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The Best 8 luxrious resorts and villages in North Coast

North Coast has become the first option one can suggest when it comes to the desire to enjoy a holiday week, or even a day use because of its proximity to both Cairo and Alexandria.

During the last decade, people’s demand to either purchase or rent a unit inside one of the best resorts and villages on the North Coast is extremely doubling due to the place’s countless advantages.

If you are about to take your quality time to the next level where you can enjoy the beach all year round, then, definitely you are scrolling for all the information related to the North Coast and its best villages.

Purchasing a unit in one of the best resorts and villages on the North Coast enables property owners to through the week’s pressure away through two hours of driving

Why North Coast is the best vacation spot for all the family members?

What Makes North Coast attractive to most buyers is its suitability for both the current generation and the old ones, as the developers in North Coast are meant to offer a variety of activity that fits different people.

For example, teenagers and adults on North Coast enjoy the privilege of wide rattling entertaining lifestyle options that include famous singer parties, aqua play areas, fitness-based hubs, clubs, Cinemas, Fishing, Yoga, etc.

On the other hand, what an aged man can do on the North coast is countless starting from chilling the turquoise sea and golden sand to enjoying their time with their family in cinemas and parties.

Finally, children can experience pleasure too on the North Coast through endless kids’ areas, aqua games, and cycling activities. Worth Mentioning that almost all of the top resorts and villages, that will be mentioned beneath, provide a high level of security for both belonging and individuals through smart cameras and E-gates so parents don’t have to worry to let their children play around.

North Coast Detailed Location

The North Coast, a vacation-based city, is extending over the North coastline of Egypt with 1050 SQM, on the Libyan Borders, North Coast location is highlighted with the beginning of Rafah city North Sinai to the southeast spot of Egypt in Saloum.

North Coast’s proximity to Alamein city through Dabaa Road accentuates its location vitality for property buyers and ex-pats.

North Coast’s top Features & services

As mentioned above, North Coast is the best coastal city where residents can enjoy the breathtaking natural views to the fullest and still get all the essential services that they can find in the capital cities.

The Reason the qualified North Coast for everyday living is the investors’ efforts to break the traditional concept of North Coast as a place for a day or two vacations to a place where residents can reside for months.

Recently, North Coast has become a place where investment projects are blooming highlighting the best entrepreneurial projects in Egypt.

Knowing exactly all the benefits and privileges that you can enjoy through your stay on North Coast, helps you to understand for how long you can settle there.


Security is the first concern for buyers when it comes to deciding a stay in a coastal city far away from the capital crowd, as almost the villages offer a smart security system of 4 D Cameras that can detect faces easily for more security purposes.

All the villages and compounds of the North Coast are featured with well-trained guards whose responsibility is to ensure people’s safety.

Finally, E-gates are the new era of security on the North Coast where nobody out of the village can enter.


Property developers who launched residential projects in North Coast, villages and hotels, gave much consideration to offering different activities that fit people of different ages.

  • The movies-based area is an essential component for all villages on The North Coast where family and community members can enjoy quality time knowing each other.
  • North Coast has become a good place for holding parties for the most known singers where residents and visitors can enjoy their favourite taste of music.
  • Because North Coast Best resorts are the place where people go to get rid of their daily tension, the spa and jacuzzi are the perfect added benefit.
  • As food is one of the top pressures for the new generation nowadays, Food restaurants and cafes are of-shooting new branches day after day serving different types of cuisines.
  • North Coast includes the largest group of Swimming pools in all its top villages for different needs.
  • Beauty salons for both women and men make the best villages on the North Coast more livable.

3- Fitness activities

What makes North Coast get categorised under fourth-generation cities, is the launching of different fitness hubs in strategic livable spots on the North Coast where residents can enjoy a one-of-a-kind coastal experience where they can enhance their body shape.

