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Top 15 Features and services in De Joya 3 New Capital

Project Details
Project Name De Joya 3 New Capital
Project location New Capital
Project space 23 Feddan
units space starts from 110 SQM to 230 SQM.
Payment plans 10% is required as a down payment. The remaining cost can be paid over 8 years.
The developer Taj Misr Development

De Joya 3 New Capital Has become people’s first choice for a one-of-a-kind luxurious lifestyle where residents can grant both a strategic location and a perfectly-served community.

De Joya 3 New Capital is one of the flagship projects launched by City Edge company in the heart of the administrative city near a group of educational and social amenities.

The design of De Joya 3 New Capital compound combines the magnificence of the modern architectural styles and the simplicity of the natural views.

De Joya 3 New Capital is classified as an integrated community that provides different high-quality services, such as medical clinics, pharmacies, sporting clubs, fashion and furniture stores, food corners, private garages, security, swimming pools, etc.

 De Joya 3 new capital Location

De Joya 3 New capital location was strategically chosen by Taj Misr for development among a group of the most prestigious compounds and international schools.

The decision of launching a residential project in the administrative city was taken after a deep analysis of the top potential areas in the city.

De Joya New Cairo’s strategic location is a super plus for residents because of its accessibility to Cairo Main Roads.

De Joya 3 New Capital Egypt is constructed on B2 in the 8th district with great proximity to the tourist walkaway and the diplomatic district.

If you are about to the new capital city through one of its best fully-integrated compounds, De Joya, it’s essential to be fully aware of all the surrounding spots and the needed time to arrive at your destination.

  • De Joya 3 new capital compound is 10 minutes away from the opera house 
  • The distance between the new capital airport is 30 minutes away from Dejoya compound Egypt
  • It’s only 10 minutes To arrive at the expo land from De Joya 3 New Capital.

De Joya 3 New Capital space and artistic design 

De Joya 3 New Capital is constructed in a massive space of 23 Feddan where residents can enjoy the availability of essential facilities and utilities.

Taj Misr developments intended to pick the most teams in the market 

The responsible team of designers managed to apply the latest design techniques that grant residents a high-class luxurious experience simulating the European lifestyle.

De Joya 3 New Capital Egypt represents a balance between the simplicity of nature provided in the captivating landscapes and the fully-served facilities.

high-class luxurious experience in De Joya 3 New Capital

Types of residential units in De Joya 3 New Capital Egypt

De Joya 3 New Capital Egypt is constructed in two gradual phases in which the first one includes around 7 splendid blocks.

De Joya 3 compound Egypt managed to exceed customers’ expectations by providing many types of residential units in different spaces.

Space variety enables customers to select/her favourite unit according to the set price average.

The available residential types in De Joya 3 compound are Sky Villa- De Joya Villa- Studios- Duplex- apartments 

    • The space of two-bedroom apartments starts from 110 to 128 SQM.
    • The space of Three-bedroom apartments starts from 139 SQM up to 190 SQM.
    • The space of a four-bedroom apartment starts ranges from 210 to 230 SQM.
    • The Duplex space starts from 290 SQM.
  • The space of Sky Villa types starts from 300 SQM.
  • The space of Dejoya Villa type is 400 SQM.
  • 70 SQM is the average space of a small studio in De Joya compound.
Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

De Joya 3 New Capital Prices and payment plans 

De Joya 3 New Capital offers a manageable payment plan and competitive price list that enable customers to pick their favourite unit and pay with ease.

Taj Misr company for development managed in selecting both a centric location in the administrative city and capacious space for its project in 

De Joya 3 New Capital prices are meant to provide the highest Roi for the unit buyer in regard f the high quality and types of services provided.

If you are willing to purchase a residential unit in De Joya 3 compound, you are entitled to extend the payment process for more than 6 years under the following conditions:-

  1. 5% of the total cost is required as a down payment and the remaining shall be paid periodically over 8 years.
  2. 10% of the cost is required to get your unit and pay the remaining over a period of 9 years.
  3. Also, 0% down payment is allowed 
  4. 5% is added as maintenance fees.

10,000 Egp is essential to book a unit in the compound.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Top 15 Features and services in De Joya 3 New  Capital 

Dejoya 3 new capital compound shall be your first choice when it comes to a fully-served community that offers services in all life aspects: Social, medical, entertaining, and health. 

  • Taj Misr company was keen to provide turquoise views in the compound through fountains and a small splendid lagoon.
  • De Joya 3 compound’s new capital includes three huge swimming pools
  • De Joya commercial mall is meant to take customers’ experience to the next level enabling them to get all of their needs.
  • De Joya 3 New Capital Egypt dedicated space for constructing paved tracks where both adults and children can cycle or do any other light activities.
  • There’ are multiple garages between blocks in DeJoya 3 compound.
  • A clubhouse is one of the most significant features available in De Joya 3 new capital that enables customers to spend quality time.
  • De Joya 3 new capital compound serves the medical needs of its customers flawlessly through different medical clinics.
  • Sporting club where all types of sports are provided and supervised by highly experienced coaches.
  • De Joya Health hub includes a spa and jacuzzi.
  • Maintenance services are excellently provided.
  • Taj Misr compound was keen to provide the best security level in De Joya 3 compound, thus, they contracted with one of the best security entities that provide smart technology granting a 100% safe place.
  • Pharmacies are available in De Joya 24 hours a week.
  • De-Joya compound is classified as one of the top compounds that gave much consideration for providing breathtaking views of green nature and water-based features.
  • A wide terrace is an essential feature in all De Joya residential units.

De Joya 3 New Capital Developer ( Taj Misr Development)

Taj Misr is one of the real estate dominant companies that was launched in the market in 2006 as a sister company for the Egyptian international construction company.

Taj Misr is committed to delivering high-quality and unique features in all its projects in order to gain customers’ satisfaction and their trust as being the main provider of prestigious customized options.

.Taj Misr company has expanded inside and outside Egypt with brilliant projects that grant customers the highest ROI.

Taj Misr company for development invested in wide lands in different areas, developing fourth-generation city occupies the large part of investments, such as New Cairo, 6th of October city, and the new administrative capital city.

Taj Misr development expansion in New Cairo was represented in the following projects The Social Club of Employees of the Central Bank in New Cairo, Dyar Park Sabbour Compound, Bloom Bank Egypt, and the address compound.

Taj Misr’s expansion in the new administrative city was remarked through the following projects: around 15 buildings in the 3rd district related to the new Europan community in addition to developing 32 budlings in R5.

Other projects by De Joya New Capital 

South Cairo Court Complex.

Greens project for engineer Hassan Durra.

American School in Sheikh Zayed.

Badr Gardens Project.

other projects in new capital city

  1. Scene 7 New capital
  2. Castle Landmark New Capital
  3. Midtown Condo new capital
  4. Midtown sky New Capital

Faq Related to De Joya 3 New Capital

what is company name that developed De Joya 3 New Capital?

Taj Misr Development

Where De Joya 3 is located?

De Joya 3 is located in New Capital

How can I contact a representative from Taj Misr Development?


What is the project space?

23 feddan

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