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Azzar compound New Cairo

Project Details
Project Name Azzar Compound New Cairo
Project location 5th settlement
Project space 25 Feddan
Types of units Villas- Twinhouse-Townhouse
the space of each unit\ or units space The space of available units starts from 247 SQM, and up toto 494 SQM.
Payment plans Get your unit with a 5% down payment, and pay the remaining over 6 years.
The developer Reedy Group

Azzar Compound New Cairo is the first milestone set by Reedy group company in the housing and development industry in Egypt through which the company proved its expertise to be qualified for launching more projects in the future.

Azzar Compound New Cairo offers a prestigious and luxurious housing experience for residents through innovative units designs that stimulate the European lifestyle, a mixture between the coastal views and the capital services.

Azzar New Cairo offers a top-flight level of all the essential utilities that can be found in the capital cities, in addition to a group of entertaining luxurious services including Sporting clubs, commercial malls, restaurants and cafes, etc.

The Crystal Lagoons is the top-notch iconic feature added that added to the compound to be one of the top 10 compounds in New Cairo.

Azzar Compound New Cairo Design 

Azzar Compound New Cairo

The authentic innovation made in Azzar compound fifth settlement helped in highlighting the company’s first endeavour in the real estate industry.

Innovation is the first value considered in Reedy group company’s vision, the company managed to create a peculiar and sought-after housing experience in the heart of New Cairo through brilliant designs and customized residential units.

The designs in Azzar compound new Cairo are inspired by the housing styles in California which are perfectly embodied in the [presentation of units diversity that includes Standalone Villas, Townhomes, and twin homes.

The division of the land was made under the supervision of the master engineers in the company to enable users to flawlessly utilize the compound’s space to their needs.

So, the company dedicated around 12,000 SQM to building facilities, and around 10,000 SQM to building commercial areas.

Azzar compound location

Azzar Compound New Cairo

The location vitality of Azzar compound added more value to the place and grabbed buyers’ attention, as it’s located in one of the eminent districts; Golden square.

  • Azzar compound is located on Nawady street. near 90th street
  • Azzar compound is close to a group of high-class compounds such as Mountain view 2, Palm Hills, and Sodic new Cairo Villette.
  • Azzar New Cairo is 20 minutes away near the International airport
  • For The American university enrolled students can arrive within 10 minutes.
  • Most importantly, Azzar Compound New Cairo is located near Rihab city with only a Two-minute distance.
  • The compound’s vital location lies also in its proximity to new Cairo club and Platinum club

Space of each type of residential unit in Azzar new Cairo

To provide a fully-served and integrated community, Reedy company utilized around 82% of the compound space for commercial uses and building utilities, while the remaining 18% space of Azzar new Cairo is left for innovative residential units and buildings.

Although the fact that Azzar Compound New Cairo is the first constructive project for Reedy group, the company proved its brilliance in delivering customers’ needs by building and designing different types of units to meet each customers’ demands.

  • Townhouse: the multi-floor townhouses are commonly spread in the compound with different spaces starting from 247 SQM to 28 SQM.
  • Twin houses: Twinhouse styles are available with an average space of 300 SQM.
  • Standalone Villas: the company showcased expertise in designing standalone villas as well as the other residential units, so the available space for Villas starts from 439 SQM to 494 SQM.
Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Top services and benefits in Azzar compound New Cairo

Azzar Compound New Cairo

Reedy group succeeded in allocating other companies’ expertise when it comes to providing services and facilities in Azzar compound New Cairo. The company’s commitment to providing the top level of comfort and luxury to Azzar’s residents was clyster clear through a group of the following services:

  • The company realized customers’ needs in 21 century for privacy, so ample space was considered while designing between units.
  • Sporting clubs were built on a giant land space to be capacious for different fitness activities.
  • Capacious green spaces enable residents to practise their preferred fitness activities such as cycling, running, or even promenading.
  • The artificial lagoon is the top-notch innovation in the compound that enables residents to enjoy the Croisette lifestyle in a workaholic-based environment of the capital cities.
  • A superstar kids’ area that contains different types of activities and games suitable for different ages.
  • Twenty-four hours of maintenance services are provided with top qualified workers and employers in each field.
  •  The compound is secured with a twenty-four horse smart security system that overlooks the whole compound.
  • Azzar compound contains a fully-integrated Commercial mall that includes multiple local and global brands in different niches to fit customers’ needs.
  • A wide variety of high-class restaurants and cafes that serve tasteful and delicious cuisines.
  • Besides all the green parks, the compound is designed with green land spaces between units to provide an impression of more vast space and a sense of environmental tranquillity.
  • Gyms and spa services to ensure residents’ comfort.
  • Azzar New Cairo contracted with expert designers to design perfect Swimming pools in different sizes to fit all needs.
  • Medical clinics and hospitals with proficient staff and advanced equipments.

The payment system in Azzar New Cairo

The Reedy group company determined to highlight the ease of payment system as one of its top advantages in Azzar new Cairo to enable residents to get their unit of dream in the instalment plan they prefer.

Azzar Compound New Cairo is built with a solid vision to introduce innovative residential units in fifth settlement in a variety of affordable price brackets to be users’ first choice.

The company has announced three different payment plans till the now, each Instalment plan is divided into 4 stages:

  • The first payment plan allows 5% Pre-payment while contracting in addition to 5% after three months, then paying  10% during receiving the units. Note that the remaining can be paid over 8 years.
  • The Second payment plan enables buyers to contract with only 10% of the total value in addition to paying 5% after three months, then paying 10% while receiving the unit. Note that the remaining amount can be paid over 9 years.
  • The third one empowers allows buyers to contract with 15% of the total value in addition to paying 5% after three months, then paying 10% while receiving the unit. the remaining cost can be paid over 10 years.
Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Azzar group developer

Reedy group company is one of the pioneering companies that left a landmark in different industries such as a Reedy group for food and Reedy group for wood. However, Reedy group’s commencement in the real estate industry was highlighted for the first time in 2007.

The brilliant innovation showcased in the designing and construction Azzar compound in new Cairo was brought into reality through the collaboration and the integrated expertise between both Dorra company, a leading firm in construction and development, and Ready group.

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Faq Related to Azzar compound New Cairo

what is company name that developed Azzar Compound New Cairo ?

Reedy group company for housing and developing

Where Azzar Compound is located?

Azzar compound is located in 5th settlement

How can I contact a representative from Azzar compound New Cairo?


What is the project space?

25 feddan

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