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Majada Sokhna resort is exceptionally featured with opulent designs

Project Details
Project Name Majada Ain Sokhna
Project Location 2-kilos distance from
Poject Space 101 Feddan
Types of untis Chaletes- Twinhouses- Apprtments- Villas
units' space 65 SQM is the minimum space for a one-bedroom units, 190 SQM is the maximum space.
Payment plans 10% down payment, 8-year instalment
The Developer IWAN Development

Majada Sokhna Resort, one of IWAN Development’s top projects, has become buyers’ first demand recently because of its magical print set by the company.

The enchanting views in Majada Sokhna Resort master plan are meant to take residents’ experience where they can chill and relax while being fully and perfectly served.

Majada Sokhna Resort is featured with becoming one of the most fully integrated resorts that simulate the essential part of the governorates among the seas to make it a perfect flawless experience for its customers.

In other words, Majada Ain Sokhna offers a group of luxurious services, such as medical labs and a well-equipped clinic, shopping area, restaurants and cafes, swimming pools, fitness clubs, many housing options, different payment plans, etc.

If you are a fan of the luxurious lifestyle represented in Ain Sokhna, check the recented list of the best resorts in Ain Sokhna.

Majada Sokhna Location

Majada Sokhna location on Ain Sokhna Map was flawlessly selected by Iwan company, through a well-planned strategy, within two kilometres distance from Al Galala city.

The smart selection of Majada Sokhna Location facilitated movement across Ain Sokhna easily, Check the nearby places to Majada.

  • Majada Sokhna Resort is set in a distance of 5 kilos from Porto Ain Sokhna.
  • The distance between Majada El Sokhna and New Galala City is 3 kilos.
  • The distance between IL Monte Galala and Majada Ain Sokhna is 5 kilos.
  • Majada Ain Sokhna resort is closely located Ain Sokhna Port and Stella de Mare Sokhna within a distance of 30 kilos.
  • 46 kilos is the distance between Al Zafrana and Majada Sokhna.
  • On the way back to Cairo, you only need to drive around 126 kilos.
  • 118 kilos is the distance between Majada Sokhna and the New Cairo Capital

Majada sokhna location

Majada Ain Sokhna Design

Majada Ain Sokhna is constructed on 101 Feddan, which considered an ample space to provide all customers’ needed services, on Galala summit above the seal level by 170 meters

The Terracing technique is an essential theme of Majada Ain Sokhna construction to provide vacationers and residents with a full view of the Red sea. The total space of the compound seaside is around 600 Meters.

IWAN company’s efforts to introduce a fully integrated seaside community that includes endless services and feature is crystal clear in the total space allocated for providing services which are 85% of the total compound space.

Majada sokhna resort

Types of residential units in Majada Ain Sokhna

IWAN company for development dedicated around 14% of the resort’s total space to providing the perfect diversity of units to meet customers’ demands.

Interestingly, around 90%, thanks to the terracing technique and the vast space of the Majada Ain Sokhna beach, overlook the eye-pleasant seaside.

If you are looking for a resort where all your demands and requirements, entertainment and essentials are included, come true, then Majada Ain Sokhna is your first destination.

The unit diversity in Majada resort includes all of the following in different spaces where you can select your best, check now.

  • The space of one-bedroom chalets in Majada Ain Sokhna ranges from 65 to 70 SQM.
  • The space of Two-bedroom chalets in Majada resort starts from 95 SQM and 120 SQM.
  • The space of Three-bedroom chalets starts from 110 SQM and up to 170 SQM.
  • The space of Duplex, the second available type, starts from 160 to 190 SQM.
  • The space of Twinhouse in Majada Ain Sokhna starts from 160 to 190 SQM.
  • The space of the Townhouse starts from 160 to 190 SQM.

A professional team will help you to get your preferred unit with the desired specification you need effortlessly.

Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Units in Majada ain sokhna

Features and services in Majada Sokhna Resort

Majada Sokhna Resort was assigned to a professional strategizing team that managed to divide customers’ top needs into three aspects, each one is provided with excellence, that includes ( Entertainment- Medical- commercial)

The reason behind Majada’s facilities division into three aspects is to be aligned with the company’s main goal of introducing a one-of-a-kind seaside experience that alerts the traditional notion of basic services.

