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Marassi North Coast

Project Details
Project Name Marassi North Coast
Project Location 140 Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh Rd
Project space 1455 Feddan
Types of units Apartments- Chalete- Villa- Townhouse- Twinhouse
space of units starts from 73 SQM and up to 758 SMQ
Payment Plans 5% down payment & 6-year instalment
The Developer Emaar Misr

Marassi North Coast is one of the top prestigious projects that received recognition from most property buyers and investors because of its distinguished styles.

Marassi North coast was assigned to a group of best architectures in Egypt that represented Marassi North Coast as one of the best resorts on the North Coast.

The resort offers a one-of-a-kind seaside vacation experience in a new form where both luxurious and essential services are provided with excellence and grant customers the best quality.

The division of Marassi Village Egypt is divided into 7 main districts with a peculiar unique design for each one

Marassi North Coast is classified as one of the Best 8 resorts and villages North Coast because of its opulent lifestyle portrayed in the smallest details.

Marassi North Coast Location

Marassi North Coast is constructed on a massive land space of 1544 kM, a massive land space that was established over 10 phases.

Marassi North Coast location is a competitive advantage that was strategically determined by Emaar Misr to be one of the most sought after resorts in Egypt.

being located within the kilo of 121 on the Marsa Matrouh Road enables residents on the compound to enjoy an all-year seaside housing style.

If you are willing to purchase a unit in Marassi  Village Egypt, so it’s necessary to know all the nearby places from the resort including:

  • The time needed to arrive at Marassi North Coast from Alamein Airport is one hour and twenty minutes.
  • Marassi North Coast is 45 minutes away from Broj Arab Airport
  • Marassi Village Egypt Coast is closely located to Mountain View North Coast and Bay North Coast.
  • The distance between Porto Marina and Marassi Village Egypt is 37 KM.
  • People whose destination is Alexandria city need to drive around 125 kilos
  • Alamein Museum is 27 Km away from Marassi

Marassi North Coast Design

The Masterplan of Marassi North Coast is considered one of the giant forerunner projects not only in North coast but also all over Egypt, thus, the resort was assigned to the top pioneering architectural team who managed to exceed the world’s expectations for the project.

The Design of the North Coast didn’t depend on one technique or module, instead, the architecture represented an exceptional combination that gathers different details that were inspired by many cultures including Italy, Morocco, Spain, Andolos, and Tunisia that blended together to make a revolution in the coastal vacation experience in Egypt.

What makes Marassi an unbeatable opportunity for whoever looking for a fancy living experience where the turquoise blue sea is the main overview is the fact that the total space of Marassi beach is 6,26 Million SQM through which 23 residential resorts are included.

The Company’s main interest to introduce a luxurious design was equal to their consideration of diversity in the types of units for users. For Example, Property Buyers can choose to reside in either chalet- Villa- Townhouse-Twin house.

All the above-mentioned design characteristics led to making Marassi one of the top searches for Egyptian and non-Egyptian through the last period.

Types of units in Marassi village Egypt

The company that developed Marassi Village Egypt, Emaar Company, clearly understands the importance of housing options available for customers while making their decisions of purchase.

Thus, the company offered different units type, studios are included, that was perfectly designed to enable customers to utilize each spot upon their preference and requirements.

The available units space in Marassi North Coast are ( Studios-Penthouse- Villas- Twinhouse)

  • Studios’ space starts from 61 SQM which is a perfect option for
  • The Space of a one-bedroom chalet starts from 75 SQM
  • The space of a two-bedroom chalet starts from 109 SQM
  • The space of a three-bedroom chalet starts from 122 SQM
  • The minimum space for villas is 322 SQM, while the maximum is 785 SQM.
  • Twinhouse space starts from 327 SQM
  • The minimum space for Town House is 232 SQM, While 327 is the maximum.

The company promises to deliver the units fully finished in the top quality.

Marassi North Coast districts

Marassi North Coast is Your first choice if you are looking for an opulent self-sufficient lifestyle on the North Coast.

The Magnificence of Marassi North Coast design is determined by its division into 7 main districts with a splendid design that features a breathtaking view from either greek, Spain, or Morocco.

1- Marassi Marina: One of the most prominent districts in Marassi that is distinguished by its fancy peculiar design.

