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New Cairo is approaching the future of housing in Egypt where residents and commuters can enjoy an endless bundle of lavish services without being stuck in the everyday crowd. 

Over the last decade, people have been moving to New Cairo fifth settlement for many reasons which can be summarized in the desire to be indulged in the opulent lifestyle where the modern buildings and zero-pollution environment are the top two advantages in the area. Check the top 10 compounds in New Cairo.

People’s willingness to move far away from the crowdedness recently is one of the top reasons that pushed the governments to support investors initiate giant housing and luxurious projects in New Cairo fifth settlement to be one of the sought after areas for Egyptians and tourists. 
New Cairo- Third Generation City
New Cairo City is classified as one of the third-generation cities that was brought to the real for the first time in 2000.

Third-generation strategy is based on an important scheme which is underlying in approaching balance between the increasing population-based areas and the unpopulated potential lands through utilizing all the available natural and economic potentials.
New Cairo City Map
Knowing where is New Cairo located is people’s first concern to know and calculate the needed time to reach their destinations.

New Cairo City is set on a sprawling giant space that amounts to 70,000 Feddan on the southeastern edge of Cairo Governorate, on a centric spot between Katameya Road and El Sokhna Road.

Constructing New Cairo’s strategic location in parallel with Regional Ring Road led to the location’s proximity to the most significant areas in Cairo Including Nasr City and Cairo.

In addition, the city is closely located to a group of premium spots such as Mostakbal (Future City), El Obour, New Helioples, Rehab, and El Shorouk.
Top services and features in New Cairo, Fifth settlement
Living in one of the top third-generation cities is an absolute one-of-a-kind housing experience where residents can rock their lifestyle through a group of splendid services and amenities provided all over the compounds and districts in New Cairo.

If you are about to move to New Cairo or are willing to you need to know and well-study all the available services. On the other hand, if you are willing to launch an entrepreneurial project, or offshoot a new branch for your business, you need to deeply understand the distribution of the services and amenities in New Cairo and their capacity.
Educational services in New Cairo
The level of education services is the first concern for new couples and parents while moving to a new spot, as no one can deny that a strategic location without providing a perfect variety of educational options won’t run its gamut.

The advanced curriculum and professional team are considered true potential in the top schools in new Cairo, here’s a list of the most known schools.

List of best schools in New Cairo 

International School of Choueifat
International Misr School
The international American school
Lycée School
Egypt Modern school
International french school
Bedaya International school
El Haramen Private Language School
The Canadian International school
The European school
Akhnaton Language schools
Manaret Al Farouk Islamic Language School
Al Yasser Language schools (YLS)
Agyal integrated language school

Best colleges in New Cairo 

Future university
Air force Academy
The German university in New Cairo (GUC)
The American University in fifth settlement (AUC)
The Canadian college (CIC)

Health Care in New Cairo
New Cairo’s main developers schemed to offer a remarkable medical service through giant hospitals and clinics in strategic places that are expected to be first-hand for residents and non-residents.

Moreover, the medical personnel hired in New Cairo hospitals and clinics are considered one of the most experienced staff in Egypt.

List of top hospitals in New Cairo Fifth settlement 

El-Karma Hospital, Fifth settlement
Air Force specialised hospital
Queens Royal Hospital

Fitness service in New Cairo
New Cairo developers intended to offer a balanced lifestyle between Work-life and health wellness through dedicating large spaces for Sporting clubs in New Cairo provided are supported by experienced coaches and trainers.

Broadly-known Gyms that offer different subscription plans for different needs, All the Gyms in new Cairo are qualified with well-advanced tools.

Best sports clubs and gyms in New Cairo

New Cairo club
Wadi Degla club in Fifth settlement
El-Zohour club
Platinum club in Fifth settlement
Al-Ahly club
Fitness gym New Cairo

However, the establishment of sporting and social clubs assisted in strengthening the bonds between New Cairo’s compounds residents toward a healthy community.
Utilities in New Cairo
When it comes to mentioning the everyday services and amenities, one can find that New Cairo Fifth settlement grants you a one-of-a-kind lifestyle where privacy and security are highly supported through E-smart gates, and twenty-four hours security.

