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Uplevel your sea side experience with the Groove Ain Sokhna

Project Details
Project Name The Groove Ain Sokhna
Project location In Ain Sokhna, Al Galala
Project space 83 Feddan
Types of residential units Villas- Twinhouse- Townhouse
units space Units space starts from 83 Feddan to 322 SQM.
Payment plans 10% Down payment and 9-year instalment
The developer DM Development

The Groove Ain Sokhna is one of the prestigious Sokhna projects that joined the top list of the best resorts in Sokhna according to its perfect location on Al Zafrana, exceptional lifestyle, and facilities.

DM Property company managed to break all the traditions of how Sokhna designs seem by introducing authentic designs; the final result of the Groove is a combination of the fancy authentic theme with semi-island natural views.

If you are looking for a vacation experience where nature and luxurious services are the main themes of the resort, the Groove Ain Sokhna must be your first choice.

The enchanting views represented in the Groove Ain Sokhna are ample to throw all your pressure away enjoying the special blueprint you feel in the Groove and one of the main reasons behind being classified as one of the  best resorts in Ain Sokhna.

The Groove resort Location

The Groove resort is constructed on Al Galala mountain in Al Zafarana road where giant residential projects have been expanding lately.

If you are about to make your decision to take your vacation to the next level in The Groove resort, then you need to know all the nearby areas from the resort and the needed space:

  • The Grove AL Sokhna is highly close to Al Galala resort, an air-force based area, with only 600 Meters.
  • The Grove is 7 kilos away from Movenpick hotel.
  • The Grove’s proximity to The New Capital city create a potential for those who love to live in the turquoise sea without getting far from the capital, it’s only 33 minutes away.
  • to Porto Sokhna is 11 kilos far away from the Groove.
  • The distance between the groove and Al Sokhna police ambush is 17 kilos.

What makes the perfect location of The Groove Resort, selected by DM Property Company, a unique and livable area is its proximity to the main roads and axis of Cairo and other governorates.

The Groove Ain Sokhna Design

The Groove Ain Sokhna beach

The Groove Ain Sokhna design was constructed on land space of 83 Feddan in AL Zafrana where, according to the Groove master plan, 1700 residential units are launched.

DM Property development collaborated with one of the top architectural consultants in Egypt, TBC company, to launch a flagship project in Sokhna.

The designs represented in the Groove Ain Sokhna were outlined in alignment with worldwide modern standards that consider the value of personalizing the residential experience for users through providing practical solutions to their needs.

The Groove resort Ain Sokhna construction depends on the terracing technique where almost all of the resorts have the privilege of turquoise seas; 9 Meters is the highest chosen to provide the terraced grove.

The streamlined designs and the breathtaking views are considered one of the best combinations that can be found in Sokhna.

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Types of units in the Groove Resort Ain Sokhna

What makes The Groove Resort Ain Sokhna the right choice for summer or winter vacation is its perfect division into three sections; 14% of the total resort space is allocated for the residential units in its different types and around 15% are occupied by the golden enchanting sand.

After analysing the market needs, the Groove Resort Ain Sokhna managed to personalize users’ experiences by providing different types of units in different spaces. This planning helped many buyers to make more decisions easily as they found what exactly they are looking for.

The resort’s total number of units is 1700 which is perfectly divided into( Chaletest- twin houses- villas).

  • The Space of two-bedroom chalets in the Groove resort ranges from 94 SQM to 110 SQM.
  • The Space of three-bedroom chalets in the Groove Sokhna resort ranges from 140 SQM to 145 SQM.
  • The space of twin houses starts from 172 SQM to 288 SQM.
  • The standalone villas space is 322 SQM.

Top services in The Groove Ain Sokhna

DM property realized the importance of making the resort a fully integrated community in users’ decision and their comfort, thus, the Groove Ain Sokhna provides endless daily needed service with excellence.

Interestingly, while planning the services in the groove, the company considered both adults and kids in its master plan which make it the perfect choice for families.

