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Opulent lifestyle in Zed Tower Sheikh Zayed starts with a 10% down payment

Project Details
Project Name Zed Towers sheikh zayed
Project Location Sheikh Zayed
Project size 165 Feddan
Types of units Twinhouses-Townhouses-duplex
Untis space The minimum space is 97 , and the maximum space is 250 SQM
Instalment plans 10% down payment, and 5% on contracting, the remaining is paid over 7 years.
The developer ORA

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed has become the buyer’s first choice recently when it comes to choosing an opulent integrated community situated in a vital spot in Sheikh Zayed.

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed was established by Ora company for development that embraced the necessity to represent a one-of-kind innovative housing experience with a clear scheme of embodying sophisticated and high-class amenities in the smallest details included in the compound.

Accordingly, Ora company assigned Zed towers to the top experts in architecture design in Egypt to create such a milestone that, ceaselessly, inspires other projects.

The selection of Sheikh Zayed in 6th of October city as the main location for building the compound came out of intensive study and analysis of the market’s demands, check the top 7 compounds in 6 October.

It’s worth mentioning that Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed’s design imitates the European architectonic patterns where the modern architectural designs and the vast breathtaking landscapes are customized.

In addition to the company’s success in simulating world-class architectural design, zed towers Zayed includes a group of the top customized services that include commercial malls, healthcare services, sporting clubs, clubhouses, vast green spaces, etc.

zed towers zayed

Zed Towers location 

 Zed Towers Zayed is established in one of the top residential cities where the luxurious lifestyle and the commercial services are perfectly served in remoteness from the capital crowd.  

Ora company proved a clear analysis of people’s first priority which is finding luxurious housing opportunities in a strategic place so they can go anywhere effortlessly.

If you are interested in moving to such an unbeatable compound, then it’s better to be aware of all the nearby spots

  • Misr technology university is 20 minutes away from Zed towers Location 
  • Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed is nearly situated to Yassmine Compound 
  • Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed is thirty minutes away from International sphinx airport 
  • The distance between Zed sheikh Zayed compound and Al Ahly club is very close. 
  • The compound is located close to one of the most reputable markets, Hyper one. 
  • Cairo-Alexandria desert road and 26 of July Axis 
  • Specialized hospital Sheikh Zayed is one of the nearest areas to zed towers Zayed.
  • Also, Zed city is located near a group of strategic locations such as Mall Arab and Juhayna square.
  • It’s located near Cairo university 
  • Rabwa compound 
  • Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed 

The space of Zed towers sheikh Zayed

Along with the perfectly-chosen location of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed, the company invested a giant land of 693,000 SQM, 165 Feddan, to build such a leading project.

The main reason behind choosing such a massive land space to build the Zed Towers sheikh Zayed is the master plan of the company to create an innovative fully-integrated design where all the customer’s needs are served perfectly.

The chosen area is one of the top advantages of the compound that was superbly utilized and partitioned to include breathtaking opulent views and tweeny-four hours of services and amenities.

Zed Towers Zayed announced that the expected number of residential units in zed west is 4500 including different types of units.

Zed Towers sheikh zayed

 Overview of the modern design in Zed Egypt

Zed Egypt design came out to be one of the most notable architectural designs through which customers can indulge their senses with the authentication of the opulent modern lifestyle.

Ora company believes in the necessity of combining both the simplicity of the natural eye-pleasant views with advanced building designs that were highly portrayed in the compound. 

To build such remarkable projects, ORA company decided to only collaborate with experienced engineers who set their full capacity to come out with a practical but elegant design.

Zed Egypt is composed of two types of residential buildings with peculiar characteristics and features that specialize in each kind.

  • The First building group includes ten-floor buildings for residential use.
  • The second type is giant twenty-floor buildings. The main difference between the two types doesn’t lie only in the number of floors, but the kind of services provided; the twenty-floor buildings provide more facilities and services.

Types of units in  Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed

The ability to serve customization is one of the main goals for ORA company especially when it comes to providing designing the units for better options.

