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Project Name Palm Hills New Alamein
Project Space 40 Feddan
Project location New Alamein City Marsa Matrouh
Types of units Chalete- Penthouse- Twinhouse- Townhouse
Units space The average space starts from 60 SQM and up to 300 SQM.
Payment plans 5% Down Payment and 6-year instalment
The Developer Palm hills development

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Palm Hills New Alamein is a flagship project launched by Palm Hills Company for Development on the North Coast that promises residents a luxurious lifestyle through which they can still perceive all the privileges of living in a capital city.

Palm Hills New Alamein’s planned design shall be one of the most outstanding projects on the North coast that is expected to compete on the top list of coastal areas through the next decade

If you are looking for an opulent experience for an all-year living experience that overlooks the sea and still enjoys service existence on the North Coast, Palm Hills North Coast Egypt is what you are looking for.

North Coast Egypt Alamein city is committed to providing a personalized experience for its customers through a wide variety of residential units that can be utilized distinguishingly, check the Best 8 resorts and villages North Coast.

Palm Hills New Alamein Location

Determining the location of Palm Hills New Alamein on the North Coast went through long discussions and studies to determine the best spot in the Alamein city to enable residents to reach their destination wherever it is effortlessly.

Palm Hills New Alamein is l situated within the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh governorate with a distance of forty-eight km from the international Alexandria road.

Palm Hills North coast location on the map is considered a strategic spot due to its nearness to multiple significant livable areas that include:

  • Wadi Natron Alamein Road
  • Petroleum road
  • The international coastal road
  • Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road
  • Palm Hills Alamein is situated behind Alamein Towers.

Palm Hills North Coast design

What makes the design of Palm Hills North Coast join the top coastal community is the fancy exceptional designs that are brought into reality by the company’s determination to collaborate with talented designers.

Experiencing one day in Palm Hills North Coast is enough to indulge your senses with the all-year coastal breathtaking views and the highly sophisticated buildings.

Palm Hills Alamein sea side

Types of Residential units in Palm Hills New Alamein city

Forty Feddan in Alamein city were specified to build one of the fancy projects, Palm Hills New Alamein, in modern inspiring architectural designs.

The personnel team who were responsible for Palm Hills Alamein proved a brilliant experience in understanding customers’ demands and expectations through designing different types of units for different needs.

The ability to choose the type of unit according to your needs including spaces and prices is considered a high privilege that cannot be missed out.

check the available units and their space 

  • The space of a small studio starts from 60 SQM’
  • The space of Two-Bedroom apartments starts from 100 SQM
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments, with two bathrooms included, is 140 SQM.
  • The space of a standalone villa that includes a private garden is 300 SQM.
  • The space of the Townhouse, with a private garden included, is 235 SQM.

The Interior Design of Each type of unit allows the owner to either utilize the space perfectly or reshape it.


Top 13 services and features in Palm Hills New Alamein

Palm Hills New Alamein is classified as one of the best fully integrated coastal areas that offer all the essential and entertaining services.

Palm Hills company managed to qualify Palm Hills New Alamein for all-year living where residents don’t have to get out of the Alamein to get their needs.

  •  Palm Hills New Alamein offers a giant Commercial area for its residents through which they can purchase all their needs and handle different proceedings.
  • Food Corner areas are set on sprawling The Gate Alamein that hosts tasty restaurants and cafes in which customers can experience different cuisines.
  • Housekeeping and laundry services in Palm Hills Alamein have to be mentioned as the top essential available services.
  • The Palm Hills North Coast considers the health of its residents as its top priority through different clinics and pharmacies.
  • sports clubs enable residents to practice different fitness activities.
  • Full HD Cinemas and kids’ areas were added to the list to support the ability to do different entertaining activities.
  • The launch of international schools and universities in Alamein city redefines the concept of dedicating North Coast city for vacation purposes.
  • The 5-star hotel offers a top-flight level of luxury and lavishness. 
  • Living in Palm Hills New Alamein grants customers a high level of privacy through the left space designed between each unit.
  • safeguarding the community’s belonging was one of the developers’ priorities, thus, the Palm Hills North Coast is secured through twenty-four security systems and well-trained guards.
  • Palm Hills North Coast Egypt is featured with Paved tracks to enable residents to practise different activities including promenading and cycling.
  • Different swimming pools

Yet, being located in Alamein city guarantees owners other hundreds of privileges that include (Huge library that was built to simulate the Alexandria library- Opera house- Mosques and Church- different one-of-a-kind entertaining activities)

Palm Hills New Alamein units

Palm Hills New Alamein Prices

Palm Hills company offered multiple units in different spaces to enable customers to choose their best unit upon their set budget; Palm Hills New Alamein prices are considered one of the top competitive benefits customers can acquire.

The variety in unit space enables residents to utilize the inner space of the units and reshape it upon their use, whether it’s residential or commercial.


Payment plans in Palm Hills North Coast

If you are about to take your coastal experience to the next level, you need to know the detailed information related to each unit and its average price.

  • Customers who are willing to purchase a unit in Palm Hills New Alamein, they can book with only 10% of the total unit’s cost.
  • After that, he has to pay 5% while contracting, and the remaining can be paid over 5 or 6 years.
  • The Developer.

Payment Hills company portfolio

Palm Hills development company is a forerunner company that has become a remarkable sign in the real estate industry in Egypt with its massive projects.

Since the company’s inception in 2005, the company managed to prove its worthiness in the market through innovative designs in strategic locations in the fourth-generation cities base.

Palm Hills development is committed to delivering the best ever quality and offering sustainable value as one of its main standards to all its customers which were clyster clear in all its previous projects.

The company’s main strategy for progress can be tracked through four main pillars Growth, pillars sustainability and diversification, doubling Profitability, and perfect delivery time.

Palm Hills portfolio

Total residential projects launched by Palm Hills Development are 25 projects, in Cairo and coastal cities with a peculiar blueprint for each project, check its top projects now!

  • Hacienda west
  • Badia
  • Golf central
  • The crown
  • Hale town
  • capital Gardens
  • Palm Parks
  • Village Gate
  • Hacienda Bay
  • Hacienda white
  • Gulf Extension
  • Woodville
  • Casa sheikh zayed
  • Palm Valley

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Who is the property developer of Palm Hills New Alamein?

Palm View company

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North Coast

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What is the project space?

40 Feddan

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