feminine’s privacy through covered swimming pools.
  • Palm Hills 6 October compound’s paved green tracks are a plus for practising different fitness activities.
  • The compound does include varied venues for holding business events.
  • The great expansion of commercial units grabbed the attention of investors to offshoot in the compound.
  • The level of Healthcare is served with advanced equipment and skilful medical teams.
  • The compound offers high levels of entertainment and socializing levels between the community members through the premier clubhouse.
  • A Group of the global and local brands are gathered in one place, a giant commercial mall.
  • Special spaces dedicated to parties and celebrations.
  • Health club where residents can relax their day pressure at the end of the day in a Jacuzzi that only hires expert team members.

Yet, the company enhance its provided service from time to time to meet customers’ expectations. 

Palm Hills sheikh zayed compound design

The developer

Palm Hills Developments is one of the top pioneering companies in Egypt that managed to prove innovation and expertise in providing one-of-a-kind housing units at affordable prices in perfect locations.

Throughout the company’s existence in the market for 16 years, it managed to invest around 13.3 Million square in Egypt building different residential units, luxurious resorts, and hotels.

In order to attain leadership, the company committed to its 4 key pillars in all its projects which can be summarized as development, Stabilization & Diversification, Profitability and Expediting Projects’ Delivery. 

Palm Hills company is keen to provide all the needed amenities and services in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound to be the customers’ first choice when it comes to choosing a deluxe lifestyle in the heart of 6th October city. 

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Other projects in 6 October 

FAQ related to Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound

What is the company name that developed Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound?

Palm Hills developments

Where Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound is located?

6 october

How can I contact a representative from Palm Hills sheikh Zayed compound?


What is the project space?

449 Acres

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