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Everything you need to know about il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

Project Details
Project Name IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna 
Project Location El Zafrana
Project space 500 Feddan
types of units Chaletes- Studios- Twinhosue- Villas- Duplex
units space Units in il Monte Galala starts from 50 SQM UP TO 300 SQM.
Payment plans 5% down payment & 10-year instalment
The developer Tatweer Misr

The enchanting views and the authentic designs in Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna are the main reason behind its classification as one of the prestigious coastal compounds in Al Sokhna.

IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna offers 6 distinctive phases, with specific and unique features for each one, where residents can feel that they are totally indifferent area, yet, they still can experience the same opulence.

Tatweer Misr company developed Il Monte Galala resort, which later received the African property award, on a giant land space of 500 Feddan with great unit diversity.

Tatweer Misr is determined to introduce a new concept of coastal living for buyers where they can get all the services and facilities they need, and experience entertainment to the fullest.

The available services in IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna include an Art school, fitness club, magnificent crystal lagoon, Medical centres, hotels, hypermarkets and commercial areas, and venues for parties.

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IL Monte Galala Resort location

Tatweer Misr selected il Monte Galala resort location was purposely chosen on the 11th kilo, in the Zafarana area, in proximity to Porto Sokhna.

It’s worth mentioning that the perfect location of the compound enables residents to move to other spots in Al Sokhna More easily which is a clear demand for all families or couples.

Check all the nearby areas to Il Monte Galala resort:

  • The distance between Il Monte Galala resort and Movenpick hotel is 7 Kilos.
  • IL Monte Galala is only 150 KM away from Cairo.
  • IL Monte Galala is closely located to Porto Al Sokhna with a distance of 7 Kilos.
  • Monte Galala resort is impressively close to both Mostakbel city( Future city) and the new capital city.

Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Desing 

Monte Galala Master plan was brought to reality through collaboration between both the Italian architect Gianluca Peluffo and Partners who managed to introduce a transformation in the architectural designs in Egypt.

Accordingly, The elegance and brilliance embodied in IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna design were the main reason behind its worthiness to be awarded the African property in 2018.

The construction of IL Monte Galala resort was divided into three main themes (Greenery views and paved parks- Artificial lakes and swimming pools- cultural monuments)

What makes IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna the 1st choice for vacationers is its construction on a high summit with three different successive heights forming the terracing technique that gives a perfect view of the Mediterranean sea.

The Masterplan of IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna mentioned a huge number of residential units, 6000 units, which occupies around 15% of the total compound space while the remaining space, 85%, was dedicated to breathtaking natural views and facilities.

Worth Mentioning that IL Monte Galala resort launched four different phases with specific features Maysa, Elara, Phia, Isla, and finally Marina residence.

It’s clyster clear that IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna has become the main demand for those who desire to spend quality time in AL Sokhna experiencing the luxury and enjoying the eye-pleasant views.

IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna desing terracing technique

Overview of the available units IL Monte Galala Sokhna

Tatweer Misr’s projects are highlighted with their perfect diversity of different residential units in different spaces that facilitate the purchase decision of buyers by picking their perfect unit upon their requirements.

All the Monte Galala Sokhna Phases offer the same privilege, for buyers, of units diversity that includes Chalets, Villas, Townhouse, and Duplex)

Overview for unit spaces in IL Monte Galala Sokhna

  • The space of three-bedroom chalets in Il Monte Galala Sokhna starts from 109 to 140 SQM
  • The minimum space of a three-bedroom duplex in Il Monte Galala Sokhna is 155 SQM.
  • The minimum space of villas in Il Monte Galala is 288 SQM.
  • The space of three-Twinhouse starts from 175 to 200 SQM
Chat now with a representative to know more details about available units spaces: Chat with us

Note that the quality of finishing units in il Monte Galala Sokhna is divided into two types that customers choose from:

  • The first plan the company to deliver the unit fully finished in a super-luxe base.
  • The second plan is fully finished including the furniture.

IL Monte Galala Resort top main 5 phases

The successful collaboration between the top experienced designers is clyster clear in the launch of il Monte’s five phases.

Each phase in Il Monte Galala is featured with a unique blueprint according to its innovative design that totally gives a vision of the terracing technique.


ESLA is the first phase launched in IL Monte Galala resort with a great view of the crystal lagoon, Esla is constructed at a considerable height of 104 meters above sea level.

Esla offers different housing options for property buyers regarding unit types and space (Villas- Twinhosue- Chalets). Note that the minimum unit space in Il Monte Galala is 95 SQM while the maximum space is 220 SQM.


One of the most remarkable phases is featured with a flawless combination between the fancy designs and the eye-pleasant views. Elara, in Il Monte Galala resort, provides residents with a sense of serenity where the paved greenery tracks are the main theme.

