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O West compound 6 October| The future of housing in October

Project Details
Project Name O West compound
Project Loction 6th of October
Project space 1000 Feddan
Types of units Apartments- Duplex- Villas
Average space of the available units Different spaces that starts from 124 SQM to 900 SQM
Payment Plans 10% down payment, and the remaining is paid over 8 years.
The Developer Orascom company

O West compound 6 October is one of the top luxurious projects launched recently and classified as one of the lofty compounds in a strategic spot in 6th October city.

O West compound 6 October shall be customers’ first choice for its top-flight services, modern architectural designs, accessible location, affordable prices and ease of payment, and, definitely, a luxurious life.

Orascom, the developing company, collaborated with the top master engineers and designers in Egypt to deliver a one-of-a-kind residential experience in the heart of the 6th of October city which is a plus for residents. Check the best compounds in 6 October.

O West compound offers a variety of top needed services that includes a Smart security system, Sporting clubs, commercial malls, administrative areas, gym and spa,  breathtaking views of artificial lakes and green spaces, etc.

O West location

Similar to the other projects of Orascom company, the O west compound is located in one of the most accessible locations on 6th October with great proximity to the most vital places in Cairo.

  • O West location is close to Mall of Egypt, one of the largest in Egypt.
  • O West Compound is approximately 12 minutes away from Zewil city
  • The accessibility of O West location lies in its proximity to the regional ring road through which residents can arrive at multiple destinations such as ( Helwan- Fisel- Giza-Haram- Fifth settlement- Maadi, etc)
  • Egyptian Media production city is around 3 Km away from O West Compound.
  • O West Compound is situated nearby to a group of the most significant places in Cairo that include Movimbik hotel, Juhayina square, wadi Degla club, and Cairo University.
  • It’s 3 km away from the Dream Land compound.
  • It’s only 25 minutes away to arrive at Hyper one.
  • O West is located near Oasis Road.

The perfectly-chosen location of O West compound allured many buyers to move to 6 October and enjoy the best residential services.

O West compound 6 October design

The solid expertise of Orascom in delivering different residential and commercial projects was clyster clear in the final design of the compound.

Units and buildings designs in O West compound 6 October were determined in alignment with the modern standards, so customers can not only receive top-flight services but also enjoys a premium housing experience. 

While designing and constructing the space of the O West Orascom, the company dedicated large parts to green spaces due to their positive and optimistic influence on everyday life.

What’s more interesting about O West compound is its construction on a high summit that led to a typically mild climate.

O west compound 6 October Space

The developer company choose a giant land space to build its milestone, O West compound 6 October, on a 1000-land Feddan in alignment with the modern division of landscapes and residential units.  

The engineers and designers responsible for the O West Orascom project were determined to perfectly divide the compound into three essential sections: luxurious entertaining services, administrative buildings and, finally, the residential units. 

For the residential part that is rolling out on 50 Feddan, the company managed to provide excellent units diversity which was shown in dedicating around 60% for building Villas and 40% for residential units.

Orascom company believes in the importance of providing a personalized experience for buyers to select their desired unit upon their demands and needs, the division is as follows:

  • Duplex: It’s a three-bedroom unit that is provided in different spaces starting from 230 SQM to 250 SQM.
  • Apartments: The available units contain from two to three bedrooms that are provided in multiple spaces starting from 124 to 205 SQM.
  • Townhouse: A multi-floor home with a maximum space of 264.
  • Twinhouse: Twinhouse units are provided in different spaces that start at 429 SQM.
  • Standalone Villas: the maximum space is 900 SQM.
Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

O West compound 6 october location

The payment system announced in O West Compound

Through The solid experience of Orascom company in the construction projects, the company managed to realize the customers’ need for multiple controllable instalment plans so they can get their unit of dream with ease.

  • For instance, Orascom company enables buyers to purchase their unit with only 10% of the total cost and pay the remaining periodically over 7 years.
Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Club residence O West compound 

Club Residence is a processive stage in O West compound that offers the same premium level of residential services and splendid architectural designs.

Club residence O West compound contains a high level of the same services:

  • A Giant Commercial mall hosts top brands and food corners.
  • A giant Green space that is perfect for different fitness activities.
  • A large space is dedicated for holding administrative firms, and commercial and medical units.
  • Highly-equipped Sporting halls 
  • Many artificial lakes led to the evolution of breathtaking views and added a sense of tranquillity.

Top benefits and services in O West compound

With +70 years of expertise in the construction field, Orascom company managed to master offering all services and the top needed facilities with excellence. 

  • The company decided to construct an entertaining area full of restaurants and cafes on a high summit, so residents can enjoy tasteful food while overlooking the whole city. 
  • Orascom company has dedicated a large space in more than one area to build different kids’ areas that include joyful games.
  • Internal transportation is one of the great advantages provided in the O west compound where residents can relieve themselves from the daily tension of driving. 
  • The compound contains Electricity and a water station to perfectly support the infrastructure of the compound.
  • the company established a highly-equipped hospital and clinics that are operated by a proficient medical team.
  • Orascom dedicated effort to providing eye-pleasant views through multiple green parks and artificial lakes. 
  • Orascom is planning to represent a fully-served compound by building three international schools and a university.
  • Most importantly, and besides the green spaces and commercial malls, the compound includes a 35-Feddan club that offers different splendid social, sporting, and entertaining services.
  • Massive green tracks are built to enable residents to practice different fitness activities such as cycling.
  • Highly equipped Gym and spa.
  • The business district is an administration-based area that is specialized for holding firms and encouraging more investments in O West compound.
  • A commercial mall is built on a capacious space to host all the most required brands.
  • Orascom company secured O West compound with a smart security system, in addition to hiring a proficient team of safeguards. 

Yet, O West compound still undergoes enhancements due to the demands of the new residents. 

O West compound’s developer 

Orascom is one of the pioneering companies in Egypt that specializes in the different fields of construction, connection& investments, facilities management, building materials, and Equipment services.

The company usually hires and collaborates with the experienced teams in Egypt to be able to deliver its four key pillars: excellence, safety, construction, and environment.

The company’s expansion exceeded Egypt’s borders by launching many projects in different counties such as Algeria, Bahrain, Washington, Texas, and Abu Dhabi.

Other projects by Orascom in the 

  • Makadi Heights Hurghada Resort.
  • Taba Heights Hurghada
  • Siyan resort in Sokhna 
  • Bayoum in Fayoum
  • Developing a giant land space of 49.9 Million SQM.
  • King Abd El Aziz International Airport
  • Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi

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FAQ Related to O West compound 6 October

What is the company name that developed the O West compound ?

Orascom company

Where O West compound is located?

O West compound is located in 6th of Ocotber

How can I contact a representative from Orascom company ?


What is the project space?

1000 Feddan

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