Thus, Majada Sokhna Resort received high recognition and countless inquiries from buyers because of the perfect quality of the provided services.

  • Majada Sokhna Resort is designed with wide promenade tracks across the resort to enable vacationers to perform different fitness activities.
  • Majada Ain Sokhna dedicates areas for practising Yoga to whoever is willing to alleviate the day’s stress.
  • Potick hotel is one of the significant features in Majada Ain Sokhna
  • Property owners in Majada Sokhna resort have a great food and beverage privilege through the compound’s collaboration with well-known restaurants and cafes that serves different types of cuisines.
  • Majada Sokhna Iwan’s Play area offers a high-entertainment level for both youth and kids throug a wide group of games.
  • inside the Majada El Sokhna, For serenity and reading lovers, a free area where they can finish all the books on their bucket lists.
  • Majada Sokhna Resort is constructed in wide greenery spaces that take the vacationers’ experience to the next level where relaxation is the main theme.
  • Majada Ain Sokhna’s commercial malls hosted different stores, in different specializations, to enhance the shopping experience for residents.
  • Majada Sokhna resort offers Swimming Pools in different sizes for both adults and children.
  • The Majada El Sokhna Resort is secured throug well-trained safeguards.
  • The Medical services provided in Majada Sokhna Iwan are one of the first purchasing factors for buyers as they’re guaranteed to get a high level of health care when needed through a well-equipped medical centre.
  • Majada Sokhna Iwan is featured with 24-Hours of the emergency clinic.
  • What distinguishes the medical service provided in Majada Sokhna Resort from the other resorts is its inclusion of a Medical lab.
  • Majada Sokhna resort is featured with Health hub that offers relaxation services (Spa and jacuzzi included)
  • Clubhouse where the family and community members can share some quality time.
  •  In Majada Sokhna Iwan, there’s a Venue dedicated to parties and celebrations.

The Payment System in Majada Ain Sokhna

Majda El Sokhna prices are one of the competitive prices among the other resorts in Ain Sokhna compared to the service quality.

If ease of payment is the first feature that you are looking for in your seaside house dream, then Majada Ain Sokhna shall join your list.

In order to enable buyers to make their purchase easily with no pressure, the company announced two different payment plan to fit customers’ needs:

  • The first payment plan in Majada Sokhna requires paying a 10% down payment and 5% while signing the contracts, and after a year 5% of the remaining cost shall be paid. The rest is paid over 8 years.
  • The second one requires paying 10% of the total unit cost and 10% after 3 months provided that the remaining cost shall be paid over 9 years.
Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Majada Sokhna Developer

IWAN company for development is one of the market leaders that kept progressing through the last 15 years performing urban residential and commercial projects in the coastal and urban areas.

Majada Sokhna is one of the prestigious projects through which IWAN company gained much recognition and high profit regarding the increasing amount of inquiries.

IWAN company strives to design modern and practical communities where the quality of living is the residents’ top priority.

IWAN Company’s expansion got a notice through a group of remarkable projects that launched over the past years, these projects are Jeera, Jewar, Jedar, Jubail, Alma, Atrio, and Vida

IWAN Company summarized its core values in five main essences, or what they call the 5 Ds,  (Diligence,  Decency, Development, Devotion, and Diversity)

1- Diligence is the first core value that shows the company’s belief in the importance of constant learning and analyzing the market requirements and people’s behaviour change.

2- Decency refers to how much the company is keen not only to expand its network but also, to keep it last for a long time with more collaboration.

3-Distinction is the main theme that IWAN provide in the smallest details of its residential and commercial projects

4- Devotion means that setting a goal is not the only task, because of devotion and commitment matter.

5- Diversity is driven by the company’s strong belief in how personalizing the housing experience helps customers to pick their favourite option with ease.

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  • Jeera
  • Jewar
  • Jedar

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FAQ Related to IWAN Ain Sokhna Resort

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