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Bella Vento Sokhna

Project Details
Project Name Bella Vento Galala
Project Location 100 meters away from Galal city
Proejct space 60 Feddan
Types of Residnetial units Chaletes- Duplex- Villas
Units space 90 SQM is the minimum space of one-bedroom chaletes.
Payment plans 15% down payment & 6-year instalment
The developer Manara Development

Living in Bella Vento el Galala grants you a one-of-a-kind experience through which you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the turquoise beach that is surrounded by the resort and company to relieve all your stress.

Bella Vento el Galala is one of the remarkable projects of Manara Development company that led to its recognition as one of the trusted market companies.

Manara company’s focus on providing a distinguished experience for its customers didn’t stop with a modern architectural design, indeed, the company was keen to perfectly turn Bella Vento into one of the most integrated resorts where different services and facilities are provided with excellence.

The flawless selection of the Bala Vento El Galala Location added a competitive value for customers encouraging them to take their beachside experience to the highest level in a nearby place. Here’s a detailed overview of all the best resorts in Ain Sokhna.

Bella Vento Galala Sokhna Location

Bella Vento Galala Sokhna Location is one of the most prominent projects of Manara development company because of its livable location that was strategically selected near Al Galala city with only 100 Meters.

The company’s perfect decision of its resort’s location near Galala was set in the first place to help vacationers and residents to move easily over Sokhna, in addition to the privilege of going back to their homes effortlessly; the resort is thirty minutes away from the new capital city.

Check the nearby places to Bella Vento Galala Sokhna 

  • The distance between Porto El Sokhna and Bella Vento Galala Sokhna is only 5 Km.
  • The distance between El Sokhna Gate and Bella Vento Galala Sokhna is 22 KM.
  • Bella Vento resort is 30 minutes away from the new capital city.

Bella Vento Galala Sokhna Design

Bella Vento Galala Sokhna is constructed by Manara company on a wide space of 60 Feddan that were divided into two sections, the first section is set above a summit.

Bella Vento Galala Sokhna construction is one of the most inspiring and luxurious designs that is set in alignment with the modern architectural standards that consider customers’ comfort, as a quality of living, a top priority.

The architectural innovative blocks and the eye-pleasant views attached in the master plan of Bella Vento El Galala, performed by a group of professional and collaborative team members, the first goal is not to satisfy customers but to exceed their expectations.

Types of residential units in Bella Vento Galala 

To exceed customers’ expectations, Manara company verified the provided units into three main types include ( Villas- Chalets- Duplex); each type is provided in different spaces.

The interior design of residential units in Bella Vento Galala is perfectly outlined in the perfect technique to utilize the whole unit for more usable spaces.

  • The space of two-bedroom chalets, one bathroom and 2 terraces are included, starting from 90 SQM.
  • The space of three-bedroom chalets, which includes two bathrooms and 1 terrace, starts from 100 SQM.
  • The space of a four-bedroom duplex, which includes 3 bathrooms and 2 terraces, starts from 220 SQM.

Note that the company declared that the total number of units in Bella Vento El Galala is +960.

Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Top features in Bella Vento El Galala

Manara Development company is striving to keep its role as one of the market leaders in providing solutions, in alignment with the environmental health standards, where residents experience life’s high quality.

Accordingly, Manara company collaborates with proficient teams who are capable of delivering what customers are looking for with excellence.

if you are looking for a resort where you can experience a highly exquisite all-year sea around vacation where all the facilities are perfectly provided (Perfect location- flawless units diversity- easy payment plans- modern architectural design- high quality of living), Bella Vento is your destination.

  • One of the prominent features of Bella Vento El Galala is its architectural and artistic characteristics that can be experienced through the Paranomic sea view as the main feature for all units.
  • The nature assembled in Bella Vento El Galala combines both the mid-height mountains and the enchanting turquoise seas.
  • A 5-star hotel is built in the heart of Bella Vento El Galala providing excellent service for its customers.
  • Promenade track is one of the main themes in the construction of Bella Vento El Galala for providing more space and encouraging residents to perform different light physical activities.
  • Artificial lakes and fountains were constructed as artistic aspects of the resorts.
  • A commercial mall that represents different purchasing options through collaborating with well-known stores.
  • Balla Vento Sokhna hosts a group of the most delicious resutrants and cafes in Sokhna.
  • Mountain Biking routes.
  • Parcheout activity is available in Bella Vento Galala Sokhna.

Note that the above-mentioned features in Bella Vento El Galala are a glimpse of the real services as the company, ceaselessly develops and enhance its services due to customers’ decisions.

Bella vento Galala

Bella Vento Galala Prices and payment plans

Bella Vento Galala Prices are the first competitive factors that attract customers because of their reasonability, unit diversity enables customers to pay on their price range.

Bella Vento Galala promises its customers manageable payment plans that are set, in the first place, to enable buyers to live their favourite seaside experience and pay over a long period.

What makes the payment plans and prices offered in Bella Vento Galala distinguished and sought after by customers is its price interests exclusion which is buyers’ first concern nowadays.

  • The first payment system in Bella Vento Galala requires paying just 15% of the total unit cost provided that the remaining amount is paid over 6 years.
  • The second payment plan requires a 25% down payment provided that the rest of the unit cost over 7 years, the instalment period is 6 months periodically.
Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Bella Vento Galala Developer

Manara Development company is one of the pioneering groups in the Egyptian Tourism & Real estate firms that strive to have an influential role in defining the future housing and commercial projects all over Egypt.

Since its inception,  Manara didn’t fail to amaze its customers with its notable progress through multiple projects, the company gained high recognition from customers as one of the market’s trusted leaders.

Bella Vento Galala is one of the most prestigious projects of Manara development in which the company managed to prove its expertise in designing and personalizing customers’ experiences.

Manara company announced its mission accomplishing of delivering both the first and the second phases of Bella resort, and for the current time, the process of receiving demands on the third phase is in progress.

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Faq related to Bella Vento Sokhna Resort

Who is the property developer of Bella Vento Resort Ain Sokhna?

Manara Development company

where Bella Vento resort is located?

Ain Sokhna, 100 meters away from Galala city

How can I contact a representative from Bella Vento El Sokhna?


What is the project space?

60 Feddan

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