New Cairo is well-known for its top-level restaurants and cafes that serve different mouth-watering tastes.
New Cairo hosts a group of Giant commercial malls to build a self-sufficient city.
Worth mentioning that New Cairo has become a good place for investment, as each compound and district in the city includes at least one venue for holding business and events.
What makes New Cairo a perfect spot for living where residents no longer experience the pressure of traffic crowds is the Private garages provided in all compounds in districts so property owners can park safely and effortlessly.
Twenty-four hours of maintenance services are provided in New Cairo to help residents solve all their devices within hours.

The strength of Infrastructure in New Cairo
The internal telecommunication service in New Cairo is enhanced through 6 central cabinets to hold great capacity.

Also, the sanitation system is greatly strengthened through different sanitation spots set in the sprawling of all the city.
Breathtaking views in New Cairo
Top designers who worked in housing and commercial projects in new Cairo exerted great efforts in designing vast green landscapes to provide a one-of-a-kind housing experience.

The green parks were set on a sprawling New Cairo and assisted in building a free- carbon dioxide community where residents can inhale fresh air.
Top reputable districts in New Cairo
The Brilliance and authentication embodied in all the architectural details in New Cairo are the main motives for people to move to the city.

Here’s a guide for all you need to know about the top reputable districts in New Cairo 

AL Narges 

If you are looking for a prestigious district in which you can enjoy solid infrastructures and other luxurious services, then AL Narges shall be your destination.

Al Narges is built in one of the most strategic spots in new Cairo through which you can reach your destinations with ease within minutes.

The nearby places to Al Narges: 

Mushair Tantawi axis 
3 minutes to El Gawi Hospital 
Regional ring road 
Suez Cairo road 


Lotus is one of the reputable districts that was built in the early of this decade and managed to receive a high number of requests from buyers.

The essential services offered in lotus were highlighted as the top advantages in the district, in addition to its premium design.

Due to EL Lotus’s location vitality, it was wisely chosen to be close to some of the top social clubs including Royal Club, Platinum Club, New Cairo Club and Aviation Club, in addition to its proximity to the Madienty compound. 

El Koronfel 

 El Koronfel has become lately one of the top considerations for many buyers due to its premium sophisticated lifestyle and the different housing options that include standalone villas, penthouses, and townhouses.

Bait Al Watan  

Bait Alwatan was established by the New Urban Communities Authority which is a subsidiary of the ministry of housing. Bait AlWatan is divided into 7 districts where both the modern blocks and vast green lands are everywhere.

Bait Alwatan is well-known for offering a customization experience for its customers so they can get the type of unit in a suitable instalment plan.
Top compounds in New Cairo Fifth settlement 
New Cairo is well-known for its modern sophisticated notable compounds that can be classified as the best housing areas due to services and luxury style throughout Egypt.

Knowing the features of the top 10 compounds in New Cairo fifth settlement will help you to decide which one will suit your needs the most.
Sarai compound
Sarai compound represents, built by Madinet Nasr Developments (MNHD), an exclusive housing experience in Egypt where all the residential units overlook a giant breathtaking artificial lake.

The construction of Sarai compound is aligned with a vivid strategy that depends on offering both the essential and luxurious services in a semi Croisette design.

In addition to the innovative design of Sarai compound, the selection of the compound’s location is considered an advantage that people can daily experience through the ease to reach their destination, as Sarai compound is 15 minutes away from Suez Road.

Sarai compound offers one of the best housing options diversity for customers to customize their units to their needs.
The Brooks
The Brooks is a prestigious compound in new Cairo that later become one of the top needs for property buyers due to the premium services provided.

The Brooks compound was built on a giant land space that was divided into main 5 districts, each one is uniquely characterized by brilliant architectonic design for each.

Pree Pioneer company assigned the Broox to its top employers who perfectly managed to stimulate the modernness of the European lifestyle in its luxurious buildings and vast green lands.

The available residential units in the Brooks include (Apartments- Townhouses- Villas- Townhouses)
Hyde Park New Cairo
Hyde Park New Cairo is one of the top prestigious compounds in 5th settlement that offers a one-of-a-kind housing experience for residents where the luxurious services and amenities are provided with excellence. 

Hyde Park company dedicated great effort to providing top-level daily services and amenities that include business venues, medical services, shopping malls, education centres, and spots for entertainment.

