ATIKA Compound is one of the most significant and biggest tasks in the new regulatory capital, which has been based on a model that joins advancement and complexity while guaranteeing the decent variety of unit spaces.

it was made in an organization with New Plan land improvement organization, which claims the Serrano Compound in the new authoritative capital, and the Green River Company, which added to indicating the perfect Attica because of the experience of the two organizations in the field of land.

ATIKA New Capital is the second dispatch of the New Plan land organization in the authoritative capital, after the extraordinary achievement of its first task, the recognized Serrano compound.

ATIKA compound New Capital Administrative Project offers you a remarkable area inside the capital, and extravagance condos with super lux completing, in different zones; to browse what suits you best, with top of the line plan for the task overall and for the units specifically.

  ATIKA Compound

ATIKA New Capital compound Location

Concerning the location of the Atika compound exacerbate, the authoritative capital, we find that it is no less recognized than its forerunner, as it is situated in the seventh private neighborhood, R7, square G1, close to the compound

• Midtown Sky.
• The regulatory capital.
• Near to Serrano the new managerial capital.

The most significant component of the  ATIKA compound New Capital site is its location straightforwardly on the focal pivot, it is the hub with a width of around 90 m, which closes toward the stopping point, the provincial ring and the center ring, towards New Cairo, the area of the Attica Compound, the authoritative capital, is nearby the show grounds, near the clinical city and the Green River, the biggest focal park on the planet.

ATIKA compound  New Capital is minutes from

• Al Massa Hotel the Opera House.
• Parliament buildings.

Also among the most unmistakable highlights of the Attica regulatory capital site is that it is situated close to the most significant neighborhoods in it and the most noticeable.

It is situated close the money related and business locale, which contains the central station of banks, the stock trade, and organizations, the discretionary quarter, which is probably the best neighborhood in the regulatory capital, and which incorporates the base camp of the international safe havens, the administration quarter, which will house the home office of the biggest government offices.

 ATIKA compound New Capital will consistently make you close to the most fundamental areas in and around the regulatory capital.

ATIKA Compound

Advantages Of Living At ATIKA New Plan

Attica Capital inner managerial venture is extremely particular, and the mystery lies in the unmistakable division that gives the occupants mental solace, where the way has been given to the biggest number of green spaces, and administrations around the units, with the wide roads that bring inhabitants of the Attica to exacerbate, the regulatory capital, loaded with protection and extravagance,

Where we find that the atika compound new capital Administrative:
• Compound is based on an all-out region of about 35 sections of land.
• By far most of that space is for administrations.
• Offices.
• Green spaces.
– While the least rate is for development:

it has been giving all the administrations that the client and his family need inside the ATIKA compound around the structures with present-day current structures, there is no imperfection for the Attica compound, particularly as it is one of the most conspicuous administrations of the Attica Compound.

the new authoritative capital, as the immense green regions pervading the structures; To give the units the most wonderful view, significant central avenues, where the task is situated on an outside hub 90 meters wide, and an interior central avenue 134 meters wide, there are ways for practice folding over the Attica capital undertaking from different sides, with a width of 40 m, there are likewise inward boulevards of the venture that associate the entirety of its sides.

ATIKA Compound

The ATIKA New Plan venture gives

• Counterfeit lakes and pools of different sizes.
• Sports club.
• Amusement regions for grown-ups and kids.
• Clubhouse is outfitted with the most recent style.
• A help region is spoken to by eateries and bistros.
• Shopping center.
• Security and guarding.

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