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Project Name Jefaira North Coast
Project Location 200th killo on Alex-Marsa matrouh Road
Project Space 1300 Feddan
Types of units standalone villas, Chalets, Townhouses, apartments, and villas
Units space Minimum space os 84 SQM, While the maximum space is 238 SQM.
Payment plans 10% down payment & & 8-year instalment.
The Develoepr Inretia

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Jefaira North Coast is one of the prestigious coastal resorts that offer all the luxurious and essential services that a resident may dream of.

Interia company for housing and development established Jefaira North Coast to be in alignment with the Egyptian Agenda for the development of 2030 on a sprawling 5.5 million SQM which is a vast space that is perfectly divided into eye-pleasant views, modern units, and facilities.

While planning and developing Jefaira North Coast, the company aimed to introduce a fully-integrated community due to the number of provided services and their quality, the available services are categorized as medical, commercial, and entertaining.

What makes Jefaira one of the Best 8 resorts and villages North Coast is its authentic design that is driven by Mediterranean sea islands where the white colour is an essential element in all designs.

Jefaira North Coast location

Jefaira resort is located at 200th Killo Alex-Matrouh road, specifically in the Ras El-Hikma area where the turquoise sea and the fresh air are all that you experience.

Knowing where Jefaira resort is exactly located, or what are the surrounded places, will help you to make your decision and be fully aware of your destination

  • Jefaira resort is the preceding project for Mountain View on Alex-Matrouh road
  • The nearness between La vista village and Jefaira inertia is the first spot mentioned.
  • Jefaira is 65 Kilo Meters away from Marassi North Coast.
  • The needed space to reach Marsa Matrouh from Jefaira resort is 100 Km.
  • For way home to Cairo is only 300 Km.

Jefaira North Coast design

Jefaira North Coast is perfectly designed by top architects to simulate the eye-pleasant design of Mediterranean sea islands where the white colour is dominating to provide a sophisticated sense of serenity for residents.

Besides the brilliant design of Jefaira North Coast, Jefaira was built

In order to transform the 1300 Feddan into one of the flawlessly designed seaside resorts, Inertia company assigned the project to a group of its most experienced designers to perfectly customize the space of the unit to customers’ demands.

The space of units in Jefaira North Coast 

  • Studio space starts from 40 SQM.
  • Villas space starts from 238 SQAM.
  • Twinhouse space starts from 166 SQM.

The Great divisions of the giant space of Jafira are represented in its magnificent division into four phases ( The Quayside Jefaira Coast The Furl Ras El Hikma–  The Cribs North Coast) with a distinctive blueprint for each phase according to design.

Jefaira Resort


The Furl Ras El Hikma (Phase One)

Residents can enjoy the highest level of serenity and luxury in the heart of Jefaira sealine through the furl neighbourhood.

The white colour in the Furl Jefaira design accentuates privacy in addition to its perfect touch of elegance. In order to add more privacy and comfort between units, the phases were designed with green spaces between each unit.

Interia company’s consideration of the personalized experience was highly portrayed in the availability of different housing options in different spaces that include Stand-alone villas, Twin houses, Chalets and Condos.

The available payment method in The Furl enables customers to pay their dues with ease over a long period of 8 years; only 10% of the total unit cost is required.

The Quayside Jefaira Coast (Phase Two)

The Quayside Jefaira is the second phase with the same premium quality as The Furl Ras El Hikma where each angle represents elegance and luxury.

The Quayside Jefaira North coast was characterized by its modern elegant residential units where you can find the perfect variety of the rooftop apartment with two bedrooms, standalone villas, Chalets, Townhouses, and villas.

What makes The Quayside Jefaira a unique spot is its proximity to the first central park on North Coast where residents can enjoy all its privileges.

The company promised to deliver all types of the above-mentioned units with a full capacity of the best quality.

The Cribs North Coast (Phase Three)

Last, but not least, the Cribs North Coast was the final phase launched in Jefaira resort where the white colour still takes place.

The Crib is featured with different swimming pools for both adults and children and a food corner that offers different mouth-watering cuisines.

The Cribs North Coast offers a variety of housing options that fit customers’ requirements and needs regarding their desire to pick the desired unit space due to their price range. The available units (Two-floors studios- apartments in different spaces start from 64 Sqm to `120 SQM.

Jefaira North Coast

Top services in Jefaira North Coast Egypt

The massive land space chosen to build Jefaira on 1300 Feddan qualified the resort to be competing on the list of the top resorts that offer a fully-integrated experience where residents find all they look for inside the compound regarding services and facilities.

