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Top 11 features and services in Castle Landmark New Capital

Project Details
Project Name Castle Landmark New Capital
Project location New Capital
Project space 43 Feddan
units space The space of residential units starts from 120 SQM up to 300 SQM.
Payment plans ُقدم الشركة العديد من أنظمة الدفع المُختلفة
The developer Castle Landmark company for development

Castle Landmark New Capital, 43-Feddan prestigious compound, is located on one of the most livable spots in the New Administrative city granting customers an exceptional fully-served housing experience.

Castle Landmark New Capital promises an opulent lifestyle in which residents enjoy smart based-housing solutions fitting their requirements.

The residential project of Castle Landmark new capital was assigned to a group of skilful consultants and architects who successfully managed to bring such a masterpiece into reality.

Regarding everyday life, the compound grants you a smart and facilitated lifestyle in which all of your tasks and missions are easily delivered.

The available services in the Castle compound Egypt can be summarized into commercial demands, medical needs, food and beverage, health and well-being services, security, etc.

Being centred in the new administrative city near the cathedral church led to doubling buyers’ inquiries to take their housing experience to the next level.

Why The New administrative Capital City is receiving much attention from customers? 

The new administrative city is classified as one of the most prestigious cities included in the fourth-generation list that received intense concentration by the government and investors to share similarities, in a more advanced way, with both Cairo and Alex.

The New Capital city introduces a radical transformation in the housing industry in Egypt by implementing the latest, smart, techniques that guarantee residents a new opulent lifestyle.

The New administrative city has a main role in diminishing Cairo’s congestion by building a simulation of Cairo through local amenities and government-based facilities. 

The New Capital is a solution-based city that is built to upgrade the real estate industry to a premier level where comfort and integration are the two main components.

The location of The New administrative capital city was strategically selected to be connected with the main roads in Egypt: 

Castle Landmark New Capital location 

The location of Castle Landmark New capital Egypt was strategically chosen after a long discussion of selecting the best area inside the new administrative city.

What makes Castle Landmark New Capital one of the best locations that received an increasing number of inquiries is the compound is surrounded closely by multiple prestigious universities, Hospitals, and amenities.

Castle Landmark compound Egypt’s strategic location grants you high accessibility to all the main roads.

  • Castle Landmark is 20 minutes away from the airport of the administrative city.
  • Castle Landmark compound is 15 minutes away from The southern axis of Ben Zayed.
  • It’s only three minutes away from the administrative capital city.
  • The compound is located near a group of prestigious compounds such as the Scenario compound Egypt.
  • The compound is close to the British university and the river green.

Delivering a prime location is the main target for the castle company in all its projects.

Compound Castle Landmark New Capital design

For a lavish prestigious design, Castle Landmark New Capital collaborated with one of the top pioneering consultants in Egypt the Okoplan, a joint Egyptian-German company.

Through this brilliant collaboration, the final architectural appearance of the compound is simulated with the modern architectural outlines in Europe immersed with Egypt’s Genuity.

Castle Landmark introduces an innovative architectural design to the Egyptian market where individuals can enjoy the distinguishes of their unique blueprint.

In Parallel with the fourth-generation cities in Egypt,  81% of the total compound space is dedicated to providing vast green spaces that are meant to add a sense of serenity and elegance.

Castle Landmark New Capital is featured with one of the top green compounds recently in Egypt that supports clean energy.

All the compound is operated with solar Energy set as an alternative source of energy to help in eliminating.

prestigious design in Compound Castle Landmark New Capital

Types of residential units in Castle landmark compound Egypt 

Castle Landmark compound Egypt provides different types of residential units to enable customers to find their perfect fit according to their demands.

The space of residential units starts from 120 SQM up to 300 SQM.

Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Castle Landmark compound prices and payment methods 

Castle Landmark compound prices are the perfect fit for whoever looking for a high Roi of what he is going to pay through premium quality and integrated services.

Castle Landmark compound managed to set manageable payment plans that grant customers ease of payment and durability ( or time)

  • The First Payment plan requires paying 0 down payment provided that the cost has to be paid over 5 years.
  • 2nd plan allows customers o pay 10% of the total unit cost and pay the remaining over 7 years.
  • The last one enables customers to extend the payment period up to 10 years provided that he has to pay all of the following in the said time: he has to pay 10% as a down payment, 5% after one year, and after two years another 5% is paid.

It’s necessary to know that the company announced a system based on the priority of booking with an amount of 30,000 EGP.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Top features and services in Castle Landmark compound Egypt 

Castle Landmark compound Egpyt fills the gap between the practicality of life and the simplicity of nature through vast green spaces.

Castle Landmark compound Egypt is constructed on 43 Feddan which is a capacious space to build a fully integrated community with endless services.

Because of the long record of the company in launching residential projects, the company managed to determine customers’ needs and deliver them with excellence.

The provided services of Castle Landmark New Capital are perfectly added to enhance the way people live and do their tasks.

If castle landmark Egypt is one of your top concerns, then knowing the available services in detail will help you make a proper decision.

  1. The swimming pools in Castle Landmark New Capital are featured with their innovative designs and scalable sizes to fit different ages.
  2. The clubhouse is the perfect touch that ties the community bonds through activities and gatherings.
  3. A wide health hub provides the latest machines in the market, in addition to skilful coaches.
  4. Intense security is buyers’ first concern, therefore, the compound applied a smart security system of cameras that perfectly detect faces and belongings through a satellite base.
  5. A restaurant-based area where the compound residents can enjoy an exceptional taste whether it’s a western or eastern dish.
  6. A sporting club is all that you need for yourself and your family to practice your preferred sport.
  7. A party-based venue has become essential for 2022, thus, the compound offers a wide venue that would be a perfect fit for different uses.
  8. Private garages for vehicles.
  9. What makes the castle landmark New Capital a one-of-kind housing experience is the centric air conditioner.
  10. The compound commercial mall is the first place to go when you need to make shopping whether apparel, beverage, and furniture.
  11. Castle Landmark compound Egypt provides a kids’ area in which they can enjoy different types of activities and games while parents grant their safety because of the security added level.

The Developer (Castle Landmark company)

Castle company for development, a sister company for EBC for development that launched in 1982 is one of new companies in the market that proved its expertise and speciality in gaining customers’ trust.

Castle Landmark company for development has been contributing innovative and authentic designs applying modern techniques and practical solutions for a better lifestyle. 

Castle Landmark compound Egypt is one of the top milestones of Castle company that up-levelled the company to the next level where reputation and trust are the main components.

With the progression of the Real estate market in Egypt, the company managed to keep its feet strongly through residential and commercial projects with investments reaching 8 billion.

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Faq Related to castle landmark compound

what is company name that developed castle landmark compound ?

Castle Landmark company for development

Where castle landmark compound is located?

castle landmark compound is located in New Capital

How can I contact a representative from Castle Landmark company for development ?


What is the project space?

43 feddan

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