  • A wide venue is one of the main features of the Groove Ain Sokhna that enable residents to hold their own celebrations or enjoy parties operated by the resort.
  • The Groove resort is an appealing choice for kids; as it offers many play areas for children in addition to small swimming pools and an entertaining aqua park.
  • The Groove sporting club is one of the luxurious services that encourage people to purchase their units in the resort.
  • The Groove resort Ain Sokhna considers buyers’ comfort as one of its priorities by providing a well-served spa and jacuzzi.
  • 4 D Cameras that add more safety to the resort.
  • Medical service in the groove is perfectly served through twenty-four hours of pharmacies and clinics.
  • The Groove is featured with its special food corner that offers the best western and Western cuisines.
  • Across the beach, a pave was utilized for fitness enthusiasts (Cycling and promenading)
  • The Groove resort is located near a private college
  • Residents in the groove can find different swimming pools.
  • The groove offers the best shopping experience for residents through a collaboration with a group of the best-known brands and stores.
  • The Groove Resort safety is supported by the smart security system for 24h.
  • Well-trained guards are set on a sprawling resort to ensure people’s safety.
  • Medical clinics with highly-equipped tools and a well-experienced staff of doctors and nurses.
  • The Grove’s 5-star hotel is meant to enhance tourism and encourage more vacationers to experience the exceptional lifestyle in the groove.

Archtictural Features in The Groove Resort Ain Sokhna

Groove Ain Sokhna

For the reason that the developing company allocated around 15% of the resort to the natural views, the Groove Resort Ain Sokhna was classified as one of the best resorts which represents a clear statement of the enchanting beauty of an island-like design.

DM Property company was keen to introduce a fully integrated community for its residents by providing a flight-world level of services and facilities.

  • One of the top features in the groove that makes vacationers feel exceptional is building man-made isles, on 14 Feddan, where nature is hitting.
  • All the empty spaces between units and ways are filled and designed with green paths to add more tranquillity and peaceful sense with the dominating white colour.
  • The Grove Sokhna resort is featured with a magnificent 5-Feddan crystal lagoon.
  • The resort is set on a sprawling private marina port to support vacationers practising their favourite sports of fishing.
  • Vacationers are bewildered by the beauty of the crystal turquoise seas, 900-meter length, and the golden streamlined sand.

The Groove Sokhna prices and payment system

The Groove Sokhna prices are determined according to the world-class luxurious lifestyle provided; provided an analysis with the top competitive

Also, the privilege of choosing a type of unit in a specific space, whether a small or a huge one, among other options enables residents to find the perfect house according to their price average.

The Groove Ain Sokhna resort announced two controllable payment plans through which buyers can pay the cost of their house over a long period of time effortlessly.

  • The first payment plan, the most required one, allows buyers to purchase their unit of dream with a 0% down payment. All that they need to do is pay the cost over 8 years with no interest.
  • The second plan requires paying 10% of the total unit cost as a down payment and paying the remaining over 9 years.

According to the level of units’ finishing, it’s delivered fully finished in high quality, in addition to the privilege of purchasing the unit with all the furniture and appliances found.

The company announced a fixed period for delivering units for buyers which is 4 years.

Last, but not least. the company encourage and help buyers to purchase the house of their dream by applying discounts that reach 20% when paying the total cost at once.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

The Developer

DM Development was launched in 2014 with a clear commitment to providing fully-sustained high-quality developments in order to be one of the main developers in Egypt.

Since its inception in 2014, the company kept expanding with its projects in different areas in the Cairo governorate (Mokatem &Masr Jedidiah) & Sokhna.

The Groove resort is one of the DM Development flagship projects that is considered a clarification of the company’s solid experience in offering value for residents in Egypt, as the company was initially established with a capital of 600 million Egp.

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Faq related to the Groove Ain Sokhna

Who is the property developer of Groove Ain Sokhna?


where Groove Ain Sokhna is located?

Ain Sokhna, Galala

How can I contact a representative from the Groove Ain Sokhna, Galala?


What is the project space?

83 Feddan

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