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Why you should buy in PUKKA New Capital

Project Details
Project Name PUKKA New Capital
Project location New Capital
Project space 40 Feddan
Types of units studios, apartments, and Roof garden-based units.
units space ranges from 112 SQM to 227 SQM.
Payment plans multiple payment plans upon customers’ requirements
The developer Master Builder Group

Pukka New Capital compound has become buyers’ first choice when it comes to a prestigious integrated housing experience that is surrounded by the top needed national amenities.

Pukka New Capital is launched by Master Builder company for development, one of the pioneering in the market, in alignment with the modern standards that bring customers both comfort and elegance.  

Besides the opulent lifestyle provided in Pukka New Capital, the compound includes all the essential and lavish services that include a Medical centre, a commercial mall, a food court, a fitness club, etc. 

Pukka New Capital Location 

Master Builder company for development selected the new capital city as the main location for launching its milestone, Pukka compound, because of the growing potential of the city for a luxurious and fully integrated city.

New Capital city, representing the future of real estate in Egypt, is an exceptional opportunity for whoever is willing to take his housing experience far away from the Cairo crowd and still preserve his right to handle all the essential and legal procedures.

While deciding on the location of Pukka by Master Builder, the company considered two main standards while the process: the place’s livability and its proximity to the main significant areas.

Pukka new capital compound is surrounded by livable prestigious spots which is a competitive advantage for buyers such as Expo land and the cathedral church of Jesus.

Check all the nearby places to Pukka compound:

  • The international Airport 
  • The British university
  • Embassy district new capital city ( Safart) 
  • Al Fatah AL Aleem Mosque 
  • The green river 
  • The south of Muhammed Ben Zayed axis.
  • The regional ring road

Pukka New capital total Space 

Master Builder selected a massive area to build its prestigious compound of 40 Feddan which is 186,000 meters.

Similar to the other projects in New Capital, Master Builder dedicated the largest part of the compound to building vast green parks representing a balance between the facilities and the breathtaking views.

Residents in Pukka new capital of Egypt can enjoy a state of art portrayed by the responsible team in the smallest details by combining both the blue colour with the lush green throug fountains and artificial lakes.

Pukka compound design is set in alignment with the highest standards of architectural techniques that grant residents both elegance and practicality.

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Types of residential units in Pukka New Cairo 

Pukka New Cairo announced a primitive phase of around 1696 residential units, different types of units are included, in a modern design.

The above-mentioned 1696 Residential units are allocated between 42 Residential blocks which refer to the great height of the blocks and their massive space.

The available units in Pukka new city are studios, apartments, and Roof garden-based units.  The variety of spaces represented in Pukka New Capital ranges from 112 SQM to 227 SQM.

The company is highly committed to delivering the units to its owners within 4 years. Kindly note that all the residential units shall be delivered semi-finished in super high quality.

Pukka New Capital Egypt Desing 

What distinguishes Pukka New Capital Egypt design master plan is the integration of the European lifestyle immersed in the compound with the classical traditionality of Egypt.

It’s worth mentioning that Rafet Miller, the great architect whose collaboration in Mall of Egypt was a clyster clear, supervise and monitor the designing phase to come out with such as masterpiece.

The architectural design of Pukka New Capital Egypt is outlined to set a true value for residents in which they can elevate the performing of everyday tasks.

the breathtaking view in pukka new capital egypt

Top 15 services in Pukka New capital compound 

Pukka New capital compound is one of the top choices regarding a fully served compound where customers can enjoy immediate delivery for their needs. 

  • Pukka New Capital is featured with extensive security through a smart security system of cameras.
  • Vast Green park is a perfect opportunity for kids to play freely.
  • Pukka New Capital compound provides a seamless experience regarding eye-pleasant views that combines the blue and green colours in a perfect balanced scene.
  • Pukka compound provided sparking garages in capacious spaces in which residents can find a parking spot for their cars.
  • The compound announced the launch of a Pet hub that provides the best care levels for pet lovers.
  • Pukka new capital compound contracted with the best security company to get well-trained guards whose responsibility is to grant residents’ safety.
  • Pukka compound puts the health of its customers as its top priority by providing clinics and 24h pharmacies.
  • A business-based venue was the perfect option to encourage businessmen and entrepreneurs.
  • One of the best clubhouses in New Cairo will be launched in Pukka compound with a high level of spa and jacuzzi services.
  • The pukka’s Aquamarine-based area is one of the most entertaining places found in Pukka compound.
  • Pukka compound set a new system of sharing bicycle system.
  • Paved tracks wherePukka’s residents can do light physical activities such as cycling and promenading.
  • Restaurants-based areas are set on sprawling the compound where the community members can experience mouth-watering dishes.
  • Pukka compound announced the launch of a massive commercial mall that hosts the most reputable brands.
  • The architectural design of the compound is meant to add a sense of elegance for residents.
  • One of the top services provided in Pukka is the centric wifi service that is meant to strengthen the network in the compound.
  • A resident can find multiple hypermarkets across the compound 
  • A Transportation network that enables residents to move both inside and outside the compound without the need to use their private vehicles.

Pukka New Capital Prices & Payment plans 

Pukka New Capital Prices is a clear-cut competitive advantage for whoever is willing to take his housing experience to the highest levels of luxury.

Pukka New capital compound set its payment system upon customers’ requirements that can be summarized in ease of payment over a long period.

Check the available payment systems in Pukka New Captial Egypt

  1. 1st plan requires paying 0 down payment provided that the cost shall be paid during a period of 5 years only.
  2. 2nd plan allows customers to pay their due over 6 years provided that paying 6% of the total cost as a down payment and after a one-year amount of 6% of the total unit cost shall be paid.
  3. 3rd plan allows paying the following: 10% of the total unit cost, 5% after 1 year, and 5% after two years. The remaining cost shall be paid over 7 years periodically.
  4. 4th plan came as follows: paying 15% of the total unit cost as a down payment, 5% after one year, 5% after two years, and another 5% after three years. The remaining cost can be paid over 8 years.

Kindly consider that the above-mentioned plans are subject to modification according to buyers’ requirements, we do our best to keep you updated.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Master Budiler company 

Master Builder Group specializes in the real industry with great experience in different aspects such as the construction industry, providing advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures

Since the company’s foundation, it has been participating, with all its full capacity, to renew and inspire the real estate industry in Egypt through multiple housing, Medical and educational projects. 

Nile Academy and MPG School are the top two educational projects launched by Master Builder Group.

Besides the residential projects, the Master Builder company proved genuinity in introducing Medical projects such as Al Nokhba Medical centre, Dar el Safa hospital, Gehan Medical centre, and El Mansoura hospital.

Master Builder mission starts with selecting livable spots that provide customers with accessibility to all of Cairo’s main roads and prestigious areas to a customized choice with a smart system applied.

Other projects by Master Builder

  • Al Tahrir Tower
  • El Oula city 
  • MBG Commercial 
  • Al Safa compound 

other projects in new capital city

  1. Scene 7 New capital
  2. Castle Landmark New Capital
  3. Midtown Condo new capital
  4. Midtown sky New Capital

Faq Related to PUKKA New Capital

what is company name that developed PUKKA New Capital ?

Master Builder Group

Where PUKKA is located?

PUKKA is located in New Capital

How can I contact a representative from Master Builder Group ?


What is the project space?

40 feddan

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