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Scene 7 New capital compound – 0 down payment

Project Details
Project Name Scene 7 New capital compound
Project location New capital
Project space 40-Feddan
units space ranges from 124 SQM to 236 SQM
Payment plans multiple payment plans
The developer Akam developmen

Scene 7 New capital compound, a 40-Feddan community, is one of the most reputable compounds launched in the G2 in new Cairo promising a new perspective of housing in Egypt.

Akam company, one of the real estate leaders in Egypt, meant to introduce a new innovative residential-based community, scene 7 New capital compound, where the sublimity of the scene is one of the top themes in the compound.

Scene 7 New capital compound embodies a statement of beauty through captivating landscapes of greenery parks and turquoise-based spots of fountains and artificial lakes.

Scene 7 compound Akam Egypt addresses all customers’ demands toward a smart opulent lifestyle where ease is an essential component.

Scene 7 New Capital Compound location 

The location of Scene 7 new capital compound was strategically selected on one of the most strategic spots surrounded by top capital amenities in addition to a group of prestigious compounds. 

Akama selected G2 specifically in the R7 area, to reshape the housing lifestyle in Egypt through a piece of art, Scene 7 compound.

The livability of Scene 7  new capital compound is one of the top attractive factors for many buyers as they can go around effortlessly.

If you are about to make your next move in such a prestigious compound in New Cairo Egypt, it’s necessary to be fully aware of all spots in the neighbourhood and the needed time to arrive at any destination.

  • The diplomatic district is one of the nearby places to Scene 7 new capital 
  • Al Wazarat street( Ministries street)
  • 90th street in fifth settlement.

Why Scene 7 compound Akam Egypt shall be your next move? 

For the fact that scene 7 new capital compound occupied property buyers’ intention due to its smart distinguished qualification, the first question that shall be answered is why you have to choose Scene 7 compound Akam Egypt?

First of all, the lifestyle represented in scene 7 compound Egypt is designed to make your life easier believing that happiness starts from the simplicity and the fact that a mission is accomplished easily.

The compound location near the diplomatic district grants you a lavish neighbourhood where all the most prestigious compounds are within two kilos or three around you.

Scene 7 compound Akam Egypt is designed to take your fitness experience and nutrition lifestyle to the highest level through a huge fitness zone that provides hubs for each type of sport.

Finally, maintenance and house services are provided in the compound with excellence.

So if you are looking for a perfect location, fully integrated community, and premium lifestyle, then Scene 7 compound shall be your first choice.

Scene 7 New Capital compound design 

Akam company launched its prestigious project on 40-Feddan land which is a capacious space for building a-one-of-a kind fully- integrated community.

The compound dedicated around 20% of its total space to building residential units, the company announced that Scene 7 includes a total number of 1,550.

While the remaining part, around 80% of the compound space, is left to provide greenery spaces and amenities that include Cinemas- sporting clubs, commercial areas, clubhouses, gyms, etc.

greenery spaces all over the compound in Scene 7  compound

Types of residential units in Scene 7 compound Egypt

Akam company diversified the types of the provided residential units to empower customers in Egypt to pick their perfect fit.

The space of the available residential units in Scene 7 compound Egypt ranges from 124 SQM to 236 SQM.

Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Top 14 features and services in Scene 7 New Capital compound Egypt 

Scene 7 new capital compound is featured with its being a fully integrated community in which customers can enjoy high-quality services and facilities.

Moreover, the compound strategic location in the new capital city is a clear-cut privilege that enables customers to perform all their legal procedures and get premium quality amenities.

If you are about to take your housing experience in the new capital city through the scene 7 compound, you need to know all the available services:

  • Scene 7 New Capital compound is featured with vast lush greenery spaces all over the compound.
  • The compound design was outlined in alignment with providing different water-based views such as fountains.
  • Arkam company gave much consideration to sports through a sporting club, which occupies around 26% of the total compound space, that provides playgrounds, coaches, and equipment in different fields such as Archery hub, swimming pools, Gymanistic & Ballet, Tennis, football, handball, Padell Tennis, CrossFit, Yoga, and Badminton.
  • Scene 7 compound new capital is featured with private and shared garages.
  • An Olympic swimming pool for enthusiasts.
  • The compound offers a clubhouse that strengthens the bonds between the community adding more fun.
  • Scene 7 compound offers a highly-secured Kid’s area that provides entertainment for kids of different ages.
  • Scene 7 compound managed to meet customers’ medical needs through different medical centres.
  • Scene 7 New Capital compound is featured with an extensive security level that provides safety for its customers through smart cameras set all over the compound with high technologies to detect faces perfectly.
  • Residents in Scene 7 compound Egypt are meant to experience safety because of the huge number of security members whose responsibility is to check the identity of people in the compound.
  • the compound is designed with the highest safety levels by dedicating tracks for promenading.  
  • Scene 7 compound offers multiple venues for holding events and celebrations.
  • Similar to other projects in the new capital city, scene 7 launched a huge commercial mall where customers can find their favourite stores and brands.
  • Scene 7 compound exceeds its customers’ expectations regarding the food and beverage services through well-known restaurants that serve different cuisines.

Scene 7 Compound Akam Egypt’s top services list is still under notice for enhancement upon customers’ requirements.

Scene 7 Compound Akam Egypt prices 

Scene 7 Compound Akam Egypt offers the most competitive prices in the neighbourhood that is set with high ROI for customers due to the premium quality of services for its customers.

Akam company considers customer satisfaction while taking decisions and setting rules, as one of its priorities believing that success starts from the customer.

Therefore, the company announced multiple payment plans in alignment with the importance of facilitation of the payment process. 

  • 1st Payment plan requires paying 0 down payment provided that the total unit cost is paid over 5 years.
  • 2nd payment plan in scene 7 compound requires paying 6% as a down payment, and the remaining is paid over 6 years.
  • 3rd plan allows customers to pay 7% as a down payment while the rest of the cost is paid over 7 years.
  • 4th Payment plan requires paying 10% of the total unit cost and paying the remaining over 8 years.
  • 5th plan, and the last one, allows buyers to pay over 10 years provided that they have to pay only 10% as a down payment and pay 5% of the total unit cost after three months.

Kindly note that the above-mentioned payment plans are subject to change at any time according to customers’ needs.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Akam company for development 

Akam development is one of the leading real estate companies that was introduced to the market for the first time in 2018 exceeding customers’ expectations with its brilliant innovations.

Akam company strives to lead an effective role in enhancing and developing the housing experience in Egypt through innovative designs and practical housing solutions.

Since the company’s inception, it kept surprising its customers with the premium quality provided in all its projects that expanded all over Egypt.

While setting the master plan of any residential projects, Akam endeavours to setting high ROI for its customers to meet their expectations as a metric of their success. 

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Faq Related to Scene 7 Compound new capital

what is company name that developed Scene 7 Compound?

Akam developmen

Where Scene 7 Compound is located?

Scene 7 Compound compound is located in New Capital

How can I contact a representative from Akam developmen ?


What is the project space?

40 feddan

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