 Ora managed to deliver a great variety of residential units in Zed towers sheikh Zayed so residents can select their preferred type in the desired space. The available units are (penthouses- Apartments-studios- residential units)

As above-mentioned that the available residential blocks are divided into two types, in different spaces, so if you are willing to purchase a unit in Zed Towers you need to be aware of the available spaces in both types.

  • The first building group includes a varied units spaces within an average space of 97 SQM and up to 274 SQM)
  • The space of Two-bedrooms IN zed towers Sheikh Zayed units starts from 97 and up to 136 SQM
  • The space of three-bedrooms starts from 135 SQM TO 211 SQM
  • The space of four-bedrooms starts from 243 SQM TO 247 
  • The space of Penthouse, four-bedrooms, starts from 227 to 231 SQM

The available residential units in The Second group, twenty-floor buildings, are provided in varied spaces that start from 55 to 252 SQM.

  • The studios’ spaces start from 55 SQM to 69 SQM.
  • The space of two-bedroom units starts from 129 to 188 SQM.
  • The space of three-bedroom units starts from 186 to 223 SQM.
  • The minimum space for four-bedroom units is 250 SQM.

Top Services in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed [Zed Tower Zayed]

Towers Sheikh Zayed compound promotes residents’ housing experience through a group of fitness, medical, commercial, and educational services that are provided with excellence. However, Ora company is primarily known for its unbeatable high level of services, check now some of the available utilities and services in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed:

  • Food corners of the best-known restaurants and cafes are allocated in different spots in the Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed to enable residents to get their delicious more easily.
  • zed towers Zayed includes a huge Wide Commercial mall that includes many world-class brands fitting all needs.
  • Well-being service is considered one of the most notable privileges provided in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed where the advanced equipment and expert staff.
  • The Zed towers Zayed is composed of multiple parks along with the compounds so residents can do their physical activities.
  • ZED Egypt is highly secured through twenty-four hours of smart security systems based on surveillance cameras and trained guards.
  • Different Kids’ areas in the Zed towers were built in alignment with top safety standards to grant parents both happiness and safety to their children.
  • For more security, all buildings in Zed west are provided with an emergence exit.
  • The solid experience of the company provided practical solutions for the length of the buildings by building an elevator for the moved furniture.
  • ZED Egypt offers 24\7 Cleansing for the compound
  • Venues for holding parties and celebrations
  • Also, Zed West includes other luxurious services (Swimming pools- Cinemas- gym- spa)
  • Private garages were the best solution for preventing crowds.

Zed Towers sheikh zayed

Zed Towers prices

Zed towers Sheikh Zayed is a 555-Feddan housing project that offers the best luxurious services upon a clear analysis of customers’ demands.

Ora company aims to represent an unbeatable opportunity for property buyers through affordable pieces and in different brackets compared to the provided services.

Payment plans in Zed Towers Ora

Zed Towers Ora facilitates the payment system for its customers so they can get a unit of their dream enjoy an opulent lifestyle and pay their dues over a long person that can last for 7 years.

The available payment plans in zed towers ora allow customers to get their unit in Zed towers with a 10% down payment, in addition to paying 5% while contracting. Note that the remaining has to be paid over 7 years.

Delivery time

Ora company is widely known for its commitment to delivering the residential and commercial units in the said time and specification.

The company announced that the delivery time depends on the chosen type of building. A 3-years period is a maximum time for delivering units for those who choose units in Block type (A), ten-floor buildings.

A 4-years period is a maximum for delivering units for those who choose units in Block type B. Note that the date of delivery is calculated from the contracting date.

The developer

Ora development is one of the forerunners companies that is making notable innovations to take the real estate industry in Egypt to the next level.

Since the company’s inception in 2016 by Najib Swirls, the company kept showcasing its expertise and well-determined plans in prominent luxurious housing and hotel projects.

Ora’s main projects are characterized by authentic innovative designs that are driven by the team’s belief in integration.

 ORA Company Portfolio

  • Pyramids Hills compound
  • Zed strip Mall Sheikh Zayed
  • Nile city tower
  • Z East compound

Other projects in 6th of October City 

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Ora company

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Zed Towers is located in Sheikh Zayed

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