Luxurious units in Palm Hills Sokhna with only 5% down payment

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Project Name Palm Hills AIn Sokhna
Project location AL Galala
Proejct space 150 Feddan
Types of residential units Chaletes- Townhouse- Beach house- Standalone Villas
Space of units the minimum space is 140 SQM, 385 is the maximum space.
Payment plans 5% down payment & 8-year instalment
The Developer Sky Bridge company

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Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Resort, a 150-Feddan resort, is located in Al Zafrana with magnificent architectural designs that promise its customers to take their seaside experience to the next level.

Palm Hills development managed to exceed customers’ expectations in the level of the provided services in which residents enjoy a high quality of essential facilities and entertaining services.

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna resort’s strategic location is one of the top advantages provided for customers that enable them to enjoy a livable seaside experience near other flagship projects in Al Galala, which is expected to be one of the top prestigious and populated areas in Al Sokhna.

Regarding Al Galala, here’s a detailed overview of the best resorts in Ain Sokhna.


Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Resort Location

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Resort location was strategically selected by the developer on the 11th kilo on Zafrana-Cairo road in great proximity to Cairo and other governorates.

For those who are looking for a perfect vacation experience where they can be surrounded by other prestigious top projects, Good News Palm Hills Resort is closely located to a group of well-known resorts such as Il Monte Galala, La Vista garden Sokhna, Telal EL Sokhna.

It’s only 10 minutes to arrive at Movenpick.

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Resort Design

Palm Hills ain Sokhna Resort design was constructed and designed in alignment with the modern architectural designs that guarantee a practical opulent lifestyle.

Similar to the other projects in Zafrana Road, Palm Hills ain Sokhna Resort was designed with the terracing technique to give 90% of the units in the resort a perfect view of the turquoise sea, the village stretched into the sea with a 1.9 KM Width.

The Developer gave much consideration to designing breathtaking views through which vacationers can experience the blossoming natural beauty, 805 of Palm Hills ain Sokhna Resort was allocated for artistic features including the fountains, artificial lakes, and the green tracks.

EL Mar, a new phase that is about to launch inside Palm Hills Sokhna, includes 17 chalets with two bedrooms. The minimum unit space starts from 63 SQM and up to 130 SQM.

Units in Palm Hills ain sokhna

Types of units in Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Resort

Palm Hills ain Sokhna Resort considers the necessity of personalized experience, especially in providing different types of residential units in different spaces, as one of its priorities because of its importance to customers’ decisions.

The available units in palm Hills Sokhna are (Townhouse- Twinhouse- Villas)

  • The Space of the Townhouse, Inside Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Resort, ranges from 172 to 280 SQM at considerable a height of 29 Meters.
  • The space of three-bedroom chalets ranges from 287 to 313 SQM at 26-Meters height.
  • Two-bedroom chalets space ranges from 210 to 249 SQM.
  • The space of a standalone villa starts from 267 up to 380 SQM.
  • The space beach house starts from 385 up to 432 at a height of 19 Meters.
  • 508 SQM is the minimum space for beach house villas ( it’s either provided with 4 or 5 bedrooms0
  • Two-bedroom chalets start from 100 SQM up to 140 SQM at 36 Meters.
  • Three-bedroom chalets range from 140 SQM.

The differentiation in the space of the units assists in price alteration which helps buyers to pick their favourite space due to price range.


هيلز العين السخنة 2 Palm Hills ain Sokhna Resort

Top services in Palm Hills Al Ain Al Sokhna

Palm Hills Al Ain Al Sokhna provides you with an exceptional seaside experience through different types of daily luxurious services.

  • Palm Hills Al Ain Al Sokhna is featured with breathtaking views because of the artificial lakes and fountains.
  • Palm Hills Al Ain Al Sokhna was perfectly planned in alignment with the importance of privacy by designing greenery tracks between units for more space and privacy.
  • Plam Hills Sokhna offers an exceptional shopping experience throug a Commercial area where residents purchase their needs from different stores.
  • Paved track to encourage vacationers to practice different fitness activities such as promenading or cycling for kids.
  • a Five-star hotel.
  • Palm Hills Al Ain Al Sokhna considers residents’ safety as a top priority by securing the resort with 4D Cameras.
  • Venue for parties and celebrations
  • Residents in Palm Hills Al Ain Al Sokhna have the privilege of relaxation services( Jacuzzi and spa)
  • Palm Hills resort is a perfect choice for families because of the different activities provided for kids.
  • The Food corner in Palm Hills Al Ain Al Sokhna serves the best mouth-watering food.
  • Palm Hills Sokhna’s yellowish sand, vivid blue sky, and fresh air are gathered to evolve a sense of serenity making it a dream for peace and natural views seekers.

Palm Hills Al Ain Al Sokhna services

Palm Hills Resort prices

If you are looking for a place where you can spend a one-of-a-kind vacation at competitive prices where you can enjoy the rich seaside experience, then Palm Hill Sokhna is your first choice.

Palm Hills Resort offers different instalment plans through which residents can pay their dues over a long period of time easily.

  • The first payment plan in Palm Hills Ain Sokhna resort requires paying 5% as a prepayment and paying the remaining over 6 years.
  • The second payment plan requires paying 10% as a prepayment and paying the remaining over 7 years.
  • The third payment plan requires paying 10% as a prepayment and paying the remaining over 8 years.

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Developer

Palm Hills Development is one of the top leading real estate companies in Egypt launched in 2005, and through the last decade, it managed to make an architectural transformation that would be inspiring for the coming generation.

Palm Hills company set a challenging metric to measure its growth which is becoming the first recommended name when it comes to building fully integrated smart housing projects in Egypt.

The notable expansion of Palm Hills projects across Egypt governorates amounts to 13.3 million SQM, this number is subject to change, aiming to launch around 5,600 units.

Palm Hills invested in the West of Cairo with a total land area of  27,589,000 sqm,4,359,000 Sqm in the East of Cairo, and 4,321,000 Sqm in Borth Alex and North Coast.

Palm Hills Portfolio 

  • Palm Hills October
  • Golf Views
  • Golf Extension
  • Woodville
  • Palm Parks
  • Palm Valley

Other projects in Sokhna 

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Who is the property developer of Palm Hills Sokhna?

Palm Hills development

where Palm Hills resort is located?

Al Zafrana

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What is the project space?

150 Feddan

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