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Baymount Ain Sokhna| All what you need for all-year sea around vacation

Project Details
Project Name Baymount resort Sokhna
Proejct Location Ain Sokhna, Near Al Galala city
Project Space 76 Feddan
Types of residnetial units Standalone Vilas- Chaletes- apartments- studios
The average space for units The minimum space is 53 Sqm
Payment plans 9% down payment & 9-years instalment
The Developer MAVEN Company

Baymount Sokhna Resort is one of the top projects of MAVEN company for development in which the company Managed to prove excellence in designing and providing practical smart solutions.

Baymount Sokhna Resort offers all that customers may need while spending quality time in Ain Sokhna, disregarding the time spent, and this is what makes Baymount the perfect area for vacation.

The available services in Baymount are categorized under different aspects including entertainment, food and beverage, and fitness, in addition to some other daily services.

The natural views provided in the Baymount ain Sokhna plan are enough to enchant its residents taking their vacation to the next level where the smallest details are perfectly provided according to studying customers’ needs.

Moreover, Mavin Company selected North Coast as the main spot for building its flagship vacation-based project as it has become people’s first choice for vacations. Check the best resorts in Ain Sokhna.

Baymount Sokhna Resort Location

Baymount Sokhna Resort is constructed on a large land space of 76 Feddan in a strategic area in Ain Sokhna that lands before Al Galala city.

Baymount Sokhna resort location was perfectly selected on Sokhna Map to be one of the most strategic resorts where customers can go anywhere in Al Sokhna within minutes.

Check all the nearby places:

  • Baymount sokhna resort is 15 kilos away from the police
  • Baymont sokhna is 11 kilos away from Il Monte Galala resort.
  • Baymount resort is 5 kilos away from Porto sokhna is 5 kilos.
  • If Al Zafarana is your destination, it won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.

Baymount EL Sokhna Design

Baymount EL Sokhna, a 76 Feddan-Resort, is designed in alignment with the terracing technique that makes the sea views elementary themes for a large percentage of the units.

Units in Baymount El Sokhna are designed in line with the modern architectural technique to provide customers with a taste of elegance.

MAVEN Company, the developer, aims to provide the most balanced unit diversity in which buyers have multiple options when it comes to choosing their dream house. The Available units are studios, standalone villas, chalets and apartments.

Each type of unit in Baymount El Sokhna is provided in a different space to enable customers to pick their favourite due to their price range.

  • MAVEN declared its responsibility to turn Baymount Ain Sokhna into one of the most livable resorts in Ain Sokhna by building a huge number of units that amounts to 1,756.
  • It’s announced that Four years, from the moment of signing contracts, is the expected period for delivering units for buyers.
  • The range space of units, provided in Baymount El Sokhna, starts from 53 Sqm up to 250 SQM.
Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Top Services in Baymount Ain Sokhna

The superiority of services’ quality comes at the first place for the main concern of MAVEN company, it collaborated with experienced strategical team members to figure out the needed services by customers.

If you’re still wondering if Baymount Ain Sokhna is the best option for your family or not, then you have to check the services list.

  • For the first time in Egypt, a Roman theatre is included in the master plan of Baymount.
  • Baymount Ain Sokhna Masterplan is featured with the turquoise colour through spreading the fountains across the resort.
  • MAVEEN company aims to create a vacation opportunity for tourism, Egyptian and non-Egyptian, through a 5-star hotel where all the privileges are found.
  • Baymount collaborates with fancy restaurants and cafes that offer the most mouth-watering dishes.
  • In Baymount Ain Sokhna, customers have the privilege to shop inside the compound through a group of stores.
  • Swimming Pools in Baymount Sokhna Resort are designed by the best architectural team who managed to provide modern fancy styles.
  • Baymount Sokhna resort is established in alignment with the promenade tracks theme that gives more privacy between units.
  • Baymount El Sokhna offers a high level of security to its customers through a surveillance system.
  • Venue for parties and celebrations
  • For more entertainment, Baymount Sokhna Resort includes Gulf Playgrounds for gulf enthusiasts.
  • in Baymont, vacationers can keep their regional performance through a number of mosques.
  • Relaxation services include Jacuzzi and spa.
  • What makes Baymount Ain Sokhna a perfect place for an all-year vacation is setting high standards for well being through a Well-equipped hospital, in addition to pharmacies that operate for late times and a medical clinic.
  • Fitness club where Baymount El Sokhna residents can practice their preferred sport.
  • A mountain lift adds more excitement to the vacation.

Note that this is a glimpse of the provided services in Baymount Ain Sokhna and it’s expected to undergo an enhancement and advancement process to customers’ demands.

Baymount Sokhna resort

Baymount Sokhna Resort Prices and payment plan

Baymount Sokhna Resort offered many easy payment plans that were set for the sake of facilitation, so customers can pay their costs over a long period of time easily.

The More that payment plan is easy, the more you are able to pay your dues with no tension.

Check the available payment plans in Baymount Ain Sokhna:

  • The First plan requires paying a 9% prepayment and The remaining is paid over 9 Years.
  • The Second plan requires paying a 5% down payment, 8% after months, and the remaining is paid over8 8 years.
  • The 3rd plan requires paying a 10% down payment, 5% after 3 months, and the remaining is paid over 9 years, with no interest applied.
Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Baymount ain sokhna units

Baymount Ain Sokhna Developer

MAVEN Company is a recent developing company in Egypt that aims to be one of the front runner developers that deliver real and practical value for its customers.

MAVEN is the main sister company for the American Riverwards group, An American-based company, that was launched in 2009 launching worldwide projects worldwide in different types ( Workforce- houses- condos). Unsurprisingly, MAVEN managed to keep the high quality of Riverwards through hiring skilful collaborative team members.

Throughout the years, MAVEN company set a clear mission while providing residential solutions which is exceeding their customer’s expectations with the high-quality and true value provided.

MAVEN, the Egyptian company, announced its four main values for its growth that including practicality, quality, customer satisfaction, and frugality.

MAVEN Company portfolio  

  • Cali Coast North Coast.
  • Avenue 30.
  • Cambria court.
  • Residences at york.
  • N5 square.
  • Avenue.

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FAQ Related to Baymount Ain Sokhna resort

Who is the property developer of Baymount Ain Sokhna?

MAVEN Development company

where Baynount resort is located?

Ain Sokhna, near Galala city

How can I contact a representative from Baymount Ain Sokhna?


What is the project space?

76 Feddan

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