2- Santorini: The district name was selected as a reference to the Awe-inspiring Agean sea-based island, it was established to embody all the smallest details of the Greek style.

3- Safi: A morocco design was clearly the main inspiration for Safi sand in Marassi, the district is characterized by its inclusion in one of the best five-star hotels on the North Coast.

4- Zaris port: Zaris district represents a blend of the architectural Moroccan and Spanish designs.

5- Savana villas: What makes Savana a perfect place for living is being surrounded by the breathtaking blue sea, in addition to its golf club inclusion.

6- Valencia units: Valencia district is wide features with its impressive two-floor chalets and the wide greenish spaces between units.

7- Villas spot: It is the last stunning impressive district included in Marassi North Coast.

Marassi Noth Coast Phases

Impressively, Marassi North coast was built over multiple phases, each phase is uniquely built with astonishing characteristics.

  • The Village Marassi
  • Lea Marassi
  • Marassi Marina Views
  • Bay North Coast
  • Marassi Riva Golf
  • Skaia Marassi
  • Faya Marassi
  • Altea Marassi

Top features and services in Marassi North Coast Village

Emar Group’s real success in the Marassi North Coast project is clyster clear in the perfect balance represented in the sophisticated multiple cultural designs and the full-integrated village which led Marassi to be classified as one of the best villages on the north coast.

Marassi North Coast represents whatever service that a resident may need.

  • The Village is supported by a smart advanced security system that offers twenty-four hours of safety for residents and their belonging.
  • Gyms and Jacuuzie were the perfect addition for the village to make it more qualified for an all-year vacation.
  • Play area where parents can kiddos can feel safe and happy.
  • Private Garage aads more privacy and safety in Marassi.
  • Sizable swimming pools for both adults and children.
  • Fancy restaurants and cafes that are well-known for their staff’s good attitude beside their cooking skills.
  • Private elevator in each block in Gate Towers Alamein
  • Beauty salons for both genders
  • Sports clubs
  • Many Venues for holding different types of events.
  • Artificial lakes set on sprawling all over the phases
  • Commercial malls where the top world-class brands are hosted to provide the best shopping experience for Marassi residents.
  • Medical service is provided with the best quality through an experienced team and advanced tools.
  • Gulf Club
  • Yacht club
  • Twenty-four-hour regular maintenance

Marassi North Coast prices and Payment Plans

Marassi North Coast prices is one of the competitive benefits offered for buyers compared to the quality of services provided in the compound that enables the buyer to live a luxury full integrated experience in the heart of North Coast.

Providing different housing options for customers means more price options, which help you, as a property buyer, to choose the best unit that suits your need in the price range you are looking for.

Also, The Payment system announced by Emar company assists buyers to get their unit of a dream without the rush of paying the cost all at once.

  • Purchasing units require a Down payment is divided into two phases, the first phase requires paying 5% of the total unit space and the second one requires 10%.
  • The remaining cost has to be paid to paid 8 years.

Emaar Misr portfolio

Emar Misr is a subsidiary company for Emaar developments, an Emirati multinational real estate company, that was an offshoot at the beginning of 2005.

Since Emar Misr’s inception in 2005, the company participated in designing and building more than 11,500 residential units, However, this number is planned to be raised with more than 8,500 units that the company is currently working on.

The mother company Emaar Properties expanded with awarded projects internationally in five countries (Morocco- India- Pakistan -Lebanon- UAE)

Emar Misr’s performance and achievement in the real estate in Egypt were locally well-recognized with different awards

  • 2014 FLASLA Award for Planning and Analysis which was an honour for Uptown Cairo Levana Village
  • UPTOWN GOLF CLUBHOUSE was recognized as the winner of the clubhouse of the year.
  • At the Cityscape Exhibition ceremony on September 16, 2015, the Mivida project was awarded the Best-Integrated Development award in 2016. Before that, in 2015, Mivida received the Gold Nugget Award.
  • In 2014, Marassi’s prestigious and brilliant designs were honoured by receiving the Leisure & Tourism Award at the Cityscape Awards.

Emaar Misr Portfolio

  • Belle Vie
  • Cairo Gate
  • Uptown Cairo
  • Mall Mivida Business Park New Cairo

Oher projects on North Coast

Faq related to Emar Misr

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