  • Sports enthusiasts can keep practising their activities in the available sporting clubs for Tennis, Volley, handball, etc.
  • Moreover, as media have been sharing lately Fitness-based outings where members practice advanced levels of yoga for a better lifestyle.


Developers succeeded in exceeding buyers’ expectations with their innovative authentic designs that have been getting enhanced simulating the modern lifestyle in Europe.

  • The Design in the Best resorts and villages on the North Coast is a perfect combination between natural views and semi-island portrayals.
  • Most Villages and resorts are characterized by greenery promenading tracks that are meant to add a sort of privacy between units and contribute to the creation of natural views.

Best resorts and villages on The North Coast

North Coast embodies a statement of beauty where the Golden sand and the magical turquoise seas are everywhere, staying a considerable time on The North Coast is a privilege to chill your time getting away from the everyday stress.

Each resort and compound is characterized by unique features that make it competent to certain buyers’ demands and requirements.

So, determining your main requirements regarding the price range, the luxury level, type of unit and its space, the compound location, and the available services will help you pick the perfect unit on the North Coast to experience the breathtaking views and the vibrant lifestyle to the full.

Mazarine Best resort North Coast 

Mazarine North Coast is a 72-Feddan resort where residents can enjoy an entertaining opulent experience in the heart of the North Coast. 

Mazarine North Coast is perfectly designed according to a smart master plan that allocated around 20% of the total space of the compound to residential to dedicate the largest parts to green areas and promenades.

Mazarine compound offers a variety of residential unit types in different spaces to enable people to choose the perfect unit for their needs.

Location: Mazarine, the best compound on the North Coast, is located on the 107th Killo on Alex-Marsa Matroux road with a distance of 54 kills away from Alamein Airport.

Payment Plans: City Edge development, the developer, announced that property buyers can purchase a unit with a 10% down payment, and 6-year instalments. Note that the expected delivery time of units for customers is three years. 

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Gate Towers Best resort North Coast

Gate Towers North Coast is one of the best resorts on the North Coast where residents can enjoy the enchanting views where the golden sand and the blue sea are the main themes for all units.

City Edge development company acknowledges the significance of offering a fully integrated community in customers’ purchase decisions; the compound offers many facilities (Restaurants and cafes that offer different eastern cuisines, a commercial mall, swimming pools, and a smart security system)

What makes Gate Towers the perfect place for a vacation is its innovative design that is inspired by the Moden architectonic designs in Dubai city due to its unbeatable models where the fancy glass facades are the main components.

location: The gate towers are perfectly located near a group of the most livable spots on the North Coast including Terrace city- Hadayek Alamein- Al Masa Hotel.

Payment Plan: A property buyer can pay only 10% of the total unit’s cost and pay the remaining over 7 years.

Palm Hills New Alamein Best resort North Coast

Palm Hills New Alamein is one of the most brilliant projects launched on the North coast that received high purchase demand from users.

Palm Hills company for development was keen to offer a great residential variety for its customers so they can pick the space that suits them the most upon their price average. The available units are ( Chalets- standalone villas- Twinhouses- studios)

The minimum provided space in Palm Hills North Coast is 60 SQM for small studios, while the maximum space of 300 SQM for private-garden villas.

Location: Palm Hills New Alamein is situated within the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh with a space of 84 km from the international Alexandria road.

Palm Hills’ strategic location is perfectly chosen to be near a group of the most vital spots on the North Coast Wadi Natron Alamein Road- Petroleum road-The international coastal road- Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road)

Payment Plans: Residents can pay only10% of the total cost, while the remaining shall be paid over a period of 5 or 6 years, based on the customers’ choice.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Mountain View North Coast Best villages North Coast

Living in one of the best villages on the North Coast as Mountain View offers you a one-of-a-kind delightful coastal experience through which the beach views can be captured from all the units.

The design’s authentication embodied in Mountain View North Coast was worthy to be called the Pearl of the Greek Island that was brought into reality with a skilful architects team.