Similarly to Esla, the space of the available units are ranging from 100 SQM TO 175 SQM.


All residents in Maesta can enjoy the privilege of enjoying the crystal lagoon which shows the highest degree of elegance and sophistication.

in Contrast with the rest of the phases in Il Monte resort, Maesta is flawlessly characterized with Twinhouse as the main and only type of unit available.

Note that the average space of townhouses in Maesta ranges from 175 SQM.


Phia IL Monte Galala sokhna is the largest phase where all the residential units overlook the sea with a one-of-a-kind architectural design that is meant to make a radical transformation in the coastal experience.

Buyers who are looking to buy a unit in Phia can purchase a unit by paying only 5% of the total unit cost while the remaining can be paid over 10 years.


Last, but not least, Marina residence IL Monte Galala resort offers the greatest unit diversity ever Twinhouse, Duplex, Chalets, Studios, and 177 Chalets.

Marina IL Monte Galala location is located in proximity to Movenpick hotel with 7 kilos.

IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

il Monte Galala prices and payment plans

IL Monte Galala prices are one of the most competitive advantages that buyers experience compared to the unbeatable quality of luxurious life provided in the compound.

Tatweer Misr facilitated the payment process for buyers through cut-throat payment plans that enable owners to pay the cost of the unit over a long period that extends to 10 years.

Purchasing a unit in IL Monte Galla requires paying only 5% which is a small percentage compared to all the coastal compounds in the neighbourhood.

Note that the company promise to deliver the units after four years from the date of signing the contract.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Top services and benefits in IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

Tatweer Misr launched IL Monte Galala ain sokhna in alignment with its mission of enhancing people’s quality through a group of essential facilities and entertaining services in which people can enjoy a fully integrated community.

Being fully aware of the available services and features will help you make your purchase decision.

  • El Monte Galala Ain sokhna is featured with a giant crystal lagoon with a space of 45 Feddan stretching 11 kilos width on the sealine.
  • in a seaside position with an inner waterway stretching across the whole project in addition to a remarkable crystal lagoon.
  • il Monte Galala resort is designed with a paved path stretching inside the five main phases of the project in which multiple fancy restaurants and cafes are serving the best taste.
  • IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna has become one of the first options for tourists because of its inclusion of 4 luxurious hotels.
  • An Art-based school is opened in IL Monte Galala for the first time in AL Sokhna to entertain and encourage are enthusiasts.
  • Tatweer Misr designed IL Monte Galala with multiple swimming pools in different designs and spaces.
  • il Monte Galala provides residents with multiple Commercial areas where they can purchase and shop for their needs easily.
  • Shared and secured garages for residents.
  • Tatwwer Misr was keen to transform the traditional notion of the basic provided services in Sokhna by building a medical centre that is operated by an experienced medical team.
  • A Fitness club where residents can practice different physical activities including yoga.
  • IL Monte Galala Sokhna dedicated a venue for holding parties and celebrations.
  • Most importantly, the resort includes a private garage where property owners can park their cars safely.
  • Residents in il Monte Galala can experience the beauty of turquoise water from other resources such as Crystal Lagoon, artificial lakes, and swimming pools.

IL Monte Galala ain shokhna

IL Monte Galala resort sokhna aDeveloper

Tatweer Misr is a forerunner company in the housing and development in Egypt that was established in 2014 and managed to make transformations both Inside and outside Egypt.

Tatweer Misr company aims to provide real value for individuals by enriching their lives through practical solutions that literally can take their housing experience to the next level.

Tatweer Misr’s collaboration in enhancing the property projects in Egypt was a clear-cut mission in all its projects especially( Bloomfields Mostakbel city-Bay Village on the North coast –Fouka Bay- Il Monte Galala)

Since Tatweer Misr’s inception in 2014, the company was awarded for its authentic designs and practical solutions with three awards ( Mediterranean Resort and hotel real estate award- The African award for property- -United Nations humane entrepreneurship award)

According to IL Monte Galala resort is the flagship project that represented unbeatable inspiring terracing-based design, awarded twice, that came out of a collaboration between a great team of architects and consultants:

  • Gianluca Pelufo & Partners Architettura.
  • Petersham Group-UK ( Recreational Advisory Council)
  • Rafet Millar ( Local Desing consultant)
  • Shaker company for consultancy (Infrastructure consultant)
  • Osam Okal (Roads consultant)
  • Bahaa Shahin ( Land surveying consultant)

Other projects by Tatweer Misr

  • Fifth square Mall 
  • Di bai resort on North Coast 
  • Bay Village on the North coast 
  • Fouka Bay
  • Bloomfields New Cairo

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Faq Related to IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

Who is the property developer of IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna?

Tatweer Misr

where IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is located?


How can I contact a representative from IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna?


What is the project space?

500 Feddan

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