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Etapa Sheikh Zayed| The future of housing in Egypt

Project Details
Project Name Etapa Sheikh Zayed
Project Location Sheikh Zayed
Proejct space 77 Feddan
Types of residnetial units Villas- Townhouses-Twinhouses- Duplex
units space 216 SQM is the minimum space provided in Etapa while 706 is the maximum
Payment plans 5% down payment, and 10% after 3 months
Developer City Edge development

Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed is one of the prominent housing projects that was classified as the best compound in Sheikh Zayed due to its brilliant authentic design and high-level services.

The company’s top personnel outlined an inspiring architectural design, which stimulates the European lifestyle in its luxury and simplicity, that had become a milestone project and a target for residents.

The strategizing of Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed is aligned with the company standards’ of creating a fully integrated community where all the services and facilities, that residents may need, are available.

Similar to the other housing projects launched by City Edge company, the Etapa compound’s location is strategically chosen besides a group of the best compounds in October that has become the first destination for many property buyers, check Top 7 compounds in 6 October.

So, if you are looking for a strategic location in Sheikh Zayed where you can take your housing experience to the next level with world-class services and an opulent lifestyle while still enjoying the ease of payment, then Etapa Sheikh Zayed must be yours.

Etapa City Edge location

Etapa compound’s proximity to the most vital places in Sheikh Zayed was clearly determined by a superb study of buyers’ next move that is characterized by their willingness to experience luxury while being surrounded by vital places. So, if Etapa City Edge is on your list, then you need to check all the nearby places.

  • Etapa compound is nearly situated to the regional ring road and 23 July axis.
  • Beverly Hills compound 
  • New Vision international schools 
  • Mazar Mall 
  • Health office sheikh Zayed 
  • Smart Village
  • AL Ahly club 
  • Intenrational Zed park 
  • EL Sheikh Zayed specialised  hospital
  • Cairo-Alexandria desert road 
  • Royal meadows compound 
  • Rabwa compound 
  • Sodic Allegria compound 
  • Dar Misr compound  
  • Ethics International Preschool.

Etapa Sheikh Zayed space

A 77-Feddan is the total land space that was chosen to build Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound, the main reason behind choosing such a capacious space lies in the company’s scheme to represent a fully-served community that combines the greenish landscapes and all the needed amenities.

Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed embrace the integration to the full by offering swimming pools, Gyms and spas, pharmacies and clinics, commercial malls, Cinemas)

Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed

The Design of Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed 

Etapa compound Sheikh Zayed specified only 14% of the total compound space for residential use while the remaining,86% of the compound space, is for designing both artistic views and facilities. 

In order to launch one of the best compounds in sheikh Zayed, City Edge company contracted with some of the best construction companies in Egypt, including Redcon company.

Etapa compound Sheikh Zayed was superbly designed in alignment with their belief that both greenish landscapes and cities can co-exist. Hence, the responsible team decided to partition the larger space of the compound into two main compositions: massive green areas that are allocated along with the compound, and artificial lakes.

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Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed design

Types of Residential units in Etapa Sheikh Zayed

City Edge company offer a customized living experience through different housing options in different sizes that can be utilized perfectly.

Etapa Sheikh Zayed promises its customer to find exactly what they are looking for whether it’s a standalone villa, townhouse, or studio.

The available units are Villas, Twinhouses, townhouses, and duplexes.

  • Villas: City Edge offered a huge variety of Villas spaces that starts from  309 to 706.
  • Twinhouse space starts from 269 and up to 383 SQM
  • Townhouse space starts from 193 and up to 475 SQM
  • Duplex space starts from 216 and up to 240 SQM

However, the Epta Sheikh Zayed construction wasn’t the only benefit provided in the compound; the outcome of the interior designs is figured out to encompass vitality and energy standards, a must-have feature in each house.

types of units in Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed

Top 12 services in Etapa compound Sheikh Zayed

Etapa compound Sheikh Zayed promises its residents a fully-served community through which they can find all the essential and luxurious needs. 

If you are about to make your decision by moving to Etapa compound Sheikh Zayed, then you need to know all the provided services in detail

  • Etapa compound includes Commercial areas that host world-class brands so residents can enjoy their shopping experience to the full.
  • A satellite-based Security system is operated 24\7 to offer the highest safety levels to Etapia residents.
  • The vast green space in Etapa Sheikh Zayed is a priceless benefit for residents to practise different physical activities including cycling and promenading.
  • A restaurant Corner offers flavoursome food
  • City edge offers the highest levels of medical services through a proficient staff of doctors and the latest medical tools.
  • Etapa compound Sheikh Zayed enhances residents’ fitness levels through different types of sporting halls.
  • 24\7 Specialized clinics and pharmacies.
  • Etapa City Edge gave much consideration to providing entertainment facilities for kids through specialised kids areas that grant both safety and pleasure.
  • Gyms in Etapa Sheikh Zayed are highly equipped with the latest machines and supervised by a group of proficient trainers.
  • Different-sized swimming pools, spas, and jacuzzis are on the top list of body care services.
  • Massive eye-pleasant green swathes and fountains
  • E-gates add more safety to the compound
  • The compound offers housekeeping and cleaning services.

However, the above-mentioned services are considered a small part of the real provided benefits, as the compound is constantly enhancing the housing experience of its users.

Payment plans and price list in Etapa compound Sheikh Zayed

Such a milestone project wouldn’t be perfectly launched without the ease of payment allowance, the company considered the significance of customized experience for buyers by facilitating and prolonging the instalment plans to long periods. 

The available payment plans in Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed allow buyers to get their unit with only a 5% down payment of the total cost, in addition to a 10% after three months. The company permits buyers to receive their units fully finished in full capacity after three years provided that customers have to pay 10% while receiving the unit.

Note that there’s 8% has to be paid as the maintenance fees. 

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

The developer 

City Edge development is one of the leading real estate companies that kept proving solid expertise since its inception in 2017. The Housing development company and the New Urban communities authority are the two main shareholders of City Edge Developments.

City Edge Development set a clear vision for its development of Providing sustainable value for its customers to be a pioneer in the housing experience enhancement.

With 1.3 billion investments, the company expanded with brilliant projects in many areas including North coast, New Capital city, Alemin Gedida, Mansoura, 6 October.

Other projects by City Edge development 

  • Al Maksad project in New Cpaital city 
  • Mazarine New Alamein 
  • Zahya Mansour 
  • Baroque compound New Capital city 
  • North Edge Alamein 
  • Downtown Alamein 

Other projects in 6h of October city 

Faq related to Etapa compound

What is the comapny name that launched Stone Residence New Cairo?

Roya company for Development

Where Stone Residence is located?

Stone Residence compound is located in 5th settlement

How can I contact a representative from Stone Residence new cairo?


What is the project space?

245 Acres


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