Hyde Park’s location was perfectly chosen in new Cairo, on 90th road added, to increase the location accessible to all the vital spots in Cairo.

Hyde Park New Cairo values customers’ expectations by providing different types of units in different spaces that include ( Apartments- Duplex- Twinhouse)

The minimum unit space provided by designers in Hyde Park is 99 SQM which is perfectly utilized for ease of reshaping.
Mountain View Icity
Mountain View Icity New Cairo has become buyers’ first choice when it comes to the desire to indulge their senses in an opulent lifestyle.

The architectural design in Mountain View New Cairo simulates the modern housing standards in Europe where buildings can be considered a piece of art that showcase the brilliance of the designers. 

Worth-mentioning that property buyers are going toward Mountain view due to its proximity to the administrative new capital city. 

Mountain View offers a customized housing experience through which residents can perfectly pick the unit of their dream, whatever the type is, in the perfect space.  The available units are apartments, Villas, Standalone villas, and Twin houses.

The minimum provided space for units in Mountain View is 120 SQM.

Bloomfields compound
Bloomfield Mostakbel Compound is one of the giant projects launched by Tatweer Misr company for development in a strategic place in New Cairo in a massive space of 415 acres.

The standards strategised in Bloomfield’s new Cairo are meant to introduce an authentic unique lifestyle because of its innovative architectural designs and the high level of services.

The personalized experience was perfectly embodied in Bloomfields throug the variety of housing options that include (Apartments- Duplex- Twinhouse- Villas)

Note that 112 is the minimum space for units in Bloomfields for a small two-bedroom apartment.
Al Marasem Fifth square
Al Marasem Fifth square is a prestigious compound in the heart of New Cairo which is located minutes away.

Al Marasem company offers the new purchase system for the first time in Egypt “Partnership system” is the chosen name for the system. 

The partnership system allows customers to get their units by half by paying only 50% of the unit total cost with the customers’ freedom to sell or rent the unit to whomever he wants.

The available units in Al Marasem can be classified as the best-provided variety that includes (Apartments- Town Houses- Twin Houses- Villas)

Note that 80 SQM is the minimum available space for small apartments that are perfectly designed by top engineers.
Azzar Compound
Azzar compound is one of the top opulent compounds in new Cairo, located in Golden Square, with a clear vision to offer a completely integrated community where all the essential and luxurious services are provided.

If you are willing to move to Azzar compound  then you need to know all the available types of residential units (Standalone Villas, Townhomes, and twin homes)

Reedy Group company offers ease of payment in all its projects, the required down payment to purchase a unit in Azzar compound starts from 5%.
Palm Hills New Cairo
Palm Hills New Cairo is the first option for buyers due to services integration, as the developing company embodies resilience in providing five-star services that include (International school commercial malls-Premium hotels- Fountains and lakes-Vast green swathes-Paved Tracks for both adults and kids)

Palm Hills development company, which transformed Palm Hills into one of the best compounds in new Cairo, facilitate payment for its customers through different instalment plans, that start from 10% of the total cost.
Stone Residence New Cairo
The opulent lifestyle embodied in Stone Residence New Cairo is meant to provide unique residential experiences for residents through which they can enjoy innovative designs and five-star services.

Stone residence compound is highlighted by its perfect units division into scalable spaces that can be greatly utilized and reshaped due to customers’ needs.

The available types of units in Stone Residence are (Rouf-based studios- Apartments- studios-Villas- Twinhouses)
Taj City New Cairo
Taj city is one of the large innovative compounds in new Cairo that is launched by Madinet Nasr Housing & Development company ( MNHA) with a clear-cut scheme to simulate the European lifestyle. 

Madinet Nasr Housing & Development selected a strategic location to build Taj City compound in which residents can arrive at their destination within 10 minutes. 

Taj City New Cairo, 900 Feddan compound, offers a variety of housing options in different spaces upon customers’ needs. The minimum provided unit space of 86 SQM.
Shopping Malls in New Cairo 
New Cairo has become a clear potential for investors and entrepreneurs to either start new profitable projects or offshoot another branch.

Property developers spotlight the importance of launching commercial projects through building multiple Malls in New Cairo with great unique features for each one.

The available stores in New Cairo Malls are distinguished with their space diversity which enables both small entrepreneurs and investors to achieve their plans easily.

