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Project Details
Project Name Midtown Villa
Project location New Capital
Project space 45 Feddan
Types of units Twin houses, Town House, and Standalone Villas.
units space ranges from 200 SQM to 400 SQM.
Payment plans 10 % down payment and the remaining will be paid over 10 years.
The developer Better Home for development

Midtown Villa New Capital is a 45-Feddan compound located on Ben Zayed Axis promising a New Future in the housing industry in Egypt because of its sophisticated architectural style and options diversity.

Midtown Villa New Captial is considered a milestone for a better home company for development that set its full capacity to represent an innovation based on smart techniques.

Midtown Villa New Capital is a fully integrated community that promises a customer a self-sufficient experience in which all his needs are specifically delivered.

Residents in Midtown Villa New Capital can enjoy the availability of all the following services: Commercial stores, medical centres, a health hub, a sporting club, an advanced gym, beverage and food services, and a smart security system.

Midtown Villa New Captial compound Location 

Better house company for development excelled expertise in selecting a strategic spot inside the New Administrative Capital city.

Midtown Villa New Capital location grants you accessibility to the main roads in Cairo, through which you can arrive anywhere with ease, such as the Suez desert road and the regional ring road.

The compound is featured with its proximity to all the following:- 

  • The compound is located in front of the expo land.
  • The British university (BUA)
  • Almasa Hotel
  • Central park
  • Cathedral church is just minutes away from the compound.
  • The River Park is one of the top landmarks located near the MidTown Villa compound.

However, selecting the new administrative Cairo as the main location for building the compound is considered the high potential that enables customers to benefit from the endless services provided in the city.

Architectural design and space of Midtown Villa

Midtown Villa New capital compound is designed by Better House company, one of the reputable compounds in the market because of its high-end designs, in alignment with the latest architectural and designing techniques.

The applied techniques in designing the Midtown compound grant customers contemporary temperature, practical living solutions, and moderate temperature 

Besides the strategic location of the Midtown Villa New capital, its space came out to be a real potential for making a balance between the simplicity of nature and the necessity of amenities.

MidTown Villa compound’s lush green spaces offer a sense of serenity and elegance for residents.

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Architectural design  Midtown Villa

The available residential types on Midtown Villa New capital

After analyzing the market needs and their potential, the company flawlessly divided the residential units into main three types, Twin houses, Town House, and Standalone Villas.

Knowing the average space of each residential unit is necessary to match your requirements with the existing potential:

  • The space of Twinhouse starts from 200 SQM to 300 SQM.
  • The space of the Townhouse in Midtown Villas starts from 300 SQM.
  • The space of standalone villas in MidTown’s new capital starts from 400 SQM.
  • The company announced premium commercial units with a scalable space starting from 120 SQM.

Better house company for development in Egypt promise a premium finishing for all the units, whether it’s full or semi according to customers’ needs.

Top Features and services in MidTown Villa compound Egypt

MidTown Villa compound is classified as one of the top compounds in the new administrative city regarding a number of services provided for customers in all fields.

Villa new capital compound offers a one-of-a-kind housing experience in which residents can find whatever the service or the product they are looking for without stepping back from the compound.

  • MidTown Villa New capital compound includes vast green parks to enable customers to practice light physical activities such as promenading in addition to the green colour influence on the mental state.
  • Midtown villa is featured with water-based views.
  • Better house company gave much consideration to sports by building more than one swimming pool in different sizes.
  • Midtown Villa considers the entertaining side of life to be one of the essentials in life, therefore, a clubhouse is one of the top features in the compound that enable customers to build a strong bond.
  • The compound provides a Kid’s area with the latest games on the market.
  • MidTown Villa New Capital was keen to provide a huge commercial mall in which residents can purchase all of their needs.
  • The compound provides multiple spots for parking to enable customers to keep their vehicles safe.
  • Paved tracks for cycling.
  • The compound provides the perfect balance regarding space between the green spaces and the available facilities,
  • MidTown Villa is featured with its extensive safety that provides the highest security system through Cameras and safeguards.
  • Medical needs are perfectly delivered through clinics and pharmacies operating for 24h.
  •  compound managed to meet customers’ medical needs through different medical centres.
  • Venues can be utilised for different uses, such as parties, engagements, and celebrations.

Payment methods in the MidTown villa compound 

MidTown Villa New Capital prices are considered one of the best deals announced in the new capital city that grants customers considerable benefits regarding the type of service and its high quality.

The company realised how an easy payment plan is one of the top significant factors in obtaining customer satisfaction. Therefore, the company announced the availability to extend the payment period up to 10 years.

Note that to get benefit from the announced payment plan, 10% of the total unit compound shall be paid as a down payment.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

The developer Better Home

Better Home for development is one of the pioneering companies in the market since 2003, it offshoots three other sister companies to perform all its tasks.

Better Home managed to showcase authenticity in all its projects regarding innovative designs and perfectly served communities.

Better Home gained more reputation as a result of launching its milestone, MidTown Villa with features that grant you an exceptional lifestyle.

However, Better Home company is exceptionally known for other projects across Egypt, such as Highland Park New Cairo, High Land Park 6th of October, City Mall escapes 6th October, City Escape Mall in El Menya, MidTown New Cairo, Mega Mall 6 of October, Cairo business plaza, Cairo business gate, and Cairo medical centre in 6 October.

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Faq Related to Midtown Villa New Capital

what is company name that developed Midtown Villa New Capital?

Better Home

Where Midtown Villa is located?

Midtown Villa is located in New Capital

How can I contact a representative from Better Home ?


What is the project space?

45 feddan

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