  • Jefaira, including all its phases, is designed in a seaside position with an inner waterway stretching across the whole project in addition to a remarkable crystal lagoon.
  • Jefaira North Coast Egypt is featured with its different swimming pools in all its phases in peculiar design.
  • All the empty spaces between units and ways are filled and designed with green paths to add more tranquillity and peaceful sense with the dominating white colour.
  • The Commercial spots in Jefaira Ras El Hikma provide residents with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience through which they can get all their needs from the heart of New Cairo.
  • All Jefaira phases are designed with capacious space to allow residents to practice different fitness activities including promenading and cycling.
  • Jefaira North coast launched a Five-star hotel that enlarge the number of visitors to the resort and encourage more investments.
  • Jefaira’s safety is supported by Twenty-four hours of the smart security system of cameras and well-trained guards.
  • Venues for holding different types of events
  • Private garage for each residential block.
  • The level of fitness services offered in Jefaira inertia allows residents to keep their shape during their vacation.
  • Residents in Jefara can enjoy luxurious services through Jacuzzi and spa.
  • Medical clinics with highly-equipped tools and a well-experienced staff of doctors and nurses.
  • Jefaira Ras El Hikma is featured with different Playground areas for kids with the highest security levels.
  • Jefaira’s top service is Food corner where all residents can experience different types of eastern and western cuisines
  • Jafari includes one of the largest malls on the North Coast that is meant to collaborate with the top-known brands and stores to fulfil residents’ needs in an all-year sea around experience.
  • Jefaira golden sand, clear sky, blueish clear beach, and fresh air are gathered to evolve a sense of serenity making it a dream for peace and natural views seekers.

If you are looking for a coastal experience where you can indulge your sense with the breathtaking turquoise beach everywhere, you still need to acquire a high level of services, then Jefaira is your demand.

Jefaira North Coast

Jefaira North Coast Prices & instalment plans

Time to tackle the top competitive advantage in Jefaira North Coast which is the varied price bracket that meets different customers’ expectations.

Inertia enabled customers who are willing to purchase a unit in Jefaira to pay with ease in a long period of time that may extend to 8 years depending on the prepayment required and the phase customers want to purchase a unit in.

The payment plans in Jefaria North Coast phases.

The Furl: Purchasing a unit in the furl Jefaira North Coast Egypt requires only a 10% down payment and a 6-year instalment. The unit will be delivered fully finished within 2 years of the day of the contract.

The Cribs: You can get your unit in The Cribs Jefaira North Coast with only a 10% Down payment and 8-year instalments. The unit will be delivered fully finished within 4 years of the day of the contracts signed by the two parties.

The Quayside: Similar to the other two phases, the quayside requires only a 10% down payment, and the remaining can be paid over 8 years. The period of the unit delivery is suitable for those who are investing and not in hurry to receive their units. As 8 years is the announced period to deliver the units for its customers.


Jefaira North Coast Master Plan

The Master Plan of Jefaira North Coast is brilliantly designed to come out as one of the top resorts on the North Coast.

Jefaira North Coast is composed of four greenish vast parks (Educational park- Sports club- Promenade linkage park-Recreational park) that were designed distinguished upon the purpose of each one.

  •  The Recreational river park is where the community members can strengthen their bonds, as it’s flawlessly designed for different uses. It includes a water-based play area, green tracks, and a fitness spot.
  • The Educational Park is the perfect outdoor spot for pupils, Solar-system base garden
  • The sports club supports the theatre-in-the-round style where all sports enthusiasts can perform different fitness activities breaking records in rivalries.
  • The promenade Linkage Park Area design allows people either to promenade or do different light activities including cycling. Also, the Children’s play area is one of the main themes in Promenade.

Inertia company Portfolio

Inertia is a leading real estate company, a subsidiary of inertia holding group, that aims to enrich people’s life through designing and implementing solutions.

Since the Inertia company’s inception in 2007, the company kept taking part in the rivalry competition by providing seamless inspiring designs, for modern homes for 50,000 members, until it’s become one of the pioneering real estate companies.

Inertia expanded all over Egypt across different governorates including Cairo, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea with a total space of more than 6 million SQM where the solid experience to design contemporary homes.

Inertia Portfolio

  •  Joules 6th of October.
  • Brix 6th of October.
  •  West Hills October.
  •  Soleya October.
  • Veranda Sahl Hasheesh.
  • G- cribs El Gouna.
  •  Midpoint Sheikh Zayed.
  • Midpoint Mena Plaza.

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