Jebal Ain Sokhna Resort| The perfect chocie for all-year vacation.

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Project Name Jebal Ain Sokhna
Project Location Ain Sokhna, 3 kilos away from Galala resort
Project space 83 Feddan
Types of units Chalets- Standalone Villas- Town House- Twin house
untis space The minimum space is 90 SQM for a small chelete
Payment palns 10% down payment & 8-year instalment
The Developer Sky Edge company

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Jebal Ain Sokhna is a prestigious seaside resort that was launched by Sky bridge company for development with a clear vision to deliver high quality for its customers.

Jebal Ain Sokhna personalized its housing experience for its customers by providing different housing options, so customers can pick their best.

if you are looking for a resort in a nearby place where you can spend quality time with your family and enjoy premium entertaining services for whole the family members, Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna is the right choice for you.

As Jebal Ain Sokhna is featured with a group of splendid services that are selected perfectly to choose each member of the family ( Aquaparks- X-box-based area-swimming pools- Nursery, etc.

The captivating landscapes outlined by the company in Jebal qualified the resort to be one of the best resorts in Ain Sokhna.

Jebal Ain Sokhna Location

Jebal Ain Sokhna is one of Sky Bridge’s leading projects that was built perfectly in strategic areas in Ain Sokhna through which you can arrive at multiple areas effortlessly within minutes.

Check the nearby places to Jebal Ain Sokhna:

  • Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna is 3 Killos away from Galala Resort.
  • Jebal Ain Sokhna is 4 killos away from Porto Ain Sokhna.
  • The distance between Cairo and Jebal Ain Sokhna is 127 Kilos.
  • Going back to the new capital city won’t take more than 45 minutes.

Jebal Ain Sokhna is the perfect choice for families who like to spend a nice and exciting weekend in a nearby place to Cairo in which they don’t have to take much time driving.

Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna Design

When it comes to developing seaside projects, Sky company broke the records in providing innovative designs where residents enjoy all-around units overlooking the sea.

Sky Bridge company collaborated with one of the forerunners a Portuguese- based companies for architectural consultancy, NORVIA, to make Jebal the first option for customers.

Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna master plan was set in alignment with the modern architectural standards that are meant to take the housing experience to the next level where luxury and practicality are the main components.

What makes Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna the right choice for an all-year-round vacation is its construction across the sealine with 16,000 meters and 300 meters in width.

to uplevel residents’ vacation experience, the company dedicated only 20% of the total resort to building residential units (Chalets- Standalone Villas- Town House- Twin house ) where the remaining is proof of the company’s creativity in providing breathtaking views.

Jebal Ain Sokhna

Types of residential units in Jebal Ain Sokhna

The total units space of Jebal Ain Sokhna is 70 Feddan that is flawlessly divided into two main areas that include  Residential areas and  a Commercial spot)

According to the residential area, residents have the privilege to select their preferred type of units in the space that suits their needs.

  • The space of chaletes in Jebal Ain Sokhna starts from 90 SQM.
  • The average space of Jibal Ain Sokhna’s Villas is 285 SQM.

Top services and features in Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna

Sky Bridge company assigned the project to its top experienced team who managed to transform Jebal Ain Sokhna into an appealing option for all people of different ages.

Families can enjoy quality time in Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna according to all the activities available in the resort that whole the family members can practice. Especially speaking about youth and kids, they will find different activities such as Polling, cinemas, Xbox, bowling, and aqua park.

On The other hand, new couples have a high privilege through a ground of different services ( Spa & Jacuzzi- Cafes & Restaurants- Fishing- swimming pools)

Check all the services and facilities available in Jebal Resort:

  • A Huge Aquapark, on a space of 14,000 meters, contains different types of aquatic games for both adults and kids.
  • Group of high-class restaurants that serves the best tasty food and cafes.
  • Parents who have kids have the privilege to enrol them in a nursery where they can develop their skills.
  • Jebal Resort is the perfect seaside place for kids where they can enjoy Xbox, bowling, swimming pools, squash, and parties.
  • Medical services in Jebal resort Ain Sokhna is supported by pharmacies and medical clinic.
  • Jebal resort Ain Sokhna provides its customer with the best relaxation services that including a spa and jacuzzi.
  • Medical service in the groove is perfectly served through twenty-four hours of pharmacies and clinics.
  • Across the beach, a pave was utilized for fitness enthusiasts (Cycling and promenading)
  • Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna offers different modern swimming pools in different sizes.
  • The reason that Jebal resort is built near one of the most investment-based areas, Zafarana, in Ain Sokhna, the resort includes a meeting venue for businessmen and investors.
  • the resort security is considered one of the top provided features where safeguards doing their best to protect personnel and ensure the identity of the comers.
  • Clubhouse where community members can meet strengthening their bonds.
  • 4D Cameras add more support to the security system of the resort.
  • A 5-star hotel enables visitors to spend quality time in the resort.

Jebal Ain Sokhna

Jebal Resort prices & payment plans

Jebal Ain Sokhna prices received high demands from customers because of its reasonability due to the provided services and its quality.

Sky bridge company gives much consideration to the controllability feature in the decisions process for customers, as the easier the payment plan is, the more the customer is willing to purchase with ease.

  • Thus, the company enabled residents to purchase a unit with 10% of the total unit cost as a down payment.
  • the remaining cost of the unit, a customer can pay over a long period of 8 years.

Jebal Resort Sokhna Developer

Sky Edge development is one of the best-known companies in the real estate industry, established in 2007, with a strong portfolio of architectural projects in Egypt.

Jebal Resort Sokhna is one of the sky’s top projects that set the company at a notable level receiving many requirements and demands from customers.

Sky Edge development collaborates with the best teams and consultant-based companies in order to launch a flagship project that would receive high demands from customers.

What makes Sky Edge company join the strong rivalry in the market being one of the first choices for customers is its consideration of the smallest details that customers consider while making their decision and perform it with excellence.

Sky Bridge company is a member of other subsidiaries (Barid company for development and Bridge company for project management).

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Faq related to the Jebal Ain Sokhna

Who is the property developer of Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna?

Sky Bridge

where jebal reosrt is located?

Ain Sokhna, Galala

How can I contact a representative from Jebal Ain Sokhna, Galala?


What is the project space?

70 Feddan

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