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Mazarine New Alamein is a new era of coastal luxurious housing with only 10% down payment!

Mazarine Compound

Project Details
Project Name Mazarine Alamein
Project location New Alamein city
Project space 77 Feddan
Types of units Villas- chaletes-
Units space Units space starts from 167 SQM up to 576 SQM
Payment plans 10% down payment, and 7 years-instalment
The developer City Edge development

Mazarine New Alamein is a New opulent lifestyle that combines the North coastal views and the everyday residential facilities for the first time in Egypt in one of the most strategic places on the North Coast, Alamein city.

A 72-Feddan compound that is meant to transform the traditional thoughts of the dreariness in the capital cities and, on the other side, amenities’ absence in the coastal area into a luxurious fully-integrated coastal compound.

Through Mazarine New Alamein, City Edge company applies one of its main goals which is enhancing the everyday life for people by integrating innovative practical solutions represented in facilities, such as Shopping malls, vast international conference halls, a medical centre, world-class gyms, and sports clubs, etc)

Mazarine North coast is classified as one of the Best 8 resorts and villages North Coast because of its perfect location and massive space.

Mazarine City Edge Location

Choosing Alamine as the Mazarine City Edge location was a perfect decision, made by the City Edge Planning team, due to the increasing number of investments in Alamine city. New Alamein city is classified as one of the fourth-generation cities that simulate luxurious and essential services in a coastal area.

Mazarine is located in a strategic area on the western North coast near more of the best luxurious compounds and amenities in Alamein city such as :

  • Mazarine New Alamein is located near Marsa Matrouh-Alexandria road (kilo 0f 107)
  • The distance between Mazarine Alamine city and Alamine Airport is 54 Kilos.
  • Mazarine Mazarine New Alamein is 1 hour away from Alexandria.
  • The distance between Mazarine and Borj Arab is 89 Kilo Meters.
  • The needed time to arrive in Cairo from Mazarine El Alamein Village is two hours and a half.
  • The needed time to arrive in Matrouh from Mazarine City Edge is two hours 

Design in Mazarine Alameine city

In accordance with the selection of the compound name, the construction of Mazarine New Alamein, which that designed by top experienced engineers in City Edge company, came out to represent an awe-aspiring design that is meant to embody the blue shades in the smallest details.

Accordingly, the personnel set a clear scheme for building a consistent view that overlooks the sees with an innovative design that mimics the letter U.

Sounds Amazing, alright! But what’s more interesting about Mazarine New Alamein design is the perfect division of the land where only 20% of the Mazarine New Alamein’s total space is allocated for building residential units while the remaining space is a great mixture between green parks and fountains.

Mazarine New Alamein design

Types of Residential Units In Mazarine New Alamein

Mazarine New Alamein is a 77-Feddan coastal compound that includes around 296 different types of residential units which are established in alignment with how offering customized experience is an essential factor in customers’ Decision-making process.

Hence, Mazarine Alamine offers a variety of residential units to meet customers’ expectations that including ( Villas- chalets, twin houses)

  • Villas space starts from 359 SQM and up to 576 SQM
  • The minimum space of Duo-villas space is 334 SQM
  • The space of a Three-bedrooms chalet starts from 167 SQM 
  • The space of four-bedroom chalets starts from 327 SQM.

Mazarine New Alamein homes and chaletes

Top services and features available in Alamine Mazarine

In contrary with the tradition of how accommodating northern coastal areas lack is only allocated on vacation times due to the absence of the most essential facilities and services, Mazarien Alamine succeed to a show the world a new era of the fully integrated community in the coastal areas where all the needed services can found easily.

So if you are about to purchase a unit in Alamine Mazarine, then knowing the top provided services will help you to make your decisions

All the residential units in Mazarine fully overlook the coast

  • The availability of international universities and schools in Alamine city supports the main quality of the compound which is the integration.
  • Multiple Commercial spots that include luxurious brands and world-class stores.
  • The compound is supported by an electricity generator to prevent light issues.
  • Interestingly, Each residential unit in the compound is designed with a private garage that provides privacy. and safety for belongings.
  • Mazarine New Alamein includes more than one swimming pool in different sizes to fit different purposes.
  • City Edge development considers the customers’  well-being as one of their priorities by offering Medical centres and advanced medical tools.
  • Sporting clubs are equipped with professional trainers and highly advanced tools.
  • Alamein city includes a Huge library, Opera house, and museums to enable residents to try more compelling activities.
  • The modern entertaining Kids area is supported by a security system to grant safety for children.
  • Mazarine New Alamein promotes the cinematic experience for adults and teens through advanced Cinemas.
  • Perfect Housekeeping services enable residents to keep their houses clean.
  • A Five-star hotel in Mazarine Alamine is one of the most reputable hotels in Alamine city.
  • A conference hall that supports holding meetings for businessmen and investors for development purposes.
  • Mazarine New Alamein is fully secured with smart systems that offer the highest levels of safety and protection. for residents, also, Mazarine El Alamein Village is operated with advanced technology, Fiber-optic sensors
  • Luxurious restaurants and cafes serving all types of cuisines

Note that the above-mentioned service is a small part of the real offered services by the company which undergoes a constant enhancement process.

Price list in Mazarine El Alamein Village

Compared to the magnificent opulent lifestyle and essential facilities provided in Mazarine El Alamein Village, the price list offered by city Edge Company is considered a competitive feature among other compounds.

Mazarine El Alamein Village facilitates payment for those who are willing to experience opulence on the north coast through different payment plans that can last for 6 years.

City Edge development allows buyers to purchase their unit, in Mazarine New Alamein, with only 10% of the total value and pay the remaining over 6 years.

According to the expected delivery time, City Edge company promises to deliver its units in Mazarine El Alamein Village fully finished within three years. 


Mazarine El Alamein Village

The developer

City Edge Development is the reason behind this massive one-of-a-kind integrated compound, Mazarine El Alamein Village, which is considered a blend between the coastal views and citylike services.

The Ministry of Housing, the holding Company for Construction and Development, the Urban communities authority are considered the three top shareholders for City Edge development with successive percentages as follows ( 60%- 38% – 2%)

Since the company’s inception in 2017, the company kept introducing to the world authentic innovative designs that are aligned with the importance of integration.

The company’s effort to represent such an integrated community on The North coast grabbed the attention of more entrepreneurs to start investing in the compound to provide more

The company’s expansion was sprawling on different spots in the North Coast, New Cairo, and Sheikh Zayed.

 City Edge Portfolio

  • The Gate Towers 
  •  New Alamein
  •  Mazarine Village 
  • New Alamein
  • Downtown
  • ALmaqsad
  •  Zahya

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Faq related to Mazarine New Alamein

Who is the developer ?

City Edge development

Where Mazarine is located?

Mazarine is located in North coast

How can I contact a representative from Mazarine ?


What is the project space?

77 Feddan

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