If you are an investor who is willing to make money in one of the commercial malls in new Cairo, you need to know the list of the shopping malls and their price range.

On the other hand, if you are a new resident, then knowing the available shopping Malls and their location would be a great plus for you.
Available stores for sale in Ozone Medical centre
Ozone centre is one of the most known centres in new Cairo because of its Medical specialization which adds the value of turning new Cairo into one of the best fully integrated cities.

Ozone Medical centre is located in the Narjis district in proximity to Fatma Mosque and 90th street, a livable area where people are more willing to buy to get their needs.

Catalyst company launched Ozone centre on giant space of 18,000 SQM where multiple owners can have their business freely.

The company enable property buyers to pay the remaining cost of the unit for 6 years.
Contact catalyst to know the latest offers and price ranges 
[price-cta] Available stores for sale in Cairo Capital centre new Cairo
Cairo Capital centre is located on one of the strategic spots in New Cairo which is the banks street, besides the air force hospital. 

The company announced diverse Payment plans where both small entrepreneurs and investors can achieve their dream with ease.

The Mall space is 2 Feddan
Contact the company Agent to know the latest offers and price ranges 
[price-cta] Available stores for sale in One 90 Mall New Cairo
One 90 Mall was developed by Land Mark Sabour company for development on a considerable space of 82 Feddan 

Sabour company offered different stores for sale in different spaces with the possibility to extend the payment period to 5 years.
Contact with Home Town company Agent to know the latest offers and price ranges 
[price-cta] Available store for sale in Hyde Park business district Mall 
In the business district Mall, Hyde Park Mall was launched to be one of the most-known malls where buyers can get all their needs from prestigious brands and stores.

The minimum unit space available in Hyde Park Mall is 61 SQM which is a good opportunity for small businesses.

The Developer announced its support to the small businesses to start their new project in controllable payment plans that extends for 7 years.
Contact us to know the latest offers and price ranges 
[price-cta] Available store for sale in Granoy Mall New Cairo
Granary is the first commercial place that small business owners should consider because of the small available units provided that start from 31 SQM.

Moreover, Granoy Mall’s strategic location on the crossroads of 90th street and the regional ring road pushed more people to visit the mall which means more sales for stores.

Upwyde company announced that business owners can pay the cost of the unit over 4 years.
Contact Upwyde company to know the latest offers and price ranges 
[price-cta] Available stores for sale in Eclipse Mall New Cairo
 Eclipse Manasat Mall is located in a strategic spot between both the 90’s northern and southern streets, 17 N Teseen, on a massive space of 4,500 SQM.

Manasat company established Eclipse Malls to be one of the perfect entrepreneurial-based places where small business owners can open their store in a small space of 40 SQM.

What makes Eclipse Mall on the top list of the commercial malls is the announced instalment plans that can be prolonged to 9 years.
Contact Manasat company to know the latest offers and price ranges 
[price-cta] Available stores for sale in G 7 Mall in New Cairo
G 7 Mall location was strategically chosen in front of the Prime Minister’s office in Fifth settlement on a massive land space of 11,400 SQM.

Mecron Development decided to dedicate G 7 Mall for commercial, administrative and Medical sales with considerable facilities for buyers.

As Mecron enables property buyers to purchase their unit with only a 12% down payment and pay the remaining unit cost over 6 years.

The minimum unit space in G 7 Malls is 43 SQM.
Contact Mecron company to know the latest offers and price ranges 
[price-cta] Available stores in South Gate Mall New Cairo
South Gate Malls is established in one of the prestigious areas in fifth settlement on a land space of 4,700 SQM.

South Gate Mall is the perfect spot for business owners who are looking for a wide store that starts from 134 SQM. Note that 3 years is the announced period for instalment.
Contact the company to know the latest offers and price ranges 
[price-cta] Stores for sale in Mivida Business park Mall, New Cairo
Mivida Business Mall is one of the giant projects of Emaar Misr that was launched in a giant space of 100,000 SQM where both residents and visitors can find all their needs from well-known brands and stores.

Emaar Misr company for development announced that the project perfectly suits those who look for a long instalment plan, as property buyers can pay their cost over 8 years.
Contact Emaar Agents to know the latest offers and price ranges