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Project Details
Project Name Badya Palm Hills
Project location 6 October
Project space 3000 Feddan
Types of units Pent house- Twin House- villas- Apartments
Average space for units The space diversity can be classified from 124 SQM as a minimum, and 900 SQM as the maximum space.
Instalment plans 10% Prepayment, and the remaining can be paid over 8 years.
The developer Palm Hills developments

Badya Palm Hills compound is constructed on a vast space of 10000 Feddan one of the most strategic locations in October city.

Badya Palm Hills compound represents a radical transformation in real estate through the opulent modern lifestyle that is expected to inspire and impact the housing industry in Egypt through the next decade.

Palm Hills company collaborates with a skilful team of engineers and planners to deliver high-class residential units in a great diversity to meet customers’ expectations.

In order to provide a full-integrated compound that shall be highlighted as one of the must-reside areas on 6 October, the company offered a group of residential services with excellence such as international schools, sporting clubs, commercial malls, etc.

Giving much consideration to the compound medical services through Medical centres and hospitals led to its classification as one of the best compounds in 6 October.

Badya Palm Hills location

Badya Palm Hills compound’s East-West location in Cairo is strategically chosen to be one of the most accessible compounds in 6 October city.

  • Badya Palm Hills location is nearly situated to Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • Badya 6 October compound is 15 minutes away from Pyramids Giza.
  • Badya 6 October is located near Wadi Degla, Egypt Mall, and The Egyptian Media production city.
  • It’s only 7 Km to Movimbik hotel
  • Most importantly, the compound is highly accessible through the availability of different transportations; such as the fourth line in the metro station

Types of residential units spaces in Badya Palm Hills compound- Detailed information

The company dedicated more than 10000 Feddan to creating one of the remarkable milestones; Badya Palm Hills compound. Besides the one-of-kind services and facilities in Badya palm hills compound, the company managed in providing a customized housing experience and considering customers’ demands for multiple units in different spaces:

  • The space of Standalone villas start from 195 SQM and up to 500 SQM
  • 256 SQM is the minimum space for Villas, while 800 SQM is the maximum provided space.
  • The space of the Middle townhouse is amounted185, while 215 is the net land space.
  • The average space of Townhouse corners is 200 SQM
  • The space of the Twin house starts from 243 and up to 263, while the net land space starts from 300 and up to 370 SQM.
  • Hotel residential units are provided in an average space of 58 sqm and 250 sqm
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The design of Badya 6 October compound

The prestigious level that Palm Hills company provides in its projects has never failed to surprise its customers, as the compound is assigned to the top expert engineers in the field.

Palm Hills company utilized the compound’s space perfectly to provide capacious spaces for holding all types of social, administrative, and leisure activities that a resident may need.

For instance, Palm Hills dedicated 12% of the Badya 6 October compound space for building amenities that include international schools and universities, hospitals, retail stores, conference halls, etc.

Badya 6 October compound is composed of 6 stages, with a peculiar design for each stage. The first stage of the compound is planned to include more than 340 villas and 1040 residential units of different types.

Most importantly, the compound is infrastructure in alignment with the 2030 Agenda of providing sustainable clean energy, so the company decided to generate around 30% of the electricity naturally from solar energy.  It’s also planned to save around 20% of water consumption for a more healthy environment.

Palm Hills operates its projects proficiently to upgrade its customers’ experience, as usual, through wholly-deluxe housing styles that are composed of vast parks and green spaces between the units to provide more privacy for residents and build a semi-green town.

Badya Palm Hills compound

Top 13 services provided in Badya Palm Hills compound

Living in a prestigious compound in one of Palm Hills company’s projects grants property owners with a full affluent experience in which they can enjoy all of the following:

  • International schools and universities that are equipped with advanced teaching tools and headed by a professional teaching team of teachers and professors.
  • Badya Palm Hills compound gave much consideration to the Commercial places to be full of luxurious brands, food restaurants, and cafes in which you can experience both eastern and western cuisines.
  • Highly-equipped hospitals and clinics are meant to redefine the traditional perception of basic care services through advanced medical tools and proficient doctors.
  • sports clubs to practice all types of sports, in addition to gigantic spaces of tracks, in addition to different sizes of swimming pools that suit both adults and kids.
  • Everyday Luxurious services of housekeeping and laundry were added to the list to allow residents to practice their everyday life more effortlessly.
  • A presentable conference hall facilitates holding meetings and events for businessmen which leads to more investment.
  • Vast green parks are perfectly paved and set on the sprawling compound to assist residents practices their desired fitness activities at the time they like.
  • Badya Palm Hills 6 October contains one of the best Kids areas that grants children experience entertainment to the fullest with the top safety and care level provided.
  •  All the compound is safeguarded by security systems that offer the highest levels of safety and protection to both persons and belongings.
  • Badya Palm Hills compound provides one of the smartest security systems that is operated with a face recognition system.
  • The compound hosts top-known Pharmacies to expedite customers’ search for medicines and care.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes scares are built to encourage talents.
  • as Palm Hills’ other projects, Badya 6 October compound contains a group of eye-pleasant artificial lakes and fountains for a more luxurious lifestyle.

Instalment plans in Badya 6 October compound

Ease of payment offered in Badya Palm Hills enabled many buyers to get the residential or commercial unit of their dream in one of the most vital locations and fully-served compounds in the 6 of October city.

  • To purchase a unit in Badya 6 October compound, the company allowed customers to get their desired unit in Badya 6 October by pre-paying only 10% of the total cost and instal the remaining over 8 years. However, the company allows for a twelve-year instalment.

The perfect diversity in units types offered in the Badya compound enabled the availability of different price lists, so customers can choose what suits their needs.

Badya 6 october compound

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

The compound’s Developer

Palm Hills is a shareholding company with a considerable portfolio of successful constructive projects that received excessive recognition from buyers in Cairo.

Since the company’s inception in 2005, it managed to invest over 13.3 SQM in Cairo which is meant to populate around 5,600 residents, moreover, dedicating capacious space for entrepreneurs and small businesses to start taking a milestone in their compound.

All Palm Hills’ projects can be classified with their endeavour to choose a strategic location, modern innovative designs, and high-class seamless deluxe living experience. 

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Faq related to Badya 6 October compound

What is the company name that developed Badya 6 ocober ?

Palm Hills Developments

Where Badya compound is located?

Badya is located in 6th of Ocotber

How can I contact a representative from Palm Hills developments company ?


What is the project space?

1000 Feddan

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