Buyers can enjoy quality time in Mountain view through 90-SQM chalets.

Location: Mountain View North Coast location was perfectly chosen to be near both Sidi Abdelrahman and El Alamein Airport. it only takes you 90 minutes to arrive at Marina.

Payment plans: The company announced that buyers have to pay only 10% of the total unit cost, and pay the remaining over 8 years.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Jefaira best resorts North Coast 

Jefaira North Coast is a prestigious full integrated resort on the North Coast that is established by inertia company on giant space of 5.5 SQM where both the essential services and enchanting views are provided. Jefaira’s main phases are (The Quayside Jefaira Coast- The Furl Ras El Hikma-  The Cribs North Coast).

What makes Jefaira North Coast a remarkable coastal spot over the other resorts on the north coast is its authentic design where the white colour is the main theme to simulate the island designs.

The available space of units in Jefaira ranges from 40 SQM for a small studio up to 283 for the garden-based villa.

Location: Jefaira North Coast is located at 200th Killo Alex-Matrouh road in the Ras El-Hikma a 65 km distance from Marasi North Coast.

Payment plans: The instalment plan depends on which phase the customer chose to pay in, however, the instalment period starts from two years up to four. Note that a 10% down payment is a fixed amount in all Jefaira phases.

Hyde Park Best villages North Coast

If you are looking for the best villages on the North Coast where you can experience the blessing view of the beach to the fullest in a fully-sufficient community, then Hyde Park North Coast is the first option that you have to consider.

Hyde Park company’s perfect selection of its design team to introduce such a captivating sealine experience is obvious in the terracing technique established in Hyde Park North Coast that gave a full view for sealine for 90% of the total units.

Location: Hyde Park North Coast is located at 210th Killo on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh road with only 4 Km of space from the Fouka exit.

Payment plans: Purchasing a unit in hyde park requires 5% down payment in addition to 12% while contracting after a period. The remaining can be paid over 8 years.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

Marassi best projects North Coast 

Marassi North Coast is one of Emar Misr’s best projects on the North Coast that offers a one-of-a-kind quality vacation time that can be only experienced in Marassi because of its inspiring design which is a mixture of multiple architectural features from different cultures (greek, Spain, Morocco)

The total space of Marassi North Coast is 1544 kM which is flawlessly divided into the main 7 districts ( Marasi Marina- Santeroni- Safi- Zaris Port- Savana Villas- Valencia-Villas area).

Emar Misr company is keen to offer a variety of units ( Studios-Penthouse- Villas- Townhouse-Twinhouse) to enable customers to pick their favourite space. Note that The minimum provided space for a one-bedroom chalet is 75 SQM.

Location: Marassi North Coast, one of the best compounds on the North Coast, is located on 121th kilo on Marsa Matrouh Road around forty-five minutes away from Borj Al Arab.

Payment Plans: The first required Pre-payment is only 5% of the total unit cost, and the second payment is 10%. Note that the period of instalment can be extended over 8 years.

Note that all prices are subject to change, however, we do our best to keep you appraised. Click here to get the latest price list

D Bay best projects North Coast 

D Bay North Coast has joined the top list of the best projects on the North Coast because of its being a fully-integrated community where residents and visitors can get all their needs without the need to go outside the compound.

Property buyers have many housing options when it comes to selecting D Bay North Coast as the perfect destination; the available units include (Chalet- standalone- lofts- Hotel cabins- Villa- Townhouse- Twinhouse- studios); all provided in scalable spaces.

Note that the minimum space for units is 65 of a small loft.

Location: D Bay North Coast, 201-Feddan coastal compound, is constructed on one of the most strategic locations on the North Coast at 165 Alex-Matrouh Road with a small distance of 5 minutes from La Vista Village.

Payment plans: Tatweer Misr company offers two payment plans so customers can pay the cost of the unit with ease. The first plan requires paying a 5% down payment, and the remaining can be paid over 8 years.

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