Luxurious lifestyle in Sun Cpaital Compound 6 october with 10% down payment

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Project Name Sun Capital Compound 6 October
Project Location 6 october
Project space 557 Feddan
Types of units Twinhouses- apartments- Villas
Units space Units spaces start from 90 SQM and up to 380 SQM
Payment system Downpayment starts from 10% and up to 25%.
Developer Arabia holding

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Sun Capital Compound 6 October is a flagship project held by Arabia holding, a leading company in real estate, in one of the most accessible locations on 6 October. 

Sun Capital October is expected to be the future of development in Cairo and be a potential for buyers, as the company put into its consideration different buyer persona while implementing the project as one of its priorities.

Sun Capital Compound 6 October was assigned to an experienced team that managed to create a fully-integrated community where all the essential and entertainment facilities are combined together to represent a one-of-a-kind housing experience for residents to become one of the best compounds in 6 October.

In addition to a group of smart solutions for everyday life (Underground parking- Double height entrances with access cards-Electronic gates)

Sun Capital compound Location on 6 October vitality

The decision of choosing 6 October to be the next spot to build one of the giant projects was taken due to 6 October’s vitality and the excessive investment that occurs day after day.

As living on 6 October can be considered potential for whoever looking for perfect facilities and a spot that is far away from crowds, 6 October is surrounded by:

  • International schools and reputable universities.
  • Highly-equipped hospitals and clinics.
  • Commercial malls that people usually go to its giant spaces (Mall Misr)
  • Dream Park.
  • Group of clubs including Wadi Degla, Remaya square, Remaya club, etc.

Sun Captial compound location 

Sun Capital compound is one of the prestigious projects established in one of the most strategic locations on 6 October that is surrounded by a group of the most known districts including (Italy district- Ashgar district-Spanish district-Rihab October City-Kenz compound)

If you are willing to move to Sun Capital city, then you need to be aware of all the nearby vita districts that include:

  • Sun Capital compound is three minutes away from Sphinx airport.
  • Sun Capital 6 October is located 5 minutes away from The Egyptian Museum.
  • It’s only 7 minutes away from The media production city.
  • It’s 15 minutes away from the Wadi Degla club 
  • Residents who are heading to Hadayik In October will take around 12 minutes to arrive.
  • Sun Capital compound is located nearly O West compound with 12 minutes.
  • The compound is located in proximity to Egypt Mall and Zewil City.
  • 26 July axis 
  • Sheikh Zayed 
  • Dabaa axis
  • Fayoum road  

Sun Capital compound 6 October space 

Similar to the other projects launched by the Arabia holding company, Sun Capital Compound 6 October was constructed on giant space of 557 Feddan, 2.339.400 SQM, to be classified as one of the largest prestigious compounds in the west of Cairo.

Holding Arabia company has assigned the projects to a group of proficient engineers who managed to perfectly utilize the compound by dividing it into two main areas; the Residential section and the services-based area.

The residential part of sun capital arabia holding, which represents around 60% of the total area, was internally divided into around 82% green parks and entertainment in order to provide the top opulent lifestyle that buyers expect. 

More importantly, the company dedicated the spots of facilities and services in a clear system that enables residents of each area get their needs, so one can find all of the following services:

  • Stores and local and global brands 
  • Education services  
  • Medical services include clinics, pharmacies, and a hospital. 

Types of units available in sun capital compound

through 25 years of success and expansion, Arabia holding succeeded in delivering customers’ demands through a variety of different units in different spaces. in Sun Capital compound 

  • Apartments space starts from 90 SQM and up to 300 SQM
  • The range of villas space is 390 SQM
  • Townhouses are provided in different spaces starting from 250 SQM 

Top benefits and services in sun capital arabia holding 6 October

The company’s proficiency was proved in its ability to deliver all types of services and facilities inside Sun Capital Compound 6 October with a clear study of different buyers’ personas including their daily and seasonally needs:

  • The health care level is highly-supported through hospitals and different clinics.
  • Luxurious restaurants and cafes that serve mouth-watering food and drinks. 
  • For parents and new couples, large kids’ areas were established with modern games that fit different ages. 
  • Residents in Sun capital on 6 October enjoy the privilege of the Large eye-pleasant views that are composed of fountains and green areas and opulent units.
  • Arabia holding company enhanced the educational level inside the company through one of the best international schools that fit different ages.
  • Dedicating Massive green tracks is a potential for residents to practice different physical activities.
  • The developing company gave more consideration to strengthening the residents’ fitness level through the highly-equipped gyms and professional trainers.
  • A business venue to encourage entrepreneurs and businessmen to launch new projects inside the compound.
  • A commercial mall where you can find all the world-class brands.
  • The compound is perfectly secured with a smart security system that grants safety for both individuals and guards.
  • Swimming pools are built in different spaces to support talents in the compounds.
  • Private Garages were set on the sprawling compound to prevent any sort of crowdedness and to support the ease of traffic flow.
  • Sporting clubs hire professional trainers and coaches in different sporting clubs.
  • The compound is committed to one of the most important goals of the 2030 Agenda, providing sustainable energy. So, one can find that the electricity generated in the compound is driven by solar energy.
  • The company gave much consideration to hosting five-stars hotels to support the hotel’s residential demands, the available hotels are Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, and Fairmont hotel.

Sun Capital October Design

The design of Sun Capital October represents a stunning combination of several Egyptian architectural schools where the blueprint of the Pharaonic styles and the European features.

Also, the compound is surrounded by breathtaking views where green tracks and artificial lakes are everywhere. 

The available Payment plans in Sun capital compound

Sun Capital Compound offers different payment plans that consider people’s different demands 

  • 10% down payment, and the remaining is paid over 7 years
  • 15% down payment, and the remaining is paid over 8 years
  • 20% down payment, and the remaining is paid over 9 years
  • 25% down payment, and the remaining is paid over 10 years.


Arabia holding is one of the top real estate pioneers in Egypt that economic impact, constant dedication, and prime quality. 

The partnership between the Ministry of Housing and Arabia holding, as the first private-sector partnership in the real estate, to build such a milestone is expected to lead to more developments in the future. 

With 27 years of experience, Arabia holding expanded in both Cairo and North Coast with giant projects through which it received notable rewards for its economic influence, dedication and commitment, and premium quality.

Top 3 awards that Arabia holding received through the last year

Awards (2019)

  • Community, Culture & Tourism, Cityscape
  • Business & Economy Award, Future Cities of Egypt Forums

Awards (2018)

  • Hospitality Honour Grand Holtelier Summit

Other projects by Sun Capita

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  • Admin buildings l 
  • Monn Valley1
  • Moon valley2

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Faq Related to Sun Captial compound

what is the name of the developer?

Arabia holding

Where Sun Cpaital compound is located?

6 October

How can I contact a representative from Sun Cpaital compound?


What is the project space?

1359 Acres

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