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Project Details
Project Name Taj City
Project Location 5th settlement
Project space 900 Acres
Units space The available unit space ranges from 86 to 280 SQM.
Units types Apartments- Duplex- villas- studios- commercial units.
Payment Plans New payment plan is launched that allows residents to purchase a unit with no prepayment and unit cost is paid over 10 years.
Developer Name Madinet Nasr Company for housing and development

Taj city New Cairo is one of the top prestigious development projects that is built in the heart of New Cairo with a clear-cut mission to redefine the housing experience in Egypt.

Tag city New Cairo offers a variety of splendid entertaining services that can be noticed in the availability of sporting clubs, gyms, and commercial malls. Furthermore, Nasr City company grant customers all the essential utilities by attracting investors to commence new projects in the city.

Moreover, the compound’s construction in the heart of such as a prestigious city as New Cairo led to the demand increase from buyers, check the top 10 compounds in New Cairo.

Taj City New Cairo detailed location 

Taj city New Cairo

Taj city New Cairo’s strategic location is a plus for many customers as they can feel connected to all the main roads in Cairo, hence, they can go anywhere within minutes.

The compound is built on a sprawling considerable area on the Suez road in addition to its proximity to the regional road.

 list of the most vital locations near Taj City New Cairo

  • Taj city new Cairo is situated nearly to the crossroads of both Thawra street and Suez Cairo road.
  • Taj City’s centric location is 10 minutes away from Madinet Nasr and Heliopolis.
  • Taj City location is in the vicinity of
  • It’s just five minutes away to arrive at the International Cairo airport
  • Most importantly, taj city is located on 90th street
  • Taj City location is built in the sight of Jw Marriott hotel and Kempinski.

Taj City Compound design

Taj city New Cairo

Taj city compound is built on a vast area of 900 acres with great utilization of spaces through contracting with top expert architectural designers.

The modern architectural designs of the European lifestyle accentuated the compound competitive value for customers over other projects.

Interestingly, one-third of the project space is dedicated to building residential units with great diversity while the remaining area is constructed for green natural swathes.

The company is meant to customize the largest area of the compound in providing its customers with a remarkable deluxe housing experience where artificial lakes and breathtaking views are everywhere.

Overview of the units’ space in Taj City compound

Taj city New Cairo

Taj City compound was constructed on a sprawling 900 acres to be perfectly utilized by offering a considerable variety of units in different sizes, so customers can find what appeals to their needs the most.

Purchasing a unit in Taj city shall be your priority, as the compound offers different units with different spaces such as duplexes, apartments, studios, and villas.

  • The available apartments spaces start from 86 SQM and up to 200 SQM’
  • Villas’ space in Taj city starts from 280 SQM

It’s worth mentioning that the diversity in the outer and inner designs of each unit type is one of the top advantages that weigh the projects for buyers.

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Taj city compound’s top services and benefits

The artistic view of Taj City compound wasn’t the only advantage that the company proved a progression in, as Nasr city company showcased solid expertise in offering its customers all the services, facilities, and entertaining amenities that shall be found in the top luxurious compounds. Indeed, the company managed to prove its worthiness.

  • Taj city compound is well-known for its variety of top luxurious restaurants that provide different cuisines
  • The sporting aspect is greatly highlighted in the compound through a group of highly equipped gyms and sporting clubs.
  • The compound offers different services to help community residents go through their day softly such as spa services.
  • The provided education level in the compound is noteworthy to be highlighted as one of the top utilities in the compound
  • A large number of artificial lakes and fountains for a perfect eye-pleasant view.
  • The Medical level is perfectly served in the company through a variety of advanced equipment and a skilful team of doctors and nurses.
  • An Entertaining kids’ area is the best part of the day for all parents in Taj City compound.
  • A Venue is dedicated to holding parties.
  • Five-star hotels are built in the compound
  • Commercial malls that host the top local and world-class brands.
  • Nasr city company for housing is keen to support and strengthen peoples’ cultural level through offering libraries.
  • Vast swathes of tracks for cycling and different kinds of sports are built with consideration to providing safety for residents.

Yet, the company is upgrading its services to fit the era’s progress.

 Payment system offered in Taj city compound

Nasr city company for development and housing launched facile payment plans that consider buyers’ different needs. As the company was established with a primary goal to offer residential units for mid-level income

Most preeminently, the competitive price list in taj city new Cairo is one of the remarkable advantages that allured many investors and customers.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Payment plans and Units’ handover date

  • Purchasing a unit in taj city requires no prepayment provided that the cost is paid over 10 years.
  • unit is officially delivered to the owners after four years from the date where parties sign the contract.

The developer of Taj city New Cairo

Nasr city is one of the leading companies in the real estate industry that proved solid expertise in bringing this masterpiece to reality and grabbing the world’s attention to its projects including Taj City New Cairo.

Nasr City company receive the recognition of building this glamorous fully-served compound through being up-levelled in the top list of the foremost real estate projects in order to align with the company’s main goals.

Since 1959, the company has participated in building and constructing different projects that later were highlighted in the top list of properties through the efforts of more than 450 team members.

Since its commencement, Nasr city company has utilized vast land spaces that are sprawling 40 million SQM all over Egypt in addition to other infrastructures.

Other projects held by Nasr city company for housing and development (MNHD)

  • Strip mall New Cairo
  • Taj sultan compound New Cairo
  • serai compound New Cairo

Other projects in New Cairo

FAQ related to Taj City compound

What is the company name that launched Taj city compound?

Madinet Nasr company for housing and development

Where Taj City is located?

5th settlement,.

How can i contact a representative from Taj City compound?

Call the following number 01144320111

What is the project space?

900 Acres

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